Best Infantry Units For Each Faction In Company Of Heroes 3

Infantry has the most significance in all four factions, so you must know about the Company of Heroes 3 best infantry unit for each Faction...

In Company Of Heroes 3, there are a total of 4 factions. There are many excellent units in each of these factions. However, while many might consider infantry as mere grunts, wars are essentially won on their backs. Without knowing about the Company of Heroes 3 best infantry units, regardless of your faction, you can’t ensure victory.

Company of Heroes 3 best infantry units

Infantry cannot be compared with a tank in terms of devastation, but if it comes to versatility and capturing territory and resource points, then Infantry units take the point. All four factions in CoH 3 have several Infantry units. But here, we will discuss the best Infantry units in each of these four factions regarding the upgradability of weapons and firepower, Better Health Points (HP), and their specific abilities for combat.

Best Infantry Unit in US Army

First in the allied forces is the US Army. Although Regular Rifleman is great at combat, Paratroopers are the best infantry unit in The US Army faction. You can find Paratroopers in The Airborne Battle Group, and the best part is you can access them very early in the game.

Paratroopers have a massive advantage against other Infantry units: you can drop them anywhere in the combat field. This unit allows you to execute an excellent strategy and flank the enemy units by surprising them. There are 6 models of Paratroopers with 110HP each.

Paratroopers can also be equipped with Frag Grenades, Satchel Charges, and explosive weaponry. They can also take down tanks if you equip them with Bazooka, and if you want to increase their firepower, provide them with LMGs.

When paratroopers reach level 1 of veterancy, they can Camouflage or Quick Capture the enemy territory. This makes Paratroopers the deadliest Infantry unit in The US Army Faction of Company of Heroes 3.

Best Infantry Unit in British Forces

The best Infantry in The British Forces is the Foot Guards. Foot Guards can be accessed in The Company Command Building. But the unfortunate part is that you can only access them in the late game. But once you have them, Foot Guards will annihilate the enemy units.

The combats’ most potent and resistive units are the tanks, which are very hard to take down. Foot guards Infantry units are tank hunters in Company of Heroes 3 because they are already equipped with Bazooka. So, Foot Guards are an excellent choice for destroying tanks.

Foot Guards also comes with six models with 110 HP each. Their abilities of Explosive Charges and Array Of Bombs make them dangerous to enemies. Also, their anti-tank ability improves when they reach veterancy level 1.

Best Infantry Unit in Wehrmacht

Jager Squads are the best infantry units in the Wehrmacht faction. This is because Jager Squads are best at long-range combats. They can be accessed from the Luftwaffe Command Building.

Jager Squads comes in four models with 110 HP each. You can equip them with G43 Sniper Rifles and Recon Flares, and they can take out the enemy units from afar. This makes them an excellent sniper unit. They can also take down tanks if you equip them with Panzerschreck. You can also unlock their Camouflage ability at veterancy level 1. All these make the jager Squads Company of Heroes 3 best Infantry Unit.

Best Infantry Unit in Afrikakorps

German Faction lacked anti-tank weapon capabilities against the allied forces. But there is a unit that will give tough time to the allied tanks. This is the Panzerjäger Squad. You can access this unit from Mechanized Reinforcement Mechanics.

Panzerjäger Squad is already equipped with anti-tank rifles, and they can also be equipped with MG34 rifles for better infantry combat capability in Company of Heroes 3. They come in 5 squads with 85 HP each. Also, Panzerjäger Squad gains a significant combat bonus when fighting low-ranged combat.

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