Dark Souls 2 Reinforcement and Infusion Guide – How To Reinforce and Infuse Items

Everything you need to know about Dark Souls 2 Reinforcement and Infusion, and how you can reinforce and infuse your weapons and armor to survive enemies.

Reinforcement and Infusion are two ways you can enhance your weapons in Dark Souls 2.

If you intend to wield the same badass weapon you have destroyed the dark forces of Drangleic with but aren’t satisfied with its damage output, reinforcement or infusion is the way to go.

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Dark Souls 2 Reinforcement – Weapons and Armor

Reinforcing a weapon/armor refers to increasing the damage output and defense stat of that particular item.

With this process, you will see some obvious differences which come in really handy during the combat. Reinforcing your weapons/shields along with leveling up different stats will certainly give you an advantage over enemies.

However, in order to reinforce an item, you will require certain items which can be found throughout Drangleic.

Ordinary Reinforcement

Most of the weapons/shields in the game require Titanite as the necessary material to carry out reinforcement. Titanite can be found in different forms which provide various levels of reinforcement.

Titanite Shard
This rare gift from the gods tends to reinforce your weapon/armor up to +3 points.

Large Titanite Shard
This piece of Titanite is very rare find in the world of Drangleic but, once you have acquired it, it will provide you with +6 points of reinforcement.

Titanite Chunk
There is a small number of Titanite Chunks in Drangleic but those who are worthy of this find can increase the reinforcement by +9.

Titanite Slab
Titanite Slab are the main source of all the Titanite Sources mentioned above. These are extremely rare and hard to find. I did come across one in Majula. Anyway, it increases the reinforcement by +10.

Special Reinforcement

Twinkling Titanite
There are some weapons/armor which cannot be reinforced by normal Titanite and require special Titanite called Twinkling Titanite. This Titanite increases the reinforcement by +5.

Petrified Dragon Bone
Commonly known as Dragon Bone, it is used to reinforce weapons/armor which cannot be reinforced by ordinary Titanite or Twinkling Titanite. Although it only increases +5 points of reinforcement, the weapons/armor requiring this material are generally the strongest.

Fire Seeds
These rare seeds are capable of reinforcing your Pyromancy Flames up to +10 points. However, these are extremely rare to find and only few NPCs are capable of using them.

Once you have acquired +8 points of Intelligence, you can speak with Carhillion of the Fold to undertake this task. Alternatively, you can also remove petrification from Rosabeth of Melfia to reinforce your flames.

Dark Souls 2 Infusion – Weapons and Armor

If you wish to carry out Infusion, the only person capable of doing this is Steady Hand McDuff of The Lost Bastille. Though prior to your meeting, make sure that you have Dull Ember from the Iron Keep.

In addition to this, you will also require a stone whose property you intend on infusing with the weapon of your choice.

However, there are some conditions. For example, Staffs can only be infused with Faintstones and Darknight Stones. Chimes can only be infused with Boltstones and Darknight Stones. Furthermore, you can only have one infusion at a given time.

And then there are weapons which already have additional effects like Heide Knight Sword. This weapon can be further infused to have different effects. After you have infused a weapon, you will see a small icon over it which will tell you of its effect.

It increases magic attack damage and increases magic reduction.

It increases lightning attack damage and increases lightning reduction.

Firedrake Stone
It increases fire attack damage and increases fire reduction.

Darknight Stone
It increases dark attack damage and increases dark reduction.

Poison Stone
It increases poison attack damage and increases poison reduction.

Bleed Stone
It increases bleed attack damage and increases bleed reduction.

Raw Stone
It decreases the attributes bonus and increases the base damage of a weapon except shields.

Magic Stone
It adds magic attribute bonus on a weapon which increases its base damage based on Intelligence. Shields are not included in this.

Old Mundane Stone
It decreases all attack values on selected weapon by 50%.

It removes all other infusions from weapons and shields.

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