Cyberpunk 2077 Best Lifepath Guide

In this Cyberpunk 2077 Best Lifepath Guide, we will discuss the life path choices in Cyberpunk 2077. We will take a look at how these life path choices affect the gameplay as it is very important to the whole story of the game as it is a backstory for your Character.

Cyberpunk 2077 Best Lifepath

Life path is like a backstory that tells us the background of our Character. It can be one of the three which are:

  • Corporate
  • Nomad
  • Street Kid

There are sets of flowcharts for each life path that determine complications in the plot.

These are there so that each player can experience a custom character instead of playing with one size fits all Character.

While creating a character, there are topics such as dress preference and personal style, ethnic origins, personal motivations, family background, and major life events to shape the Character.

Choosing a life path also determines the people you know in-game and the people that know you.

The quest you start with is determined by this choice made and the whole quest-line. Let’s take a detailed look at each life path:

Corporate Life Path

A corporate life path means the Character starts their journey from the City Center as a businessman and navigates through a city that is drowning in crime, money, and power.

The City Center is right in the middle of Night City as the name suggests, and it the heart of the City with the most business going on.

This Character is surrounded by executives, inside tall skyscrapers shaking hands in boardrooms for underhanded deals.

Corporate Character can deal with the upper class in Night City is the top 1% and this skill can prove to be very valuable.

This Character will work as an agent for a big corporation starting right from the Center of the Night City.

Nomad Life Path

When you select nomad as a life path, you will be playing an outsider that moves to the Night City from the vast desert just outside of the Night City.

This area is called “the Badlands”.

It is the Character of a nomad to be resourceful and scrappy, and their family dynamics are very strong. They make small communities like clans but their reputation is not so good.

They can be savvy in getting new business, and they steal corporate goods and then transport them and make a profit off them.

The backstory for the nomad is that V will move from the Badlands to the Night City to make a new life.

Street Kid

The street kid is very familiar with the Night City’s street. Haywood is a big district next to the City Center, where most people of the Night City live.

This Character is from this area as well. They can easily navigate around the gangs and fight off badges.

Their biggest specialty is their knowledge of the City and their familiarity with the people in the City. They know everyone who is anyone.

They can help a lot with their connections and their street suaveness.

This life path starts from Heywood, a place where gangs reign and where violence is everywhere. The Character is looking forward to making something of themselves.

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