How To Reinforce Units In Company Of Heroes 3

In Company of Heroes 3, If you don't reinforce your units sufficiently, your entire battle regiment will fall apart.

Commanding units in a battle is more than just strategizing attacks in Company of Heroes 3. You need to ensure that you don’t take a lot of losses and keep your units’ morale up. If you fail to provide sufficient reinforcement to your units in CoH 3, your entire battle regiment will fall apart, no matter how great your strategy is. All this makes it essential for you to know how to reinforce units in Company of Heroes 3.

As your fights start, your army and troops will take casualties, and depending on the enemy’s troops and overall battlefield layout, the number of your casualties might differ. To ensure minimum casualties on your side, reinforcing and healing units in the middle of a battle is important in Company of Heroes 3.

Reinforcing and healing units in Company of Heroes 3

No matter how many casualties your troops take, you need to make sure to reinforce your troops. Company of Heroes 3 reinforcement means maintaining the total number of units you lost during the fight. The process of reinforcement in Company of Heroes 3 for all your units varies depending on the unit type.

How to reinforce Infantry Units

To reinforce infantry in CoH 3, you first need to have sufficient medical units ready in the perimeter of the HQ and around the control outpost. Using medical facilities allows you to bring back the injured infantry units instead of bringing in more units from the barracks.

Medical outposts also allow you to bring your units to the surrounding area and then click the Reinforce button on the bottom right corner of your UI bar to reinforce and strengthen all your standing units in COH3.

This allows you to strengthen your unit before sending them back into the fight or helping them heal after a fight in Company of Heroes 3.

You can also return your injured units to your HQ and send out fresh units to replace them. In the meantime, all the injured units will heal, and you can keep recycling your units to keep them fighting without losing them.

Your manpower increases as time passes, and you get a boost to your manpower when you capture territories in COH3.

Lastly, for infantry, you can also drop your units directly into battle without having to call them and wait for them to reach the fight. For American forces, for example, you can use A3 Armored Personnel Carrier to units into any heated battle. Other forces have options for you to pick to reinforce your units in Company of Heroes 3.

You can use other specific support units, like Dingo Light Scout Car and 250 Light Carrier, to send in armored ambulances that heal your units in the field. Several support vehicles can be deployed to keep your units up and running.

You can also provide powerful firepower support to your infantry by pairing them with mechanical units.

How to reinforce Mechanical Units

For mechanical units such as tanks, you need to bring mechanics to the battlefield in Company of Heroes 3. These allow you to repair damaged and immobilized tanks and other mechanical units you might have deployed.

You can also depend on your manpower and total budget to deploy more units whenever possible. Of course, mechanical units take more time to arrive at fights. All units also bring their engineers with them, which does allow them to keep up their machinery for a bit.

Mechanical units can also be reinforced by pairing them with infantry as combined arms to ensure your vehicles stay safe from the pesky foot soldiers who might go around and flank your tanks in Company of Heroes 3.

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