Cyberpunk 2077 Spy In The Jungle Walkthrough

Should you side with Ana or Steven in Spy in the Jungle?

After you’ve completed The Damned quest in the Phantom Liberty DLC, Cyberpunk 2077 Spy in the Jungle mission gets unlocked, which can reward you with the Iconic Pizdets Tier 5 Smart SMG. Depending on the choices you make during Spy in the Jungle in Cyberpunk 2077, you can also unlock new quests like Money for Nothing and The Show Must Go On.

Talk to the Agents

Go to the green exclamation mark on the map to begin the Spy in the Jungle gig in Cyberpunk 2077. You need to head to Room 203, where you’ll meet with Steven Santos and Ana of the Brazilian Intelligence Agency.

They will explain to you about a missing person named Mark Bana who was dear to them. They are acting off the books by hiring you. They will give you the coordinates of the last known ping from Mark Bana with a warning of a few surprises. They will send you to Organitopia.

Just follow the marker for the quest and you’ll find a broken wall at the location. Right through the wall you’ll see a window towards the left you could use to enter Organitopia.

Once you’re inside, go right and authorize via personal link.

Follow Mark Bana

As soon as you have been authorized, Mark will contact you and ask you to come to the main Museum Hall. There are a lot of Scavengers at the location so you may or may not need to fight them. Go upstairs; you’ll find that there are cameras and a turret right inside the door.


Be very careful when engaging this location if you’re going stealth. Once you’re inside and have taken care of the scavengers, proceed to the marked door where Bana will contact you again and tell you to continue to the main hall.

He’ll explain that there’s a flight of stairs at the back you can use. He warns that there’s an Elite Soldier Ribakov lurking around. However, you will not see him till you’ve reached the door where Mark Bana is. As soon as you reach the door, a cutscene is triggered and Ribakov lands right in front of you.

Defeat Ribakov

To defeat Boris Ribakov in Spy the Jungle in Cyberpunk 2077, you actually need to keep your eyes and ears open, as suggested by Mark Bana. Ribakov’s main strength is his high speed and a large health pool. Ribakov would occasionally say something loudly or scream giving away his location.

He would also occasionally drop a smoke bomb at his own location, which is another giveaway. Continue shooting him and he’ll eventually die.

Cyberpunk 2077 Spy In The Jungle

Loot Boris Ribakov’s body to get the iconic Pizdets SMG in Cyberpunk 2077. This is the only way to unlock Pizdets so make sure you obtain it before continuing with the mission. You’ll also find an interesting contract on him about assassinating a person named Katya Karelina.

Cyberpunk 2077 Spy In The Jungle

Once you’ve taken care of Ribakov, you need to destroy all the drones in the area. They’re not that difficult to take care off either. When done, go back upstairs and search for Mark Bana. There is a room at the end on the right side which you need to go to for the next step of the Spy in the Jungle mission.

You’ll find that instead of Mark, there is a mysterious stranger sitting in the seat also injured and using Mark’s voice. She turns out to be Katya and asks for your and the Intelligence’s help.

Should you kill Katya or let her live?

The Brazilian Intelligence however refuses to help Katya and asks you to kill her. She however makes an offer to you that you let her go and in return you can take the biomonitor and her stash at the given location – leaving you with two options. You can either accept Katya’s deal in Cyberpunk 2077 or kill her to proceed with Spy in the Jungle.

If you let Katya live, she will give you the location of her stash and you will unlock the Money for Nothing quest. Katya’s stash to complete Money for Nothing can be found under the floor, after moving the garbage disposal in this marked location.

Move the garbage disposal container, remove the vent lid and you can collect Sweet Dreams Armored Laminate BD Wreath, which completes the Money for Nothing quest. Now, you can go back to Spy in the Jungle.

Return to Ana and Steven

There are two endings to the Spy in the Jungle quest in Cyberpunk 2077. Depending on the dialogue choice, the ending would change.

Return back to Brazilian Agents and both Ana and Steven would argue with one another. Steven would ask you to destroy the biomonitor you got since Bana was killed by SovOil which is a really powerful player in the area which may lead them to start hunting those who were involved in exposing them.

On the other hand, Ana seeks revenge and wishes to expose them to the media. So you need to take a side. Whether to side with Ana or Steven and decide how Spy in the Jungle ends.

Side with Steven

Steven will ask you to drop the biomonitor in a nearby drop box instead of giving it to Ana. If you destroy the biomonitor this way, you will finish the mission here and get 4000 Eddies from Steven as a reward. Mr Hands will contact you and mark the gig as complete.

This also unlocks the Show Must Go On side quest where Steven contacts you again for a chat and gives you some more money for helping complete the deal with SovOil.

Side with Ana

If you hand over the biomonitor to Ana she’ll upload it to every agent and media outlet. Things wouldn’t change much but you’ve fulfilled your contract. It’s now up to them what they do with it. You’ll gain 6000 Eddies as a reward for completion if you decided to go with Ana’s ending to Cyberpunk 2077 Spy in the Jungle.

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