How to Get Highland Sword in Chivalry 2

With tons of weapons and loads of customization options, Chivalry 2 gives the adventurer an action-packed experience. There are all sorts of weapons in the game with many specific to a certain class. This guide will explain in detail how to get the Highland Sword in Chivalry 2.

How to Get Highland Sword in Chivalry 2

The Highland Sword is not tricky to unlock but yet it is not going to be that easy. You can unlock this heavy two-handed sword through the Vanguard Devastator Class.

This sowrd is massive, probably even the biggest Greatsword in the game. The Highland Sword is the last unlockable weapon in the weapons tree for this class and you will need to level up your Vanguard to level 20 to unlock this weapon.

Highland Sword Stats

Highland Sword is a very powerful weapon, but the power does come at a cost. This sword, just like other two-handed swords is quite heavy and due to that reason, it has relatively longer windup and recovery times.

The damage stats for the Highland Sword are as follows.

Light Attacks

  • 65 damage for Slashes
  • 85 damage for Overhead Attacks
  • 40 damage for Stabs

Heavy Attacks

  • 85 damage for Slashes
  • 100 damage for Overhead Attacks
  • 60 damage for Stabs

Special Attacks

  • 60 damage for Spin Attack
  • 100 damage for Sprint Attack

Although the sword delivers massive amounts of damage, the biggest downside of this weapon is that is extremely slow, probably the slowest weapon in the game.

Tips for Using Highland Sword

Although it’s not an easy weapon to use if you do it properly, it can be very rewarding. For starters, the best attack for this weapon in the Overhead attack.

The Overhead attack is the best in terms of damage and recovery time. The spin attack is not recommended due to the slow recovery time and negligible damage delivered.

In a group fight, the jump attack is also a decent attack, and it serves two purposes. One is that it delivers great damage and the second is that it takes you out from the center of the bloodshed.

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