Batman: Arkham Origins Anarky Boss Fight Guide

He and his anarchists need to be put behind bars.

Anarky is one of the easiest boss fights to encounter in Batman: Arkham Origins. The only things you have to worry about are his henchmen and his love for explosives.

Anarky carries a disdain for governments and corporations which he believes are rotten. While he may be right in pointing out the corruption of Gotham City, destroying public property and spreading anarchy is not the way to deliver justice.

It would be best if you took Anarky down to end his terrorist activities. Gotham City will not tolerate anarchists on the loose. That includes wiping out his Anarky Tags.

How to find Anarky in Batman: Arkham Origins

Anarky is not part of the main storyline. The only way to confront him is to finish his optional Most Wanted mission which requires you to find and disarm three bombs. You, however, will need to defeat Deathstroke beforehand to unlock the side mission.

After completing his side mission, you will discover that Anarky uses an Abandoned Courthouse in the Park Row district as his hideout. Follow the waypoint on your updated map and enter the courthouse from the back to start the boss fight.

How to beat Anarky in Batman: Arkham Origins

The boss fight will start as soon as you enter the courthouse. Anarky will give one of his usual speeches before ordering his henchmen to take you down. This is a three-phase fight where you will only confront Anarky directly in the final phase.

Phase 1

Your opponents during the first phase are going to be weak. Beat them to a pulp with your combos while making sure to not lose your health points, especially if you are playing Arkham Origins on hard difficulty.

This is because you have two more phases to survive which include more challenging enemies as well as Anarky himself. Since you will not be able to regenerate your health, you will need all the health points possible to last the entire boss fight.

Phase 2

The second phase of the boss fight will require you to rely on your dodge and counterattacks. This is because your opponents here will be carrying knives which do a lot more damage than baseball bats. If you get caught between two knife-wielding enemies in hard difficulty, you are likely to lose half of your health bar.

Watch out for the explosives.

Something else that you will need to watch out for is the Molotovs. Anarky will be throwing explosive charges at you from the sidelines during the second phase. We strongly advise you to keep moving to make it easier to dodge his explosives.

Keep on rotating and look for the red indicator on your HUD as it displays the Molotov coming right at you. It is also essential for you to perform a blade dodge on the enemies carrying a knife. Press Y and move the left stick whenever a yellow dodge indicator glows on the enemy’s head.

Use your gadgets such as explosive gels to knock out the enemies and have the upper hand on them.

Phase 3

The third phase will commence after Anarky drops down on the battlefield. Do note that Anarky will be carrying a stun gun which Batman cannot counter. It is recommended to keep a safe distance from Anarky and take out his goons instead of trying to corner him.

Anarky is one of the few bosses of Batman: Arkham Origins who cannot block your attacks. This is what makes him an easy encounter. Beat him to a pulp by stunning him with your cape or attacking from the back after jumping over him.

Do note that you do not need to completely drain Anark’s health bar to win. Beat all of his henchmen in the final phase will also finish the boss fight.

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