Best Tanks In Company Of Heroes 3

You cannot win a war without rollout heavy machinery. That is where the best tanks come in for Company of Heroes 3.

The Company of Heroes 3 Tanks allows you to unleash your power and horrors against your enemies. This iconic vehicle remained the backbone for the nations when it came to ground-based combat during wars.

The sheer power of the tank is enough to wipe out the entire building or group of enemies with few accurate and clean hits. You need to understand how the positioning of these iconic vehicles work and point out your foes’ weakness. The war will be yours if you know how to operate tanks in COH 3.

The game’s timeline is based on World War II events, and who could forget the carnage brought by the Germans using their powerful tanks at the start of the events? You can bring down the same chaos in COH 3, but you just need to stay patient and acquire the right set of these iconic vehicles

Best CoH 3 tanks from each faction

US Forces

TankHPFront ArmorSide ArmorRear ArmorUpgrade
M4A1 Sherman72023413296Phosphorous Rounds or High Explosive Ammunition
M4A3E8 82019811080Flanking Speed Ability or Armor Piercing Rounds

The great thing about the M4A1 Sherman is the opportunity of adding the Heavy Machine Gun turret to clear infantry. This upgrade makes the Sherman one of the best tanks in Company of Heroes 3.

Additionally, the Phosphorous Rounds upgrade is the way to go when clearing out vehicles. But if you are facing more trouble against the enemy infantry, go with High Explosive Ammunition as it helps remove the infantry easily.

Another tank of the US Forces that should have your attention is the M4A3E8, also called the Easy Eight. This tank is excellent when it comes to mobility, allowing you a fast-paced war strategy, and you can surprise enemies.

However, you have to compromise your armor for speed, but this tank is still one of the best things to bring out in the battleground in COH 3.

The Easy Eight comes with a Riflemen on its back, and you can even upgrade it with a Heavy MG, bringing havoc on the enemies.

British Forces

TankHPFront ArmorSide ArmorRear ArmorUpgrade
Churchill Black Prince1200300225150Repair Damage or Smokescreen

The Churchill Black Prince Tank found in the Armored Battle Group of the British is the most pleasing tank in terms of visuals and power. The surprising thing about this tank is that it was never used in combat during World War II, and few prototypes existed then.

The Black Prince is a badass when it comes to toughness. The sheer strength of this tank makes it one of the best British tanks to use in Company of Heroes 3. However, you have to compromise your speed and firepower while using this tank.

You get to upgrade the Black Prince upon reaching the Veterancy 1 rank. If you opt for the repair damage, your tank will heal over time, but the process is slow. On the other hand, a smokescreen allows you to make sneaky plays and bring down enemies.


NameHPFront ArmorSide ArmorRear ArmorUpgrade
Tiger I120030021080Timed Fuse Shot ability
Panther90033010580Temporarily boost its damage output

The German tanks are known for their destructive capabilities. You can enjoy the tremendous German machines on the battlefields in COH 3. These tanks are also reliable, making your war experience much more fun.

You cannot choose the Tiger II as it is not able in COH 3 currently, but no one knows what the future holds. But you can enjoy the older version of the same class of Tank by equipping Tiger I present in the Breakthrough Battle Group.

Tiger I can also be equipped with an MG43 turret that helps you clear the enemy infantry. You can take full advantage of it and use the Timed Fuse Shot ability to make valuable plays. You just have to reach Veterancy level 1 to unlock this ability and unleash the horrors.

The Panther is the other tank that falls in the best category for German forces. The tank belongs to the Mechanized Battle Group, and you can take on the enemies head-on due to its stronger front armor.

This tank is best when it comes to front-on battles, but you cannot upgrade this destructive vehicle. You only receive a temporary increase in your damage output after reaching Veterancy level 1.

Deutsche Afrikakorps

TankHPFront ArmorSide ArmorRear ArmorUpgrade
Afrikakorps Tiger120030021080Cluster of S-Mines

The Afrikakorps faction has the weakest Company of Heroes 3 tanks. The Panzer III of this faction stands zero winning chance against the Black Prince and Sherman. It does not mean that Afrikakorps do not have any other options on their hand.

You need to build the tank production building and call on reinforcements for this fraction. You can get your hand on Afrikakorps’ Tiger, and this vehicle has the same ability as Wehrmacht’s Tiger I.

You can upgrade this tank with an MG34 turret and unlock the ability to launch S-mines on the battlefield. These mines are like a nightmare for the infantry of enemies. All these upgrades make Afrikakoprs Tiger the best tank for this faction.

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