Company Of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht Build Order

Mastering the Wehrmacht in Company of Heroes 3 require some experimentation which is what this build order is for.

The Wehrmacht is an Axis faction in Company of Heroes 3. The strength of this faction lies in its paratroopers carried by its elite Luftwaffe squad. Luftwaffe was a game changer for Germany in WW2 that brought Europe to its knees, and this is no different in CoH3. In this guide, we will mostly talk about the “Luftwaffe Battlegroup” and how their presence in our Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht build order can help you win any match.

Wehrmacht has two main support options. Air to field support and Ground Support via Pioneers and Jagers. Wehrmacht faction’s strength lies in its elite infantry and tanks that can topple any enemy squad with ease.

Build orders play an important role in securing victory without losing your precious resources in CoH3. Our guide will cover the most effective build order for Wehrmacht, but you can’t predict human opponents in PVP. So, we recommend experimenting with your own ideas in combination with this CoH 3 Wehrmacht build order guide.

Company of Heroes 3 Wehrmacht build order

Any battle can be won in the first two phases (mid-game) using Wehrmacht if you deploy your units wisely. Resources will play a very crucial role in this guide. So, keep your enemies close and resources even closer, while we train some of the most elite infantry squads in any CoH3 game.

Early game build order


Start with pioneers. They are basically a supporting squad and use MP40 SMG. Pioneers can be used to repel enemy infantry. They also construct and reinforce defenses. Move them to your parachute pioneers’ squad position as soon as they are deployed.

Use them with proper cover against enemy forces. Otherwise, you will lose them pretty easily.


Next, you need to train Kattenkard. They are support/non-combatant vehicles and can be used to rush to victory points in the early game or deliver supplies to the outskirts during the endgame. They are also used as distractions while training your other squads.

Don’t upgrade Kattenkrad using communication cables as this upgrade is pretty costly. You need to save all the resources for mid-game.

Parachute Pioneer Squad

This is where “Luftwaffe Battlegroup” comes into play. It will allow you to deploy Parachute Pioneers Squad anywhere on the map. Drop this squad on a capture point. Go with a distant point instead of one near your base.

In the meantime, move your pioneer squad closer to the parachute pioneer squad to attack any enemy forces in your path.

Deploy at least 3x parachute pioneer squads at different points and make them sync up at one place (preferably a building). You can gang up on enemy infantry and do massive damage with this formation.

Infantrie Kompanie

Tier 1 building. Produces 4 main units. We need this to create the next Luftwaffe Komapnie and move to the mid-game stage.

Mid-game build order

Luftwaffe Kompanie

Tier 2 building. It has 5 main units and the one we will be needing to completely demolish the competition. All of our preparations and battlegroup selections were meant to lead us to this point.

Jager Squad

Elite Infantry squad. It is the best unit available for the Wehrmacht faction (mid-game) and can be upgraded via two different methods. We recommend deploying at least 3 jager Squad units. They use long-range G43 rifles and smoke bombs at close range.

Upgrade two units with RPzB 54 Panzerschrek which makes them deadly against tanks and armored vehicles. All the resources we have been saving up to this point will now come into play. Equip the third unit with a reconnaissance package, which gives them two rifles and Recon flare ability.

Now you have two Anti-Tanks and one Anti-Infantry elite squad. This point is extremely important as it will mark the beginning of the end for your enemies. Use smoke grenades as much as you can to avoid machine gun squads.

Panzer Kompanie

Tier 3 building. Produces 3 main units. This marks the endgame.

Late-game build order

Panzer 4 Medium Tank

Anti-tank and anti-infantry, this vehicle can bring a lot of destruction with its 75mm gun and two MG34 machine guns. They can be used to destroy enemy bases too. At this point, you will have a lot of spare fuel, so keep making those tanks.

Use Panzer 4 tanks in association with Jager Squad, upgraded with recon package, to defeat any anti-tank units deployed by enemies.

StoBtruppen Squad

One of the most fearsome end-game infantry squads. They are equipped with long-range weapons and can even destroy small vehicles with red phosphorous bombs. Deploy and upgrade them with Stg-44 assault rifles to cause mayhem.

Use this squad with your pioneers to inflict massive damage to enemy infantry. If everything goes well up to this point, your victory is pretty much secured. This is an infantry, infantry, tank, infantry formation with upgrades that can topple any battlefield with ease

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