Cyberpunk 2077 Heaviest Of Hearts Walkthrough

You just cannot trust lawyers...or can you?

“Heaviest of Hearts” is one of the main missions that you complete for the newly released Phantom Liberty expansion of Cyberpunk 2077.

It starts off relatively straightforward where you have to find a D.A. and force her to delete a particular file. However, the gig becomes a little complicated once you are shown multiple choices and options that affect the outcome of the quest.

Since you don’t really know how or if the choices even alter the gig, choosing one can be difficult. Not only that, but the gig itself isn’t very easy to pull off considering you have the optional objective of not triggering alarms.

Whatever the case may be, we recommend taking a look at this guide for the best way to complete the Heaviest of Hearts gig.

How to unlock and start “Heaviest of Hearts”

Heaviest of Hearts becomes available after completing the “Firestarter” main quest, the 10th quest in the Phantom Liberty DLC>

Once that’s done, a green marker will appear on your map in Pacifica, Dogtown. The nearest location to this point is the Golden Pacific Fast Travel point.


As you arrive at the green marker, you receive a call from Mr. Hands informing you of the job, starting the Gig. The client goes by the name Michael Maldonado, who is in the arcade nearby.

The client wants you to find a particular D.A. Georgina Zembinsky and destroy the testimony she has. For now, all you know is that she is in the Heavy Hearts club, so you must reach the location.

How to complete Heaviest of Hearts in Cyberpunk 2077

After talking to Michael Maldonado and starting the Gig, you must make your way to the Heavy Hearts Club.

As you are about to enter the though, Maldonado texts you, saying that he would prefer it if you don’t make a mess. This, however, is an optional objective, and choosing whether to complete the gig in stealth or weapons-free has no impact on the gig except the reward.

Avoid raising the alarm in the club (optional)

Your main objective in Heaviest of Hearts after getting inside the club is to ask around to find information on Georgina Zembinsky in Cyberpunk 2077.

You can do this in two ways: remain undetected in stealth, or make a lot of noise to raise the alarms. We recommend not raising the alarms because doing this optional objective gives you an extra $2,000 Eddies as a reward.

Once inside the club though, head straight ahead to the Bartender and say that you are looking for Georgina Zembinsky. Feel free to choose the rest of the dialogues as well, as the choice doesn’t have an impact on the gig.

The bartender then says that you can find a guy named Jack in the restroom who can tell you where she is. To find Jack, move to your right, up the stairs, and then left into the restroom.

When you meet Jack, you must first tell him that you are looking for someone and then pay him $550 Eddies for the information. He then tells you that Georgina is in the VIP section, which is your next stop.

Find a way to enter VIP Room 4

The VIP section is located to the left of the bar, but as you reach there, you see the guards throwing a guy named Markus out of the section. You may initiate a conversation with Markus, but it is optional and doesn’t affect the mission.

After Markus has been kicked out though, the guards forget to close the door behind them, so you can enter the VIP section freely. This area, however, has a lot of guards and cameras.

If you want to avoid raising the alarms as we recommend, then you need to pull out a silenced weapon and headshot all the guards and disable the cameras inside to remain undetected.

Next, make your way across the halls and into VIP Room 4. A couple of Georgina’s friends are in this room, and you must ask them if they know where she is. They tell you that she is in VIP Room 6

Note that if the alarm had been raised at this point, these NPCs in Room 4 would have fled. However, even if that does happen Georgina is still in VIP Room 6, and you can head there directly.

Find a way to enter VIP Room 6

The VIP Room is just up ahead, but it is locked. If you have a 20 Technical Ability though, you can directly enter Room 6 from the hall. If not, you will have to find an alternative way in.

To do that, head down the stairs and to the end of the area – either in the staff room or the maintenance corridor. Right at the end of the area though, there is a fuse box that can be used to unveil a hidden door leading into VIP Room 6.

When you enter the room, you can loot the suitcase lying on the floor to get your hands on the Crimestopper – an Iconic Smart Pistol. When you’re one, head towards Georgina in the room and initiate the conversation with her.

The main point of meeting Georgine was to convince or force her to delete the testimony she has. She, however, proposes an alternate solution – submitting the testimony anonymously, thereby protecting Michael.

There are a couple of important dialogue options here. You can either accept Georgina’s proposal or reject it and force her to delete the testimony.

Since your choice will affect the ending of the mission, it is recommended to look at the outcomes of both of them before you make one.

Heaviest of Hearts choices and consequences

Choosing the “Fine. We have a deal” dialogue option will conclude your meeting with Georgina and the point of the mission will be completed.

When you head back to Michael after the mission though, you see that Michale isn’t very happy about what you did and doesn’t want to pay you for the hob. Mr. Hand, on the other hand, may agree with your choice.

Should you accept Georgina’s deal or delete the testimony?

If you choose to force Georgina to delete the testimony in Heaviest of Hearts, then the meeting can end in one of two ways depending on your Tactical Ability in Cyberpunk 2077.

If you choose the “Delete the Testimony” dialogue option followed by the “Be smart about this Hank” choice, you will have to kill Hank and then force Georgina to delete the testimony, which she gladly does after that.

If your Tactical Ability is 20 or above though, Hank will back down after the last dialogue, and the same sequence of events will follow – except this time it’s much easier since Hank isn’t a threat.

When the testimony is deleted, you can get back to Michael to find out that he is happy with your success and so is Mr. Hand.

You receive $4,000 Eddies as a reward for completing the gig and an extra $2,000 if you also follow the “Avoid raising the alarm in the club” optional objective.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Heaviest of Hearts bugs and fixes

Note that there is a bug that prevents you from entering the Pyramid Club in Heaviest of Hearts in Cyberpunk 2077. It shows that the club is closed with the “no entry” sign.

This means that you cannot meet with Mr. Hands whether you are trying to get the bonus associated with the gig or to start a new gig.

To fix this bug, you can try stealing some cars for El Capitano and then trying to enter the club again.

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