Best Smart Weapons In Cyberpunk 2077

Be smart about killing enemies in Night City.

If you have a bad aim or are just too lazy to manually target enemies, you need the best Smart Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077.

While they may not be as stealthy as Power Weapons, or have the ability to shoot enemies through walls like Tech Weapons, Smart Weapons without a doubt make playing Cyberpunk 2077 easier and more enjoyable.

Before heading out and grabbing a Smart Weapon though, you need to understand how they work. As the name suggests, they are not intended to be used by brain-dead trigger-happy folks.

How to use Smart Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077

The unique feature of Smart Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 is that they have the ability to lock on to enemies. Once locked on, bullets will follow the target until they hit them, almost like guided missiles, making manual aim a thing of the past.

To be able to use this, however, you need cyberware called Smart Link. You can either get that for a large sum while needing a street cred level of at least 14, or instead complete the side job The Gig and get the Tyger Claws Dermal Imprint tattoo which will make smart tracking available to you.

You can also modify the cyberware, for example improving your projectile Launch system will let you equip a missile launcher.


What’s more, Smart weapons have received some amazing perks with the 2.0 update. These include Acquisition Specialist, which prevents you from losing the lock-on when reloading.

Then there’s Targeting Prism, which allows you to lock onto and headshot multiple enemies at the same time.

Target Lock Transfer maintains the lock on enemies if you switch from aiming to hip-fire or even if you switch weapons.

Lastly, No Escape keeps the lock on your enemies even if they take cover, provided that you keep shooting.

Best Smart Weapons and their locations in Cyberpunk 2077

5. Hercules 3AX

The beastly Hercules 3AX is going to start our list of the best Smart Weapons to get in Cyberpunk 2077. This prototype weapon from Militech was added with the Phantom Liberty DLC and comes with a built-in Smart Link.

The magazine holds 90 rounds, and when hip firing, the gun releases explosive rounds that cause area damage. The gun also comes equipped with a digital smart scope and has a range finder.

The best aspect of the Hercules, though, is its iconic modifier. You get increased damage by 24% with an increased chance of 10% to poison enemies.

You also get a massive +20% crit chance when firing at poisoned enemies. If you kill a poisoned enemy with the Hercules, they explode and leave behind a pool of acid, in which enemies standing receive poison damage as well.

How to get: To get the Hercules 3AX, take part in the Roads to Redemption quest in Phantom Liberty. Once you upload the malware to deactivate the bomb, you can find the gun on a workbench near the armory.

4. Crimestopper

It stops more than just crime. It stops their hearts.

The personal weapon of Night City DA Georgina Zembinsky, the Crimestopper comes with an iconic modifier that increases crit chance by 33% for 10 seconds when you switch to the weapon.

It also has an 8% chance of uploading the Cripple movement quickhack on an enemy when you hit them, which temporarily slows down their movements. Do, however, note that it drops to 1% against boss enemies. The gun also has +50% crit damage as well as -20% aim and reload time.

How to get: You will find the Crimestopper inside a bag in VIP room 06 while doing the gig Heaviest of Hearts.

3. Pizdets

A funny name with a small form factor? Don't be fooled. Pizdets is devastating.

The Pizdets is another iconic weapon that comes in the form of an SMG and has a unique ability. The gun’s crit chance increases the longer you fire with it.

It also comes equipped with a custom silencer, which makes it useful in stealth scenarios. Pizdets has a +85% headshot damage multiplier and merely a 1.2-second lock-on time.

How to get: To get this gun, all you need to do is complete the gig called Spy in the Jungle.

2. Skippy

Skippy is not only one of the best weapons but also one of the best Smart Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077.

What makes this gun unique is the AI by the name Skippy that comes with it. The gun has a +120% crit damage chance and +38-47% shock chance as well.

It can also sometimes make decisions on its own, such as shooting at enemies while in stealth mode.

Skippy offers you two modes. Puppy-loving pacifist and Stone-cold killer. Choose the opposite of whichever one you want since after 50 kills; the gun permanently switches modes to the opposite of what you originally chose.

How to get: You can find Skippy next to a corpse in an alley in the Vista del Rey part of Heywood.

1. Ashura

Nothing comes close to the Ashura when it comes to killing enemies with Smart Weapons.

Manufactured by Tsunami Defense Systems, the Ashura tops our list as the best smart gun in Cyberpunk 2077.

It is a smart sniper rifle that comes equipped with a sensitive targeting device and built-in scanning software.

While able to only shoot one round at a time, the damage it causes dwarfs the damage caused by any other smart gun in the game.

This amazing weapon has a +15% burn chance, +209.89% crit damage chance, and a +10% poison damage chance.

How to get: You can buy the Ashura from a weapon vendor in Vista del Rey, Glen, Wellsprings, and Downtown, but one at tier 5 can only be purchased from the weapon vendor in Glen.

Best Smart Weapon build 2.0 in Cyberpunk 2077

The following is how you can build an extremely overpowered smart weapon build after the 2.0 update in Cyberpunk 2077.

Intelligence Attribute:
Get the main perks Optimization, Acquisition Specialist, Embedded Exploit, Target Lock, Transfer, Overclock, Smart Synergy, and Spillover.

Your secondary perks should be Subordination, Proximate Propagation, No Escape, Recirculation, Precision Subroutines, Speculation, System Overwhelm, Siphon, Icepick, Targeting Prism, Terminal Velocity, Race Against Mind, Power Surge, and Sublimation.

Reflex Attribute:
Your main perks should be Slippery, Dash, Ready, Rested, Reloaded, Air Dash, Sharpshooter, Tailwind, Submachine Fun, and Salt in the Wound.

Your secondary perks should be Multitasker, Muscle Memory, Can’t Touch This, Steady Grip, Spice of Life, Tunnel Vision, Aerial Acrobat, Gundancer, Practice Makes Perfect, Spray and Pray, and Shoot to Chill.

Technical Attribute:
Get Glutton for War, All Things Cyber, Health Freak, License to Chrome, and Edgerunner as your main perks; while the secondary perks should include First Aid, Transfusion, Renaissance Punk, Chrome Constitution, Driver Update, Borrowed Time, Field Medic, and Extended Warranty.

This will give you a final attribute point distribution as follows: Body: 18, Intelligence: 20, Technical Ability: 20, Cool: 3, Reflexes: 20.

Lastly, the cyberware you require for an elite smart weapon build is the following: Militech Paraline MK.4, Kiroshi the Oracle Optics, Smart Link, Blood pump, Clutch Padding, Heal-on-kill, Reinforced Tendons, Ex-Disk, Memory Boost, RAM Upgrade, and Monowire.

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