Cyberpunk 2077 Transmission Quest Walkthrough

The Transmission quest in Cyberpunk 2077 has you choose between the Netwatch and Voodoo Boys. What you decide here can affect the ending.

There are plenty of quests to complete in Cyberpunk 2077. Many of these will leave a profound impact on you. One such mission is called Transmission, which is the last quest of the I Walk the Line main quest. The Transmission quest will have two alternate endings in Cyberpunk 2077, depending on the choice you made at the Netwatch agent.

If you accept his offer and choose to side with him, you will end up with a plan to get separated from Johnny. If not, then you will be solely used for the Voodoo Boys’ own benefit. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough on how to complete this mission. 

How to complete the Transmission quest in Cyberpunk 2077

The transmission quest will begin once you are done with Placide. The previous scene will put you and your biochip in danger. This is when Brigitte shows up and takes V under her wing. You will have little options other than to follow Brigitte into her hideout. 

This is where the Transmission quest starts. 

Follow Brigitte into the hideout

Brigitte will show up and interrupt your scene with Placide. She will urge you back to her hideout to give you some sort of aid. She will be quite concerned if Placide has scanned you for the biochip. From what further scenes reveal, it looks as if the Voodoo Boys had plans for their own benefit.

Regardless, you must follow her and obey her commands, as V will have no other choice. Brigitte will lead you into the Serenity Bible Church chapel. This is her hideout, where she has equipment for netrunning. 

Dive into the Cyberspace

Brigitte will ask you politely to get into the cold bath in the Transmission quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Before you do that, you can talk to her to discover her real goal. Brigitte will explain how she wants to extract data from Johnny’s engram to call Alt Cunningham forth. Alt hides in the Blackwall to protect herself from any outsiders. 

Get into the cold bath, and everything around you will glitch. V will be transported momentarily into the Voodoo Boys BBS, their data fortress. You will only find Brigitte here. Have a few dialogues, and the story will continue. 

Brigitte will connect herself to you and read the data from Johnny’s Engram. She will be convinced and will ask to move on. She will transport both herself and V to Blackwall’s base. 

Enter the Blackwall

The Voodoo Boys will bait you here. They will order you to pass through the Blackwall alone and call Alt forth. Once Alt arrives, there will be two endings to this mission. 

If you choose to side with the Voodoo Boys, your next objective will be to get Alt into Mikoshi, as it is the most advanced technology they can get their hands on. The Voodoo Boys will plan to get an engram of V uploaded into their bodies. 

If you side with the Netwatch agent, he will have placed a tracker on you. Once Alt arrives, the Netwatch will start to interrupt the connection. They will be trying to capture anyone, dead or alive. Before they succeed in their mission, Alt will kill all of the Voodoo Boys and get Johnny and you back to safety. 

Side with the Voodoo Boys

If you choose to side with the Voodoo Boys, then Brigitte will take over and get Alt to formulate a plan. This plan will require V to break into Mikoshi and upload her there so she can make engrams of V. These engrams will be uploaded to the bodies of the Voodoo Boys to keep their clan safe from Johnny. 

After returning from cyberspace, you can choose to get payback on them by killing their entire clan. You can pursue this option by a choice of certain dialogues. Once they are completed, a firefight will begin, and you will have to fight your way out. 

You also have the polite way out in the Transmission quest in Cyberpunk 2077. You can also pursue this option by choice of dialogues. When completed, v will be on their way out and stop for a taunting session with Placide. 

Once V steps out of the hideout, you will have your relic malfunction, and the world will glitch once again. Johnny will return as he usually does at such moments and offers a few pieces of dialogue. These dialogues affect your relationship with the long-gone cyborg and the game’s ending. 

Side with the Netwatch

This ending will require you to shake hands with the Netwatch agent. He will silently put a tracker on you and follow you into cyberspace. Once Alt arrives at the Blackwall, Netwatch will begin interrupting the connection. Before they do, Voodoo Boys will be alerted, and so will Alt Cunningham.

She will purge all the Voodoo Boys, killing them instantly. Next up, she will take you and Johnny to someplace else in cyberspace where the Netwatch agents cannot reach you. 

Here, Johnny will call on an old buddy for a favor and ask Alt to remove the Soulkiller from V. Alt will then explain that the Soulkiller she designed had minimal resemblance to the one currently in V. She will need access to higher-powered tech.

Johnny will give an idea of Mikoshi, and Alt will agree with him. You can also learn more about Alt’s thought process through dialogue options. 

Once you step back out of the cyberspace network, all of the Voodoo Boys who had a connection in cyberspace will be dead. Now, you will have to fight your way out of the hideout.

Face Placide 

Placide will turn his hunter mode on and kill you on sight. But, if you creep up behind him, he will be unaware of you. You can use this opportunity to hack around him and toss grenades to kill two birds with one grenade. 

Placide will have the Sandevistan MK.2 equipped and can teleport side to side to avoid getting hit. A good way of tackling this issue is to get up close and start spamming your melee weapon. He also wields a shotgun so that he will fight up close, too. 

You can land a few headshots as they will stagger him and then close in on him. Keep using the melee weapon, but ensure it has a higher damage output. 

If you want to play it safe and keep your distance, we recommend keeping a fire-spewing weapon by your side. Placide is weak to fire attacks, so use this information against him. Once you land the stagger on him, start shooting him with the incendiary rounds to deal the maximum damage you can.

The loot obtained from this boss fight is as follows: 

  • M2038 Tactician 
  • 15$ and 14 Street Cred 
  • Chapel Key 
  • RAM Jolt 
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