Dead Island 2 Big Shot Location: How To Get

In Dead Island 2, the Big Shot is a legendary revolver that hits like a truck. Here is the process of getting it and wielding it in the game!

In Dead Island 2, Big Shot is a revolver gun you can acquire to cause destruction and rid Hell-A of the zombies. Although there are many destructive Legendary Weapons in Dead Island 2, only two of them are guns; the Big Shot and the Bodycount

The Big Shot revolver is a great performer whether you use it for single targets or against a large group of zombies. Its bullets explode on impact and can damage enemies close to your main target as well. Apart from being fun to use, the Big Shot Revolver also comes with 4 perk slots that make it highly customizable. 

The Big Shot is a must-have for players that love to turn zombies into confetti. If you want to get your hands on this amazing weapon, then you’re in luck. Read on to find out the exact process of getting the Big Shot in Dead Island 2.  

How to get the Big Shot legendary in Dead Island 2 

The Legendary Revolver, Big Shot, cannot be acquired unless you have completed the main storyline first and then unlocked a side mission called ‘It’s Not Your Fault’ that takes place in Bel-Air.  

This side mission is given to you by a seismologist, Luciana. She tasks you with finding four seismometers and then rewards you with the Big Shot upon completion.  

Go to Emma’s Mission 

To start the quest, you need to talk to the seismologist Luciana who is in Emma’s house in Bel-Air. Go to the top floor of Emma’s house and talk to Luciana which will then trigger the ‘It’s Not Your Fault’ mission.  

Look for the Sewer Entrance 

As all the seismometers are placed in the sewers, so your first order of business should be to locate the entrance and then go inside. 

Exit the house, climb the garden wall, and then go to the tennis court in front of the garden. Take a left and then two rights till you see a cop car where the road curves. Go down here and you will see the round sewer entrance.  

You will see the ‘Seismometer Placement’ journal lying near the car in front of the sewer entrance. Pick it up to get info on the 4 seismometers that you need to locate. 

Enter the sewer 

Take down the zombies at the entrance and go inside the sewer pipe where you will be greeted by more zombies. Keep in mind that this sewer is filled with explosives so you need to watch out for them along with the zombies.  

Once you have gotten rid of the zombies here, you will see a door that will transport you to the Brentwood Sewer from Patton’s Place using Fast Travel

Find Seismometer No. 1 

Enter the sewer tunnel and start looking for the first seismometer that is on the left. Here you will see a little table with a red box on it that needs to be unlocked and the Seismometer Key Alpha journal next to it that you can pick up.  

Find Seismometer No. 2  

Continue down the sewer tunnel and avoid making contact with the acid present here. You will come across many zombies here including Walkers, Burning Runners, Firestorm Slobbers, and Crushers. 

Take a right at the end of the tunnel, keep moving forward, and then take another right to pick up the Seismometer Key Beta hidden in a corner next to the green sticky fluid.  

You will find more zombies down here that you will need to get rid of and then proceed behind the bar cage to reach Seismometer No. 2. 

Find Seismometer No. 3 

After collecting the Seismometer Key Alpha and Beta, you need the Gamma Key which can be obtained by following the red marker to the control room.  

After collecting the Seismometer Key Gamma from a meat slurry in the control room, go upstairs to find Seismometer No. 3. This seismometer is in the red crate in the office you went into earlier.  

Find Seismometer No. 4 

Get out of the control room, and then into the large tunnel that leads to the main septic tank. You will find the 4th Seismometer near this septic tank but beware of the many types of zombies here that you need to kill. 

One of the zombies here drops the Maintenance Toolbox Key.  

Grab the Seismologist Key Delta 

Continue forward till you see a Shocking Walker zombie, the Seismologist, who drops the Seismologist Key Delta upon defeat. You will have completed all the quest objectives and the only thing to do now is to return to Luciana and claim the Big Shot in Dead Island 2.

Go back to Emma’s mansion 

Now that you have interacted with all 4 seismometers, you need to make your way back to Emma’s house. Luciana will be waiting for you at Emma’s. Converse with her to give her the seismometer data that she will use to access the tremors. This will complete the quest and you will be rewarded with 3500 XP and the coveted legendary Big Shot Revolver.  

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