Dark Souls 2 Merchants Locations Guide – Where To Find

Dark Souls 2 merchants locations to find all the merchants in the game. Learn how to access all their items and unlock rewards or make them move to Majula.

No matter how much farming you indulge yourself; you will always find needing items that can only be purchased from Merchants in Dark Souls 2. You will pay in Souls every time you buy anything from any merchant, making souls even more important to your survival in the game.

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Dark Souls 2 Merchants Locations

Knowing where to find these merchants and what items they offer will make your life easier. If you ever run out of souls, you can invade a merchant, kill ’em, feed on his corpse and loot the dropped items.

Some of the merchants in the game have permanent locations while others move around in the World.

Merchant Hag Melentia
At the start of the game, you will find her at the Cardinal Tower Bonfire in Forest of Fallen Giants. You can exhaust her dialogue options to trigger a move to Majula where she will stay for the rest of the game.

Killing the NPCs around will update her inventory. Spend 10,000 souls on her merchandise and after you choose talk option in her extended menu, she will reward you with Covetous Silver Serpent Ring.


If you do not want to spend your souls, you can kill her to drop Covetous Silver Serpent Ring with 2,500 souls for you to consume.

Maughlin The Armorer
You will find him in the Forge in Majula. If you purchase items worth at least 1000 souls, he will upgrade his inventory to add more unique items.

Spending 16,000 souls will upgrade the inventory second time to include more unique items. After upgrading his inventory the second time, talk to him with zero souls in your possession to get free Armor of Aurous.

Majula is Maughlin’s permanent location, and if you ever invade him, you will get 3500 souls from his grave and Tseldora Cap, Tseldora Robe, Tseldora Manchettes and Tseldora Trousers.

Blacksmith Lenigrast
He is locked inside his house and to free him; you will need a key. You can purchase the key to unlock his house from Hag Melentia in Forest of Fallen Giants.

Once you free him, he will resume his work out of his shop in Majula. Spend 8,000 souls on his merchandise and he will reward you with Blacksmith’s Hammer.

Killing the Blacksmith will get you Blacksmith’s Hammer and 2,000 souls.

Sweet Shalquoir
You will find her in one of the houses at the edge of The Pit in Majula. She is one of the merchants who offers rare items at the start of the game.

If you ever run out of consumables in the game, you can always count on Shalquoir for that after you have unlocked the door to the Shrine of Winter as it is a condition that forces her to maintain an infinite supply of consumables.

Stone Trader Chloanne
You will find her near Poison Pool Bonfire in Harvest Valley. Exhaust her dialogue options to relocate her to Majula.

You can get free Twinkling Titanite by spending at least 20,000 souls on her merchandise and access the talk option in her expended menu. Killing her will get you Palestone and 2,500 souls.

Lonesome Gavlaan
At the start, you will find him at the top floor in a house in No-Man’s Wharf. Talk to him there to exhaust his dialogue options, and he will move to Harvest Valley in a cave adjoining the large poison pool next to Chloanne’s starting position.

Talking to him in the Harvest Valley will trigger a move to Doors of Pharros in the circular anti-chamber on the way to Brightstone Cove Tseldora where he will stay for the rest of the game.

Gavlaan is the only merchant you can sell your items to so make damn sure you do not kill him. If you kill him however, he will drop Gyrm Greataxe.

You can also get Gyrm GreatAxe if you spend at least 15,000 souls on his merchandise and then select talk from his expanded menu.

Rosabeth of Melfia
You will find her at the entrance of Shaded Woods. She is basically a hurdle in your way to start with. You need to cure her with Fragrant of Yore before you can gain access to the areas beyond her.

Give her some armor to make her move to Majula. You can give her any combination of armor using her expanded menu in order to achieve this. You can purchase basic Pyromancy spells from her and upgrade your Pyromancy Flame if the need be.

Killing her will drop Fire Seed, and you can consume 4,000 souls from her grave.

Steady Hand McDuff
You will find him in the cell which you can access from The Tower Apart Bonfire in The Lost Bastille though you will need the Bastille Key to unlock the door.

Alternatively, you can blow your way into his cell, which is a bit tricky.

To blow it, you will need the keg of gunpowder which you can find at the top of the stairs. Position it next to the cracked wall at the bottom of the steps and set it off.

If you intend to do it safely, use firebombs. Things get even more tricky if you have enemies surrounding you while you are trying to blow your way to the merchant (that didn’t sound well, did it?). Eliminate the enemies to be on the safe side.

To loot the treasure McDuff is sitting on, light the torch near the anvil at the far end of the room to lure him away from the treasure chest.

Killing McDuff will drop Titanite Slab and 3,500 souls.

Carhillion of the Fold
You will find at the docks of No-Man’s Wharf. To do business with him, you need to have base intelligence equal to 8 or more. Defeat the Flexile Sentry and exhaust his dialogue options to make him move to Majula.

He can sell you Pyromancy Spells and can upgrade your Pyromancy Flame similar to Rosabeth of Melfia. If you talk to him with base intelligence of more than 30, he will reward you with Northern Ritual Band.

Invading and killing him will get you Northern Ritual Band and 3,500 souls.

Laddersmith Gilligan
He starts in Earthen Peak but is a bit tricky to find. Climb the castle to the landing at which you see a large windmill attached to the axle.

Destroy the wooden railings to reach the balcony. Step onto the ledge and follow it to the left to find Gilligan. You will need to buy the ladder, he offers to gain access to the items on the ledge below.

Talk to him and exhaust his dialogue options to make him move to Majula. You can either do that or defeat Mytha, the Baneful Queen. You will need to access his expanded Talk’ option to make him move.

After purchasing the ladder, he will reward you with Melu Scimitar.

Do note that it is the most expensive item he has in his inventory. You can kill him to retrieve Melu Scimitar and Ladder Miniature in dropped items on top of 13,000 souls that you can consume.

Straids of Olaphis
You will find him petrified in a cell at the top of the Lost Bastille.

Use a branch of Yore to cure him and gain access to his inventory of spells and unique items though getting the unique weapons and armor will require the sacrifice of boss souls.

One hurdle in your way would be the enemies surrounding Straid’s cell. You must first eliminate them. Do note that they may explode damaging Straid in the process.

Killing Straid will drop Black Hood and 14,000 souls for you to consume.

Licia of Lindelt
You will find her above Dragonrider Boss in Heide’s Tower of Flame. Licia though will only talk to the character that at least has base stat of 8′ Faith.

Exhaust her dialogue options to make her move to underground Rotunda behind Shalquoir’s house in Majula. By paying for her services, you can switch the Rotunda’s path between Tower of Flame and Huntsman’s Corpse.

Talking to her with the base stats of 30′ or more faith will get you her full armor as a reward. If you use the Crushed Eye Orb while inside Rotunda, she will be tagged as a traitor, and you will have to fight her in a battle to the death.

Killing her will get Idol’s Chime and Rotunda Lockstone with 7,000 souls to consume from her grave.

Felkin the Outcast
Look for him sitting on his chair facing the wall before the Undead Refuge Bonfire in Hunstman’s Corpse. You need an intelligence and Faith of at least 8 before you can engage him in business.

You can get full set of his equipment if you talk to him when your intelligence and faith are at least 20′ or above. Killing him will drop Sunset Staff with 9,000 souls for you to consume.

Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
You will find him sealed behind a barrier on the ground floor of Aldia’s Keep. Talk to him as a hollow to initiate his assassination quests. You can release him by pulling the lever on the opposite side of the manor.

Be warned though, once released, he will invade you during your assassination quests. You can gain access to his expanded menu by either releasing him and talking to him as a human or completing all this assassination quests and talking to him as a hollow.

Note that you can get the items you need to give to Navlaan without killing your targets. Once you have completed all his assassination quests, you will be rewarded with Chaos armor set.

Weaponsmith Ornifex
You will find Ornifex locked in an underground cave in the Shaded Ruins. Look for the underground cave directly below the false floor near the Giant Basilisk. To free her, you need the Fang Key.

Once you free her, she will move to Brightstone Cove Bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora unlocking her expanded menu. You can trade her Boss Souls for unique weapons or upgrade your basic weapons using her services.

Because you free her, your first Boss Soul trade will be free of charge. Killing her won’t drop any item, but you will have 11,000 souls to consume.

Chancellor Wellagar
You will find him standing at the top of the Staircase in Drangleic Castle. Talk to him to gain access to his inventory, and you can extend his offerings by defeating the Glass Knight.

You cannot kill the undead; it’s impossible. Defeat the Giant Lord and access Talk from his expanded menu to get Royal Dirk and Espada Ropera.

Cromwell The Pardoner
He is a very tricky to find merchant but well worth considering you can purchase a lot of magic spells from him.

Although he is in Attic of Brightstone Cove Chapel. Exit the Prowling Magus Boss room and turn around to face the building, look for semi-circular aisle with a ladder leading to the top floor.

He can completely absolve of your sins provided you are willing to pay him his service charges. With your base Faith stat 35 or above, use his expanded talk option to get Ring of Resistance.

Sparkling Sisters Dyna and Tillo
You will find them in the Bird’s nest on a cliff past the Fire Keeper’s Dwelling Bonfire in Things Betwixt.

To find them, enter the first fog gate and follow the path until you exit a fog gate and drop on to a ledge. From here, look for this nest to the left by the ladder.

To trade items, you will need to drop them in the nest using the ‘Leave’ option. Though note that the rewards you will get for these trades will be random.

Grave Warden Agdayne
You will find him in the antechamber in the Undead Crypt. Make sure you meet the Warden without any source of light. If you enter with your torch, it will turn all the wardens hostile to you and that’s not what you want.

Obtain the King Ring and use Talk’ option from his expanded menu to get full set of equipment from Agdayne as a reward. Killing him will drop Agdayne’s Kilt and give you 3,000 souls to consume.

Vengarl of Forossa
You will find his head in the foggy section of Shaded Woods.

To enter the area, exit the Ruined Fork Road Bonfire room through the door to the right and walk towards the fog. Follow the left wall and you should eventually see his head.

Exhaust his dialogue option to get his helmet as a reward, and once you have defeated his body; he will offer unique swords and shields for you to purchase.

Killing him will drop Vengarl’s Helm and give you 3,000 souls to consume.

If you find anything confusing, comment and we will help you out!

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