Batman: Arkham Origins Deathstroke Boss Fight Guide

The most cinematic boss fight ever in the Arkham franchise.

Deathstroke is the second boss that you encounter in the main storyline of Batman: Arkham Origins. He is also a much more demanding boss compared to Killer Croc. You must have a fairly good understanding of how to use counterattacks, dodge, and evade. If not, you will likely fall to Slade Wilson at the start of the boss fight.

You will find Deathstroke while tracking down Penguin to his ship, the Final Offer. This will be at the end of the mission where you need to access Penguin’s office. Return from the Boiler Deck and you will find Slade blocking your path.

How to beat Deathstroke in Batman: Arkham Origins

The Deathstroke boss fight is split into three different phases. Each phase differs only slightly from the previous one, except Slade Wilson becomes more and more powerful.

However, despite that, our overall strategy remains the same. If you focus too much on defense, you won’t be able to get too much damage in. If you spam offense, on the other hand, you will be struck down immediately.

Moreover, since there isn’t really a cheat to beat Deathstroke, you will really have to put some effort into mastering the strategy.

Therefore, the best way to beat DS in Arkham Origins would be to follow a counterattack strategy. We will break this down into stages.


Phase 1

Deathstroke is the slowest in the first phase, so you will have an easier time countering his attacks. However, make sure that when you counter his attack, do not try to push in more than 3 or 4 attacks at a time or you yourself will be countered.

If that is the case, you will have to counter again and that will be much harder.

A general tip to beating DS we recommend would be to use your quickdraw Batclaw more often (L2, Triangle). He can easily be caught off guard with his move, and you can also put in a few attacks after that.

If you keep out of melee distance and use this strategy, you will be able to beat Deathstroke without taking any damage. This is also how you unlock the Point Counter-Point achievement.

You can even use your Batarang to cause DS to evade and grab him with your Batclaw when he is vulnerable.

This tip goes for all three phases and would suffice to beat Deathstroke in Batman: Arkham Origins.

Moreover, try not to use Cape Stun on him, as they are ineffective on Deathstroke.

Phase 2

After some of Deathstroke’s HP has been shredded, he uses a smoke bomb that stuns you. As you get your vision back you see Deathstroke leap towards you with his staff.

DS then starts a flurry of attacks. At this point, mash Triangle as fast as possible to counter his attacks and after a while you will start your own flurry, and knock DS’s mask off.

The second phase of the fight starts at this point. Deathstroke becomes much faster now and his attacks are harder to counter. Remember that when countering, try not to use the counter too early or hit the button more than once or it will break.

Despite all of that, the general strategy remains the same – only it’s much harder to follow it given DS’s swiftness.

We recommend that you play safe till this point of the fight and try to come out unscathed as the phase after this is much more dangerous.

Phase 3

After shredding a considerable amount of DS’s HP, he uses the flash grenade and leaps at you again. The counter-and-attack flurry principle remains the same, except this time Batsy takes Salde’s Staff and causes him to pull out his Sword.

This is the real deal, as the sword deals a TON of damage and is crazy fast – very hard to counter for first-timers. Yet again, the general strategy and tips remain the same to defeat DS.

You could also try jumping over him to evade his attacks.

One more thing that Deathstroke can do in this phase is to use his remote grapple on you and attach it to one of the explosive barrels at the side of the arena.

As the explosive barrel is coming at you, there is a point where the counter prompt shows up. If you time the counter correctly, Batman will grab the barrel and throw it at Slade, which takes off a bit of his HP.

The last few parts of the fight against Deathstroke will basically be a few Quicktime Events. Continue with your general strategy and you will, slowly but surely, defeat Deathstroke in Batman: Arkham Origins.

When Deathstroke is beaten, you get the One Eye Open secret achievement.

New Game Plus fight tips

The Deathstroke boss fight becomes fairly frustrating in NG+ because you will not see any counter icons. That means you must counter his attacks based on muscle memory.

There is also another trick to make perfect counters during the fight. Press your counterattack button when Deathstroke’s actions become slightly slower than usual. This is a small timeframe in which you can safely do a counter.

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