Chivalry 2 Best Weapons, Weapon Tier List

In Chivalry 2, each class has its own set of weapons which are allotted based on the playstyle of the...

In Chivalry 2, each class has its own set of weapons which are allotted based on the playstyle of the class. There are weapons that are unlocked from the start while their cosmetic variants will have to be unlocked by playing. In this Chivalry 2 Best Weapons guide, we will list down all the tools in your arsenal, whatever class you decide to go with.

Chivalry 2 Best Weapons For Each Class

As mentioned before, weapons are class-specific in Chivalry 2 so a Knight can’t use bows and an Archer can’t use Longswords. That being said, every class has the ability to throw weapons so you still have some range capabilities regardless of your class selection.

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Best Knight Weapons

The weapons listed below are the best weapons you can use with the Knight class in Chivalry 2.


The Messer is easily the best weapon option if you are playing as a Knight. It is the best two-handed sword in the game. It has a long-range of attack, can perform quick slashes and does a lot of damage, making it a really powerful weapon.

Two-Handed Hammer

Two-Handed Hammer is the best Mace in the game with the best balance of damage and attack rate. It has the highest raw damage out of all the close-range weapons in Chivalry 2. And due to its large hitbox, it’s very easy to land skull-shots with this weapon.

War Axe

After the Messer, the War Axe is the best one-handed weapon for the Knight class. Not only does it have an insane damage output, it also allows the player to dual-wield it with a shield, which gives you the freedom to play with an extremely aggressive playstyle.

Best Vanguard Weapons

The weapons listed below are the best weapons you can use with the Vanguard class in Chivalry 2.


The Greatsword is, without a doubt, the best Vanguard weapon. This two-handed weapon deals insane damage; no matter what part of the weapon is used to strike the enemy.

Due to its sharp build, you can one-shot enemies with low armor, and you don’t even need to land the attack with a specific part of the sword.


The Messer is just so much better than most of the other weapons in the game, that it should be used with every class its compatible with. If you’re playing as a Vanguard, you’re in luck as you’ll be able to use the Messer with the Devastator sub-class. This weapon has crazy damage, good range and fast animation speeds.

Two-Handed Hammer

The Two-Handed Hammer also works really well with the Vanguard class. Since it has the highest close-range damage output in the game, you can kill enemies in one-shot if you land a hit on their skulls.

Due to its sheer power, the Two-Handed Hammer is one of the best weapons you can use with the Vanguard class.

Best Footman Weapons

The weapons listed below are the best weapons you can use with the Footman class in Chivalry 2.

One-Handed Spear

The Spear has the longest range out of all of the weapons in Chivalry 2. It’s thrusting attacks also deal bonus damage, so it’s undisputedly the best mid-range weapon in the game.

To use this weapon to its fullest potential, you need to stay behind your Knights and Vanguards and thrust away at enemies safely.


Halberd has a long-range of attack which makes it ideal for stabbing strikes. If you find yourself surrounded, switch to slashing. This weapon is a great and versatile option during fights.


The Glaive has great damage, range and attacks. Not only can you use it to perform thrust attacks, it can also be swung side to side. If you hit an enemy with the Glaive at its full range, you’ll deal very high damage.

The only downside to the Glaive is that you need to hit enemies with the sharpened part of the weapon to deal the most damage. If you hit the enemy with the bottom part or the hilt of the Glaive, the damage will be reduced.

Best Archer Weapons

The weapons listed below are the best weapons you can use with the Archer class in Chivalry 2.


The crossbow is the best-ranged weapon and it can pierce through heavy armors easily as well. It can kill enemies in less hits than most of the melee weapons which makes it one of the best options for the Archer class.


The damage from the Longbow is nothing too impressive, so you might be confused as to why it’s on this list. The reason the Longbow is one of the best weapons for the Archer class is because it allows the user to nock arrows while moving.

With other bows, you need to stand still to nock your arrows, which leaves you completely open to attacks. This one benefit of the Longbow makes it superior to most of the long-range weapons in the game.


The Javelin can be used in both melee and ranged combat, so it provides a unique benefit over other weapons of the Archer class.

If you throw the Javelin and hit an enemy, it deals amazing damage. The only downside to the Javelin is that you can throw five before needed to restock. However, you can hold a shield in your off-hand while using the Javelin, so restocking will not be that big of an issue.

Weapons Tier List

We will divide our tier list into 5 tiers, ranging from S to D, S being the best weapons and D being the worst options, when compared to the others.

Not all of these weapons are available to be used with every class in Chivalry 2 as each playable class and subclass has its own limitations and set of weapons.

S Tier – Messer, Longsword, One-Handed Sword

A Tier – Two-Handed Spear, One-Handed Spear, Dane Axe, Halberd, Highland Sword, Greatsword, Falchion, Battle Axe, Polehammer

B Tier – One-Handed Axe, Warhammer, Morning Star, One-Handed Mace, Short Sword

C Tier – Glaive, War Club, Sledge Hammer

D Tier – Rapier, Hatchet, Cudgel, Shovel, Maul

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