Cities Skylines 2 Best Mods Guide

Mods to make city management easier for you.

Cities Skylines 2 has a ton of Mods that you can find on the game’s Steam Workshop page, and each of these makes your gameplay more intriguing. The game itself offers some of the best mechanics when it comes to building or planning areas. But still, you can use Mods to improve your skills.

I will brief you on installing mods in Cities Skylines 2 and list the best mods.

How to install Mods in Cities Skylines 2

You can download and install mods for both Steam Worksop and Paradox Interactive website. The process is pretty much similar, but still, I will guide you about both platforms.

Steam Workshop

You can visit the Steam Workshop and download Mods from there. Head over to the Cities Skylines game page and access the Library. Then press on the Workshop option to find all the Mods listed there.

From there, you can easily subscribe to the Best Mod you require. However, in some cases, you may need to activate the Developer mode on Steam to subscribe to certain Mods, but remember that all the Mods are free to use.

Paradox Interactive

You can also use the Paradox Interactive website to get the Mods for Cities Skylines 2. However, at the moment, there isn’t any support on the site for this second iteration, but once it becomes available, the process will be pretty similar to the Steam one.

You must check the Paradox Interactive website and then create an account there. Once your Paradox account is active, you can go over the Mod list and find the Mods that are more suited to your gameplay mechanics.

After that, you can select and Subscribe to it to use it in the game. This way, when you launch Cities Skylines 2, the Mod will be active throughout your gameplay for you to use.

Similarly, once you are done with using that Mod or want to switch over to using another Mod, you can unsubscribe from the first Mod. This way, that particular Mod will not be available when you launch the game after unsubscribing.

Best Mods in Cities Skylines 2

There are a lot of Mods to choose from, and most of these can be helpful during your gameplay. With that in mind, here are some of the Best Mods you can try. However, note that these are mods from City Skylines, which we believe will work in the new game as well.

Move It

It is a go-to Mod as it allows you to multi-select things, copy things, bulldoze things, adjust the height of buildings, import and export things, etc.

The Move-It Mod makes it the best Mod list as it is a powerful tool for precision while moving objects. You will also need to subscribe to other mods that are related to it, like the Prop Precision Mod, Prop Snapping Mod, etc.

81 Tiles

The 81 Tiles Mod allows you to unlock the central 25-tile area in Cities Skylines 2. You can use this Best Mod from the beginning of the game and build whatever you want without using the first starting tile. This Mod also extends the current 25 tiles landscape to 81 tiles, allowing you to utilize more building space.  

This particular Mod also allows electricity, water, sewage, and heating to run through the roads without using any electrical lines or running pipes. You should use the 81 Tiles Mod, especially when starting a new city.

Traffic Manager: President Edition

This specific Mod helps massively with advanced traffic control options in Cities Skylines 2. This way, you can control the traffic with relative ease in all significant parts of your city.

In short, you can customize roads, add signs, etc., to improve traffic control. This way, you will also become more efficient in city management, and your residents will be happy.

Network Extensions

Subscribing to the Network Extension Mod allows you to utilize those additional road types and gives you more options in terms of public transport.

This way, you can customize the roads in your cities and keep the traffic flow constant. This can also be done by adding asymmetrical roads to enhance your traffic flow, especially in city areas, which makes the Network Extension mod one of the Best Mods in Cities Skylines 2.

Forest brush

The Forest Brush Mod is one of the best Mods that allows you to use a single tree or many trees and position them according to your liking.

This way, you can use the new trees and the old ones as well and resize them. Using this specific Mod, you can customize your forests and use different tools to give a different look to your forest.

Loading Screen Mod

If you want quicker load times in Cities Skylines 2, then the Loading Screen Mod is the right pick. This Mod improves the loading time and allows you to access your city traits early on without wasting any time.

Moreover, it also shows the loaded assets, which makes it easier for you to drag and drop the ones you require during your build.

Building Themes

The Building Themes Mod allows you to construct districts present in your city according to specific building themes. This way, you can set a theme for each district without much effort and replicate real-world building styles in Cities Skylines 2.

Moreover, this Mod allows you to style houses/buildings in a rather aesthetic manner, which may seem more pleasing to you. You can also use other themes in the workshop and mimic certain household styles.

Precision Engineering

The engineering aspect plays a significant role when building roads, powerlines, etc. All of this is made more accessible by using the Precision Engineering Mod, as this particular mod gives you control over more precise tools.

This also makes it possible for you to measure angles and distances when adding these tools with efficient precision in your city planning.

Find It

Find It Mod made it to the Best Mod list in Cities Skylines 2 as it can help you find something you are looking for quickly and efficiently. You will need to type the thing you are looking for in the box and either hit Custom or Vanilla to find all types of things.

Similarly, you can also enable the “Unlock feature,” where you can unlock all the stuff from the very beginning.

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