Cemetery Shade Locations In Elden Ring

There are three different locations where you can find Cemetery Shade boss in Elden Ring. All of these are catacombs.

The Cemetery Shade is one of the many bosses you will come across in Elden Ring. This mystical creature is a teleporting black shadow with an orb at its center. This creature spawns in three locations (catacombs) in the Lands Between. In all of these locations, the Boss is locked behind a door, and you must unlock that door before you can proceed. Each location gives you a different reward for slaying the Cemetery Shade; Lhutel the Headless, Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes, and Kindred of Rot Ashes.

In this guide, we will briefly discuss the Cemetery Shade, where you can find him, and what to expect when facing him.

Cemetery Shade Location in Tombsward Catacombs

A Cemetery Shade boss can be found in the Tombsward Catacombs. These catacombs can be found northwest of the Erdtree. The entrance of this area is a bit hidden. It can be seen as the opening in the wall. It is hidden behind a fallen gateway pillar. If you successfully locate the Tobsward Catacombs Site of Grace, you can find this entrance close by.

Reaching this boss also requires a bit of work. When you go down the catacombs, you will find that the door directly in front of you will be locked. This door will need to be unlocked to reach the Boss arena. Go to the tunnel to your right. Follow this tunnel along, and you will come to a place where a fire-breathing statue will be found.

Time your movement accordingly so you don’t get burned. Go to this statue and strike it with any weapon of your choice. This statue will function as an elevator. Use it to go to the upper level. Take a right first, and then take a left. The last tunnel that comes on your right will have a lever. Activate this lever to unlock the door. You can either backtrack your way or return to the Site of Grace.

From there, enter the catacombs again and go down the door, where you can find the Boss Arena. Defeating him will give you the Lhutel the Headless. His spirit can be called upon in battle using this item.

Cemetery Shade Location in Caelid Catacombs

Reaching this boss is fairly easy. You can reach the Caelid Catacombs by traveling southeast from the Cathedral of Dragon Communion.

caelid catacombs cemetery shade location

Once in the catacombs, go straight and hank a right. Next, follow through and take a right down the stairs. Some flowers will give you a hard time, especially with Scarlet Rot, so make sure you’re well-stocked with the needed supplies. Follow the tunnel, and you will be in a room with a structure in between.

Go around the tunnel to see another room. The wall opposite the entrance of this room is an illusion. Strike it with your weapon or roll over it to reveal the lever. Interact with the lever and go inside the room. The door will be unlocked, and you can proceed to the Boss. Defeating him will get you the Kindred of Rot Ashes.

Cemetery Shade Location in the Black Knife Catacombs

The Black knife catacombs can be a bit difficult to find. Use the given map as a reference. These catacombs can be found northeast of the Ruined Labyrinth. Fast travel to this site of Grace, and from there, travel east to the canyon-type area. Follow this area to the end, where you can find a headless knight guarding the entrance of these catacombs. Defeat him to gain access to the catacombs.

Upon entering the catacombs, you will come across the Black Knife Catacombs site of grace. Take a left down the stairs. Take another left the locked gate. At the end of the tunnel, take a right towards the booby trap. Keep a shield on, as there will be two skeleton archers here.

Pass the first two slicers.  When the third one falls into its place in the ground, stand on top of it so you can be lifted. Leap the gallery on your left from when you came in. Go straight, and you will find a drop on your right. Go down, and you will find the lever to unlock the door. Interact with the lever and turn around.

You will find another lever near the jail door to unlock it. Get out, go to the end of the room, and climb up the stairs. Take a right, and you will be in the trap room again. Pass this room and take a left. Go straight, and the arena should be on your left. Defeating this boss will give you the Twinsage Sorcerer Ashes.

How to Defeat the Cemetery Shade Boss in Elden Ring

The Cemetery shade is a quick enemy. Although his movement speed may be slow, his attack speed is insanely fast, and he can teleport. Be on your feet and keep a shield on at all times. Summoning spirits to aid you can also help a great deal.

Watch out for his special move, as he will throw a net to stun you and then eat your head off. This move won’t necessarily kill you, but it can severely wound you. His attacks are also mid-ranged, so distance yourself accordingly.

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