Batman: Arkham Origins Gadgets Guide

Check out what you carry in your utility belt.

Almost all of the weapons and gadgets from the previous games in the franchise return with Batman: Arkham Origins. That as well as a few new additions to help you service justice to the streets of Gotham City.

You will need all the tools at your disposal to take down Black Mask and his list of hired assassins.

Default gadgets in Batman: Arkham Origins

Most of the gadgets from earlier games are available from the get-go in Batman: Arkham Origins but the game introduces a few new ones that will be unlocked as you progress through the story and different challenges in the game.


Quickfire: LT or L2 or 1(double tap)
Upgrades: Increased Batarang Stun Time, Increase Batarang Damage, Double Batarang, Triple Batarang  

The classic projectiles used by Batman are bat-shaped shuriken that the Dark Knight can throw with stunning accuracy. You can stun enemies with them for a short period of time, making them vulnerable to take-downs

On their own, they don’t do much damage, but it is still possible to take down single targets with a flurry of Batarangs.


Quickfire: LT + Y or L2 + Triangle or 2
Upgrades: Batclaw Disarm

The Batclaw is a grappling tool that allows Batman to climb to various vantage points. In the vast open world of Arkham Origins, you’ll likely be using the Batclaw more than any other tool. Batman can also use it during combat to pull enemies towards himself or to slam them into hard objects.

Just remember to avoid it against those using stun rods. Additionally, the strong Batclaw can be used to tear off vents located in otherwise unreachable places.


Quickfire: B or Circle or Q

The caped Crusader will not be nearly as intimidating without his cape but that is not its only purpose. Batman’s cape is designed to allow Batman to glide and serves to mitigate any fall damage that might occur otherwise.

The cape also has a vital role to play in combat, allowing Batman to stun enemies and initiate devastating combos against them.

Cryptographic Scanner

Quickfire: N/A
Upgrades: Cryptographic Power Amplifier, Cryptographic Range Amplifier

The Cryptographic Scanner is a handy tool that allows Batman to open most unlocked doors with electronic security. The scanner can also disarm some bombs.

It also allows Batman to scan local airwaves and decrypt communication signals for side missions and additional information.

Detective Vision

Quickfire: N/A

Detective Vision is what you’ll be using to find secret objects that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. It also allows Batman to reconstruct crime scenes and solve them, giving him his iconic Detective abilities.

Remote Controlled Batarang

Quickfire: N/A
Upgrades: Reverse Batarang

The Remote Controlled Batarang makes a return once again, and like previous entries, it is mainly used for solving puzzles. The RC Batarang has controls like an aircraft, with an inverted Y-axis, ideal for us flight simulators.

Smoke Pellets

Quickfire: Y or Triangle or 6 (double tap)
Upgrades: Increased Smoke Duration, Increased Smoke Volume 

Smoke Pellets explode in a cloud of smoke to disrupt the sight of your enemies, giving you the advantage to take them out through Detective Mode. It is also an excellent defensive and stealth tool that allows Batman to evade gunfire when he is spotted.

Unlockable gadgets in Batman: Arkham Origins

Although the game starts Batman off with the essential gadgets he will need, Batman will continue to acquire more gadgets as the need arises. Some of these unlockable items will be automatically obtained through main or side quests, for others, players will have to hustle a bit more.

Introducing the “Dark Knight System”. The Dark Knight system is a sub-section of the WayneTech Menu and contains optional challenges. Completing these challenges will award players additional XP and gadget upgrades.

Concussion Detonator

How to get: Solve the mystery case at Lacey Towers.
Quickfire: LT (hold) + B or LT (hold) + circle or” – “(double tap)
Upgrades: Concussion Detonator Blast Radius

The Concussion Detonator allows Batman to throw a non-lethal explosive that attaches to an enemy and stuns or disorients enemies upon detonation.


How to get: GCPD’s Evidence Locker area on an office desk
Quickfire: n/a
Upgrades: Disruption PA System Algorithm, Mine Disruptor, Increased Disruptor Capacity, Disable Weapon Box

The Disruptor is a super-handy electronic tool that can disable scramblers, allowing you to use your Cryptographic Sequencer and Detective Vision.

It also serves the more important purpose of disabling single-target enemy firearms for a few seconds, which is a valuable little feature of the device. After an upgrade, the Disruptor can be used to disable intercom systems in Predator encounters.

Glue Grenades

How to get: Defeat Bane at Royal Hotel
Quickfire: RT (double tap) or R2 (double tap) or 5 (double tap)
Upgrades: Glue Grenade Proximity Trigger, Increased Adhesive Resistance

Glue Grenades are small grenades that stick to enemies and immobilize them briefly. They can also be used to seal vents and to create foam rafts on waterways.

Glue Cluster Grenade

How to get: Unlocked after purchasing Glue Grenade Proximity upgrade. 
Quickfire: N/A
Upgrades: Glue Cluster Proximity Sensor 

Use it against large groups of enemies to stick them with a single grenade. It is an excellent gadget to open a fight with. Stick 3-4 enemies and beat down the others.

Remote Claw

How to get: Defeat Deathstroke
Quickfire: N/A
Upgrades: Remote Claw Heavy Reel Ammo, Remote Claw Heavy Reel Ammo Capacity

The Remote Claw allows Batman to create cable threads between valid targets. You can cross large spans thanks to the RC tool, use it as a zip-line, and also create ambushes.

You can also pull two enemies together and knock them out, or pull extinguishers and enemies together to do some pretty hurtful-looking damage.

Shock Gloves

How to get: Defeat Electrocutioner in Royal Hotel.
Quickfire: N/A
Upgrades: Shock Glove Battery Efficiency, Shock Glove Enhanced Charge, Shock Glove Stun Baton Counter, Shock Glove Shield Encounter

The signature weapon of the Electrocutioner, later acquired by Batman, is a pair of electrified gauntlets that can stun enemies and deal heavy damage to an opponent’s shield and armor.

Sonic Batarang

How to get: Reach Worst Nightmare Rank 3 in the Dark Knight System
Quickfire: N/A
Upgrades: Sonic Shock Batarang

A batarang that emits soundwaves that can distract enemies or lure them into a perfect spot for a takedown. Sonic Batarangs can be used to disable an enemy’s heart monitor as well, thus facilitating in stealth gameplay.

Reverse Batarang 

How to get: Reward for completing the Mad Hatter Most Wanted side quest.
Quickfire: N/A
Upgrades: N/A

An upgraded version of remote-controlled batarang that can lock onto an enemy, travel behind them, and then strike from behind. This can stun an enemy, creating an opportunity for a takedown.

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