Cyberpunk 2077 Roads To Redemption Walkthrough

A nuke threatens everything connected to the net in Night City.

A late-game gig, Roads to Redemption in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty after you complete the Firestarter mission and have to wait for word from Songbird during The Killing Moon. At the quest marker, Mr. Hands will contact you and ask you to meet Nele Sprinter, his client, to start the Cyberpunk 2077 Roads to Redemption mission.

Meet with Nele at the Stadium

Head to the Dogtown stadium and go through the black market to where the quest marker leads you. Nele will be sitting outside on a table. V and Nele engage in a conversation that sheds light on the situation that Nele is in.

Nele will also give a datashard containing some sort of software that is supposed to disarm the bomb inside the weapons facility. After the meeting, make your way to the weapons factory that is now marked on your map.

Getting inside the weapons factory

As the meeting concludes, the player has to make their way across the stadium towards the entrance of the factory. Use code “1701” to open the doors and enter the weapons factory to disable its functionality. Once inside, the players will have to follow a concise path in order to find the net-nuke.

After entering the factory, you will have to face some Barghest soldiers. It is up to you to decide whether to face them head-on or use stealth. After getting past the soldiers, continue heading straight towards the lift. After entering the lift, use the control panel to go up to Level 3: Manufacturing

Where to find the net-nuke in Roads to Redemption

Once the elevator reaches the 3rd floor, exit the lift, head straight, and drop into the production area to your right. Be ready for a big gunfight here, as many soldiers and an automated turret block your path. Use quickhacks if you have some to have the turret work for you. Otherwise, kill everyone and destroy the turret to proceed.


Once the enemies have been dealt with, you should spot three gold statues to the right. Follow the path next to them and climb to the top.

This will lead you into the room with the turret. The player should walk through the door next to the turret and then take a sharp left into another room. After this, the player should climb the small ramp and reach the nuke through a door on the left.

Cyberpunk 2077 Roads To Redemption Walkthrough

Upon entering the room, Jack-In to upload the malware from the datashard into the Net-nuke. This will make the nuke useless. After uploading the malware, exit the room using the door right in front.

Head straight towards the stairs and use the lift next to them to enter Level 1: Garage. Once you are in the garage, make your way outside to escape the weapons factory and proceed to the last big step of Roads to Redemption in Cyberpunk 2077.

As soon as you leave the factory, your objective will change, and you will have to meet Nele nearby to return the datashard to her. This is where you make a big choice and decide how the mission ends.

Should you side with Nele or Biotechnica agents

Cyberpunk 2077 Roads To Redemption Side with Nele or Biotechnica

Once you go to meet Nele and sit in her car, you will be surrounded by Biotechnica agents. Here, you have the option to betray Nele and turn her over to the agents or kill the agents and then give the datashard to Nele.

Luckily, the choice in this mission simply revolves around your moral compass and how you wish to proceed. Whether you betray Nele or side with her, the reward is the same, and Mr. Hands will mark the Roads to Redemption gig as complete.

My suggestion would be to side with Nele and kill the Biotechnica agents. Whether you are doing a good thing or not can be argued, but you will at least get some extra loot and XP from those kills.

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