Best Weapons In Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Hose down everything in your way using these weapons!

The Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War introduces you to a new world full of adventures and horrors. With every passing round, you will need to equip better weapons that can provide a multitude of benefits, including higher DPS, increased mobility, and faster fire rate.

This guide covers the best weapons in COD Cold War Zombies from various weapon categories in the game.


The MG-82 is specifically designed for sustained fights from a distance and has the highest rate of fire among all LMGs. It also has 100 rounds per magazine, which is again the largest ammo capacity in the category.

Although MG-82’s damage per shot is not that high, it is compensated by a higher fire rate. With a decent aiming speed, moderate recoil, and stable handling, this weapon is a perfect long-range beast to keep in your arsenal.


When we talk about SMGs, the MP5 boasts one of the best damage per second in Cold War Zombies. It deals consistent damage in mid to close-range fights while allowing great mobility.

With a handy control and decent fire rate, this weapon is ideal in close combat for new players and old nerds alike.

Stoner 63

The Stoner may not fire as fast as MG-82, but it has an excellent damage profile with above-average mobility, making it a viable choice for distant combat. Its substantial ammo capacity and reasonable fire rate are also a cherry on top.

If the base stats of Stoner 63 do not appeal to you that much, you can always use suitable attachments to increase this weapon’s monstrosity.


Shotguns are a treat for up-close encounters, and Gallo makes up the perfect choice for having the highest rate of fire in this category. What makes this weapon so practical is the very nature of shotguns themselves.

Firing a fury of pallets instead of one bullet allows players to do hipfire without worrying about a penalty. The damage power of Gallo is enough to transform anything in your way into ash.


Mac-10 can shoot over a thousand rounds per minute, making it a weapon with the highest fire rate in Cold War Zombies.

With a DPS close to 300k and mobility second to none, this Submachine Gun can help you cope with any situation in the game.


Make sure to put on Fast Mags for all of your weapons with higher firing rates including Mac-10, as they’ll eat trough your ammo insanely fast. 


A rather realistic SMG, OTS-9 boasts great damage per second along with above-average ammo capacity. What makes this weapon even more useful is its mobility, which allows you to cut through hordes of zombies while moving with a reliable pace to whatever direction you deem suitable.

The only thing missing is that we can’t dual-wield OTS-9 like we could do back in Black Ops 1.


If you are looking for the best DLC weapon in COD Cold War Zombies, your search should stop at AMP63. This pistol has a hefty fire rate (with obvious mobility) and does extremely well in close zombie encounters.

As far as damage is concerned, it is pretty good whether you look at headshots or body shots from this weapon.


Magnum is one of the unique-looking, high-recoil pistols that you can get in the game. It has an incredible Stopping Power, allowing you to take headshots of zombies and do instant kills while enjoying the explosive bursts of their heads.

While using Magnum, make sure to control its recoil and take accurate shots. The bullet velocity and damage power will do all the remaining work for you.

M79 Launcher

The M79 Launcher used to be a nightmare for players in the early days of Cold War Zombies, as it did more damage to them instead of the enemies. However, with the introduction of PhD perk, you can now safely use this monstrosity of a weapon.

The M79 Launcher is one of those weapons that don’t need Pack-A-Punch or other things to work better. It is quite efficient in its base form, especially in terms of damage. When you see a seemingly uncontrollable horde of zombies, try this launcher and it won’t disappoint you in any way.


While MG-82 is nice because of its higher fire rate, M60 surpasses it (and all other LMGs) in terms of raw damage power. It is so powerful that you will easily walk past round 10 without upgrading your weapon. And if you do upgrade it, even the tougher game levels will feel like a breeze.

If you feel like M60 is dropping your mobility, which is common in LMGs, you can overcome this weakness by getting the Stamin-Up Perk in Cold War Zombies.

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