Chivalry 2 Vanguard Tips

This guide will cover everything about the Vanguard Class in Chivalry 2, its subclasses, best weapons and some essential tips on playing the class.

The Vanguard serves as the frontline combatant in any battleground and is no different in Chivarly 2. Picking the Vanguard class in Chivalry 2 means you are ready for up close and brutal melee combat and leading your team to victory. Your defeat could very well mean a loss for your team which is why we prepared these Chivalry 2 Vanguard Tips to show you the ropes.

Chivalry 2 Vanguard Tips

The Vanguard Class in Chivalry 2 is mainly made for players who love fast combat. With this class, you have a max health of 130, speed of 120 and 100 stamina. The Vanguard class in Chivalry 2 has three main subclasses. These are Raider, Ambusher, and Devastator.

With these stats, it’s pretty easy for you to dodge and deal quick retaliatory slashes. Vanguard is considered the most powerful class, yet the difficult most too. Only skilled players can manage to take benefit of this class because even its ability – Leaping Strike, can be difficult to master.

To help you out with using the Vanguard class to its highest potential, we’ve prepared this guide where we’ve listed down the most important Vanguard Tips you need to know in Chivalry 2.

Forget Chivalry

Chivalry, in literal terms, is in fact a code of honor for Knights. Since you are a Vanguard and not a Knight, you don’t need to follow these morals and codes. So focus your attacks on enemies by attacking from the side and behind. Vanguard is the most damaging class, so make sure you fulfill that duty of yours however possible.

Stay Close

Since most of the weapons for the Vanguard class are optimal for close range, you should try to remain as close to the enemies as suitable with the weapon. However, do remember that some weapons including axes and hammers deal minimum damage from close range due to their wooden handle.

Use This Weapon Combination with the Raider

The Raider subclass is specifically to be used by the players who know the best weapons for different classes. This is because the Raider subclass gives you the ease of carrying two primary weapons. You will have an easier time fighting the right opponent with the right weapon.

The best weapon combination to use with the Raider sub-class is the Messer and Two-Handed Hammer combination. The Messer will be your primary weapon while the Two-Handed Hammer will be reserved for specific encounters.

The Messer is a jack-of-all-trades weapon. It performs well in practically every situation you can think of. But in this setup, you’ll be using the Messer mostly for 1vX fights where you’re fighting several enemies at once.

The Messer performs best against Archers and other Vanguards, so make sure to only use your Messer when fighting these classes.

And when you’re up against a Knight or Footmen in a 1v1 encounter, pull out your Two-Handed Hammer and smash away. You’ll be able to kill the enemy within two or three hits.

Get Rid of Archers with the Devastator

The Devastator subclass gives you the unique strength of handling a heavy two-handed weapon without affecting your movement speed. A Battleaxe proves an optimal choice as it allows the killing of enemies over a larger radius. You can also use the Maul to one-shot most of the enemies.

Besides, you also get to have an Oil Pot that you can throw and ignite to spread fire damage all around.

There will always be some archers squirreling away somewhere in the enemy’s team. They will keep attacking the highly concentrated side of the battle. The best way to deal with them is to sneak up to them and take them by surprise.

If your goal is to take care of the enemy archers during battle, the Devastator sub-class is the one you should go with as it has the highest movement speed. This will allow you to quickly flank the archers and kill them before they can even react.

Do note that with the Devastator sub-class, you can only have a knife as your secondary weapon and your health is significantly lesser than other subclasses too. But if you play with a proper game plan and flank the enemies successfully, you can spread proper devastation using this class.

Attack from Behind with the Ambusher

The Ambusher sub-class is a little inspired by the Raider class. You get to carry two sets of secondary weapons and 35% extra damage bonus for attacking opponents from behind!

This makes it a little tricky for the players to select proper weapons. But, if you manage to attain the right mix of primary and secondary weapons, you can deal good damage even while maintaining a distance.

If you’re using the Ambusher sub-class, you should always be trying to attack enemies from behind. If you manage to successfully attack an enemy from the back, you’ll gain a +35% increase in your damage, which will allow you to one-shot enemies if you have powerful weapons.

Disperse Hordes of Enemies Using the Oil Pot

You have at least one amazing ability related to each subclass in the form of an item. The best class ability among the three sub-classes is the Oil Pot of the Devastator subclass.

The Devastator can throw an Oil Pot which acts as a small bomb, setting fire to enemies within a medium radius.

Due to the small range of weapons that you have with the Vanguard classes, handling hordes of enemies can be a very overwhelming task. This is where your Oil Pot comes in.

Whenever you see a large group of enemies, throw an Oil Pot at them to disperse the group. You can then deal with the enemies one at a time as they’re running away from each other.

Vanguard Best Weapons

Now that you’re up to speed with the most important tips about the Vanguard class, it’s time to take a look at the best weapons for it.

Since the Vanguard class is all about speed, stamina and agility; it is best to go for such weapons that deal a good chunk of damage even with lighter hits.

For this, the following weapons could prove to be the best for Vanguard Class:

Glaive – War Scythe

Glaive proves to be a great weapon for Vanguard class since it not only deals heavy damage but also lets you keep a significant distance from the foes. Though Glaive deals relatively lesser damage than other Vanguard weapons, it is best for distant hits and hit-and-run scenarios.

You have to understand the physique of this weapon in order to effectively use it. As 80% of its part is a wooden handle, it deals low damage if you strike through that part. Thus, you’ll need to focus your attacks via the front 20% sharp metallic edge part that will actually deal some proper damage.

Executioner’s Axe

You have a great variety of Axes available, Executioner’s Axe, Beheader Axe and Bowed Axe being on top of them all. Executioner’s Axe synchronizes with Vanguard’s abilities very perfectly, specifically with the Vanguard’s long jump.

The only shortcoming to this weapon is that you’ll need to focus the attacks through the tip of the axe. You’ll also need to learn the suitable distance required for this axe. This is because neither can you hit from a long range, nor can you be too close and expect the sharp part of the weapon to be hitting the enemy.

Maul – Maulnir

You can use the Maul, Maulnir, or Spiked Maul very efficiently using the Vanguard class. The best thing about using Maul is that you can rely on it even while maintaining a little distance from the enemies.

Though its close-range hits are not as destructive, its long-range attacks can actually deliver great damages especially when you take more time to swing it.

The best thing about using Maul with Vanguard class is that it perfectly syncs with the Leaping Attack ability of Vanguard. It even has the ability to crush enemy’s head and the giant face of the hammer grants better accuracy to your strikes.

Two-Handed Hammer – Nadzjak

Nadzjak or the Two-Handed Hammer is considered one of the most deadly Vanguard weapons. This weapon is so powerful it can one-shot a lot of enemies and archers.

The only weak aspect of the two-handed hammer is its long hilt. It is made of wooden material with leather strips over it. The hilt is too light and delivers minimum damage. Hence, you must always try to hit enemies with the hammerhead.

The Greatsword

The Greatsword is undisputedly the best Vanguard weapon. It is a two-handed weapon that excels at getting to the enemy backline. The best thing about the Greatsword is that, unlike other weapons, it deals significant damage no matter which part of the sword is used.

It is equally sharp from top to bottom and a single slashing strike can one-shot a lot of enemies. You can use it to thrust, slash, or overhead the enemies just as all other weapons but only with increased damage.

The only downside of the Greatsword is that it deals a little lesser damage to the armored enemies.