Company Of Heroes 3 US Forces Build Order

Struggling with winning games? Let us provide the best COH3 USF build order to help you secure victory and dominate the game.

US Forces are the most diverse and well-balanced faction in Company of Heroes 3. This faction has a lot of variations to try and can be experimented with using various units during a battle. However, to ensure total domination and victory, you need to know the correct COH3 USF build order, which will get you the correct units and upgrades as efficiently as possible.

Unlike other factions, which usually have a trump card to dominate the battlefield, all units in the US Forces faction can be game changers. From long-range infantry to crazy powerful small tanks and paratroopers to pathfinders, US Forces units can decimate their enemies with proper upgrades. This COH3 USF build order guide will mainly focus on Airborne Battlegroup to unlock Pathfinder ability for Scout Squads.

Company of Heroes 3 US Forces build order

This build order for US Forces is extremely important as it involves deploying many units and upgrading them as soon as possible. You can’t spam your enemies here and need a proper strategy to push through enemy ranks.

Playing the CoH 3 campaign on the highest difficulty, with the US faction using our build order guide, is highly recommended before moving onto PvP. The US faction needs a lot of expertise to master but helps you in return by surprising your opponents at every turn.

Unlike other factions, the US Forces faction needs to be built until the endgame in a particular order to ensure your victory. Command points play a crucial role in this COH3 USF build order for the US faction, and you need to be very vigilant regarding your upgrade materials.

Early-Game build order


It is a Tier 0 building that grants access to two main squads. It deploys and trains long/mid-range infantry squads required for the first phase.

Scout Squad

Can be deployed from Headquarters. They are equipped with long-range weapons and have extended line of sight. 2x squads are recommended. When you deploy Scouts, train them with Pathfinder ability from Airborne Battlegroup’s subclass, Paradropped Infantry. This upgrade is available from the very beginning.

Upgrading your scouts to pathfinders will equip them with smoke bombs and grenade launchers. The most important aspect we seek is their ability to use flares.

Pathfinders can now be used for reconnaissance and can map the path of the remaining infantry. Pathfinders can also be used to charge enemies. Use smoke bombs to escape the enemy’s sight and throw grenades for damage.


The barracks is a Tier 1 building. Barracks can deploy and upgrade three units, including Rifleman Squad, a unit that plays a very important role in the next step.

Rifleman Squad

They are the mainline infantry unit with Thompson machine guns and mid-range weapons. We recommend deploying at least two of them and training them to equip grenade packages. Rifleman squad can be used to charge enemy infantry with proper cover.

Airdropped Paratroopers

This is where things get interesting. You can skip both Barracks and Rifleman Squad in favor of Airdropped paratroopers. They can be deployed from Airborne Battlegroup’s subclass, Paradropped Infantry, using 1 command point.

Paratroopers can be deployed anywhere on the map, so try putting them near victory points. They are an elite infantry squad equipped with mid-range carbines and grenades.

They can be trained to use bazookas, adding more firepower to their deadly arsenal. Airdropped paratroopers are vulnerable when they are deployed, but once they touch the ground, they can do a marvelous job in crowd control with their anti-infantry capabilities.

Weapon Support Centre

It is a Tier 1B building that grants access to 4 units. The Weapon support center is crucial as it not only deploys and upgrades infantry and engineers, but also produces armored vehicles. Mid-game starts here.

Mid-Game build order

M1919 Machine Gun Team

It can be deployed from the weapon support center. Uses heavy machine guns to suppress enemy infantry. Use the flare ability of pathfinders to locate enemies on the map.

Dispatch M1919 machine gun team alongside Airdropped paratroopers to destroy them. If performed flawlessly, this move can and will change the battlefield in your favor.

M3 Armored Personnel Carrier

It is an anti-infantry support vehicle equipped with a .50cal machine gun. It can transport weapons and armed forces from one point to another on the map at great speeds.

M3 Armored Personnel Carrier can be upgraded to an M45 quad mount conversion to add firepower to your vehicles. Park these vehicles near your machine gun squad to reinforce the infantry and allow combined attacks.

Engineer Squad

Can be deployed from headquarters. It takes a while to upgrade your M3 carrier to M45, and it takes some damage in the meantime. The engineer squad comes in handy to repair your vehicles and plays a very important role in the endgame. Protect the engineer squad at all costs.

M1 Anti-Tank Gun Team

It can be deployed from Airborne Battlegroup’s subclass, Paradropped Infantry, for 2 command points. They are a heavy weapons unit equipped with 57mm anti-tank guns that add a layer of defense to your bases.

Place them near M45 quad mount or M1919 machine gun teams, especially if you are going against Wehrmacht. They can be towed, and you don’t want your enemies to take hold of them.

Tank Depot

Tank Depot is a Tier 3 building essential to late game victory in CoH 3, and it can grant access to 3 units. US forces faction specializes in producing and upgrading tanks with their tank depots. This is where the real fun starts.

End-Game build order

M4A1 Sherman Medium Tank

You will have enough spare fuel to craft at least two Sherman tanks at this point in the game. These tanks are critical to your COH3 USF build order to ensure an easy victory.

This tank is a walking inferno and can destroy vehicles, infantry, and enemy bases. It is equipped with a large gun and two machine guns.

The M4A1 Sherman can also take a lot of damage. With your pathfinders showing a lot of openings in the enemy’s defense, the Sherman tank can lay waste to their forces in no time. Keep an engineering squad nearby as producing these behemoths is very costly.

M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

This is an anti-tank vehicle. It is equipped with a large gun to take down enemy vehicles. Hellcat tank Destroyer can’t be used for infantry control, so only one tank is recommended, especially against The British Forces.

Hellcat tank destroyers are cheaper to craft but less effective than Sherman tanks. Pathfinders with flares, machine gun squads, paratroopers, engineers, riflemen, tanks, US Forces faction has its strength in its diversity.

This variety leads to multiple combinations you can try, unlike DAK or British Royal Forces. Victory with the faction feels even sweeter because of all the effort you put into customizing your COH3 USF build order.

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