How To Build And Connect Sewage Outlets In Cities Skylines 2

Wastewater Management in Cities: Skyline 2.

A working sewage system is essential in Cities: Skylines 2 to dump all the waste. If you don’t do this, it will create healthcare issues for you. To help you with Water and Sewage Management, I will explain how you can build and connect sewage outlets.

How to build Sewage Outlets in Cities Skylines 2

The first step in making the sewage system is building the sewage outlet. Unlike the previous game, you don’t need a road near it, but I recommend building a road with a built-in utility network. All you have to do is pass a road nearby from where you can build the sewage outlet.

To build the sewage outlet, click the water drop icon at the bottom corner and enter the Water and Sewage menu in Cities Skylines 2. There, you’ll find the Sewage Outlet in the menu.

Sewage Outlets are the exit point for the waste material. You need to place the outlet at a place you wish to dump all the waste in. The best places to do this are the water bodies like Oceans or Rivers – especially away from the populations or the area would start stink, causing people to be unhappy.

If you’re making it on a river, the best way to place the outlets is by going down the stream with the water flow. This way, all the dumped materials quickly move along with the water flow.

How to connect Sewage Outlet in Cities Skylines 2

The road you initially built comes in handy here. From the same menu, you will use the Sewage Pipes to establish the networks. While the Sewage Outlets don’t need roads, sewage pipes can connect directly to the road. The sewer pipes in Cities Skylines 2 will run under your roads, and you can create extensions.


This might not be very pleasing, but you can continue laying out the pipelines without a road. Bring the pipelines to connect with other outlets, and then bring them back to the city so that all the waste can be disposed of through them. Whenever you connect the city to the pipelines, the Sewage system will begin working.

However, note that while connecting the outlets, two vertical pipes must appear at both nodes you are connecting. You can even delete sewage pipes by selecting the Bulldozer. However, to delete sewage pipes going through roads, you need to demolish the road.

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