How To Plant Trees In Cities Skylines 2

Add some natural look to your City.

The maps in Cities Skylines 2 come with some woodland or greenery that can be altered by planting trees. Although you may need to remove some plantation, you can always add some back after your city is complete. These trees add some function and a fresh look, so let’s learn how to plant trees in your city.

How do you plant trees?

To plant trees, there is a tree planting tool in the vegetation category. This category is in the Landscaping tab, shown by a shovel icon. Select this category, and a new menu with different kinds of trees and bushes will appear.

Out of these, you can select any to place them according to your liking. You can choose one at a time and then put them in a mix-and-match manner, making a beautiful forest. Or, if you want to line the roads with one type of tree, you can use it to plant them individually in Cities Skylines 2.

When you select a tree, you’ll get the option of Multiple modes, which will allow you to alter the way you want your vegetation to be planted. This is best for first or park plantation as you don’t need specific patterns on trees.

There are two options: Brush Size and Brush Strength. Brush size determines the area you must cover with the selected vegetation. The latter, Brush Strength, determines the density at which those trees would be planted.

How to Remove Trees in Cities Skylines 2

Before ending the editing session, if you want to remove any tree from a mixed plantation, you can select the one you want to remove from the selection tab and move it over to the area where mixed trees are. The option will only remove one type of tree selected, and it can save a lot of time.

With the recent update, some items have limits added to them according to other aspects, and trees are also included in this list. If you have reached your limit, it’s best to remove trees from unwanted places before planting more.

If you plan to remove trees, clear them out individually as it considers them removed. However, if you bulldoze them, they would be removed from the map but may still be considered a tree. To avoid this, it’s better to remove them manually.

Benefits of Planting Trees

In Cities Skylines 2, Trees also have a function, and rather than being an important one, it’s more subdued. Here are some points that will help you understand how they can help:

  • Trees lined by the road can reduce noise pollution and keep the area fresh. If in large numbers, a significant difference can be observed.
  • Increase entertainment value for parks and other areas for leisure.
  • Add aesthetics to the city and make it look more appealing and fresh.
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