Batman: Arkham Origins Gadgets Guide – How To Use

The Dark Knight may not have super-powers, but he’s got the will and physical prowess that makes even the most intimidating villains intimidated.

He’s practically a genius, and with all the money and technology pouring in through Wayne Enterprise, he can afford to utilize the most state-of-the-art gadgets to fight the criminals that have infested Gotham.

Batman: Arkham Origins Gadgets

Batman: Arkham Origin returns most of the gadgets from the previous games, along with a few new additions that will serve well against Black Mask and his hired assassins. Let’s have a look at the gadgets you’ll possess:

The classic projectiles used by Batman are bat-shaped shurikens that the Dark Knight can throw with literally stunning accuracy. You can stun enemies with them for a short period of time, making them vulnerable to take-downs

On their own, they don’t do much damage, but it is still possible to take down single targets with a flurry of batarangs.

Remote Controlled Batarang
The Remote Controlled Batarang makes a return once again, and like previously it is mainly used for solving puzzles. The RC batarang has controls like an aircraft, with an inverted Y-axis, ideal for us flight simulators.

Glue Grenades
Glue Grenades are small grenades that stick to enemies immobilize them for a short while. They can also be used to seal vents and to create foam rafts on waterways.

The Disruptor is a super-handy electronic tool that can disable scramblers, allowing you to use your Cryptographic Sequencer and Detective Vision.

It also serves the more important purpose of disabling single-target enemy firearms for a few seconds, which is a valuable little feature of the device. After an upgrade, the Disruptor can be used to disable intercom systems in Predator encounters.

Bat Claw
The Bat Claw is a grappling tool that allows Batman to climb to various Vantage points.

In the vast open world of Arkham Origins, you’ll likely be using the Bat Claw more than any other tool. Batman can also use it during combat to pull enemies towards himself or to slam them into hard objects.

Just remember to avoid it against those using stun rods. Additionally, the strong Batclaw can be used to tear off vents located in otherwise unreachable places.

Remote Grapple
The Remote Grapple allows Batman to create cable threads between valid targets.

You can cross large spans thanks to the RG tool, use it as a zip-line, and also create ambushes. You can also pull two enemies together and knock them out, or pull extinguishers and enemies together to do some pretty hurtful looking damage.

Upgrade the Grapple, and you’ll be able to execute Take-downs with it as well.

Cryptographic Scanner
The Cryptographic Scanner is a handy tool that allows Batman to open most unlocked doors with electronic security. The scanner can also disarm some bombs.

Additionally, it also allows Batman to scan local airwaves and decrypt communication signals for side missions and additional information.

Gas Pellets
Gas Pellets explode in a cloud of smoke to disrupt the sight of your enemies, giving you the advantage to take them out through Detective Mode. It is also an excellent defensive and stealth tool that allows Batman to evade gunfire when he is spotted.

Batman’s Cape isn’t just for show like Superman’s. It itself is a vital tool that allows the Dark Knight to glide across Gotham. What’s really cool is that Batman can’t die from falls, because his cape allows him to break the fall near the ground, resulting in a safe landing.

The cape also has a vital role to play in combat, allowing Batman to stun enemies and initiate devastating combos against them.

Detective Vision
Detective Vision is what you’ll be using to find secret objects that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. It also allows the Batman to reconstruct crime scenes and solve them, giving him his iconic Detective abilities.

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