Cyberpunk 2077 War Pigs Walkthrough

Nothing new except getting stabbed in the back by another CORPO-friend

War Pigs is a CORPO-exclusive side mission in Cyberpunk 2077 that allows you to speak with a dead man.

Though his death was only inferred, Frank is an old acquaintance of yours from Arasaka days that needs your help.

Being another victim of Abernathy, he has finally decided to see things through but it seems he has another agenda he would later disclose.

You will be making a decision that could change his life forever so let’s look into how your choices will impact the outcome of the mission.

How to unlock and start “War Pigs”

To unlock the War Pigs side quest in Cyberpunk 2077 you must have CORPO Lifepath and complete the Transmission main quest.

Once you have completed the prerequisite, you will receive a message from Frank Nostra, your former colleague at Arasaka, titled “Dead Man’s Trigger”.


How to complete War Pigs in Cyberpunk 2077

You need to first listen to Frank Nostra’s call where he shares that he has some dirt on Abernathy, an old enemy of yours in Cyberpunk 2077.

He tells you that the call is pre-recorded and was scheduled to be sent to you in case he was taken down first and requests you to finish what he had started.

Go to the indicated location in Kabuki, a building in the back with a XXX neon sign over it.

Talk to Johnny (optional)

Once you arrive at the location you can talk to Johnny leaning near the entrance door, condemning your actions of returning to your days being a corporate rat.

He will not share anything useful, but if you are looking for a fun conversation, we recommend talking with him to take the edge off.

Deal with Frank

You will see a green dumpster next to the entrance of the building. Move it to reveal an empty briefcase under it. Just as you are done inspecting the case, Frank will jump behind you, looking disheveled and in a state worse than you remember.

He shares that he has been fired from Arasaka and wants to take you back as an offering so the decision is reversed. You can either fight and kill him or disarm him peacefully, the choice will depend on your interaction with Frank during the CORPO Prologue quest.

If you want to save Frank during the War Pigs quest in Cyberpunk 2077, you will have to take different routes depending on how many options you explored during the CORPO introduction with Frank.

If you have completed all the dialogue options, you can disarm him by calling him pathetic and then asking him to open his eyes to reality.

If you did not explore all the dialogue options, you can tell him that you are of no value to Abernathy and tell him that there is still time to start over and build a new life.

If you want to get over the hassle and just take out Frank during the War Pigs quest in Cyberpunk 2077, you can select the option to attack him first

During conversation, you can tell him that his problems are not your concern which will also lead to an aggressive outcome.

Should you save or kill Frank in Cyberpunk 2077 War Pigs?

Frank has no connection to future quests so saving him will not do much for you besides help your moral compass. Killing him will allow you to grab the Apparition pistol, an Iconic Weapon, from his body, which you cannot obtain through other means.

The Apparition is an Iconic version of the already good Kenshin pistol but with greater damage output, high fire rate, and quick reload speed. The stats boost when you are on critically low health and add a 50% Physical damage buff along with others which makes it an excellent sidearm to have.

We recommend killing Frank because you will be able to get The Apparition, one of the best tech weapons in Cyberpunk 2077, which looks pretty cool with its crimson finish, and you can also prove to Johnny that the “rat” is out of the race.

Cyberpunk 2077 – War Pigs rewards

For completing the War Pigs side mission in Cyberpunk 2077 you will be rewarded with 1501 EXP, 2564 Street Cred, and the Apparition pistol, only if you take out Frank

Cyberpunk 2077 – War Pigs bugs and fixes

If you noticed that Johnny is not appearing during War Pigs, it is due to a bug. It remains unknown as to how the bug gets triggered but in it, Johnny will not deliver the last line of the mission. This makes it impossible to complete the mission.

Unfortunately, the cause of the bug is unknown and there is no fix as of yet. There is a way around it with a mod called “Try To Finish Broken Or Stuck Quests” downloadable from the Nexus mods website.

This mod will force the quest to complete itself and you will finally get the annoying quest marker out of your way but at the cost of a Johnny one-liner so pick your poison.

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