Batman: Arkham Knight A Matter Of Family Collectibles Guide

Uncovering the secrets of the Seagate Amusement Park.

Batgirl: A Matter of Family is one of the few DLC episodes from Batman: Arkham Knight that adds many more collectibles for achievement hunters.

It is a prequel story that takes place before the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Barbara Gordon (you) team up with Robin to save her father Commissioner Gordon who is being held hostage by the Joker somewhere in the Seagate Amusement Park.


Owning “A Matter of Family” unlocks Batgirl for all challenge maps in Batman: Arkham Knight. She has her own set of gadgets and moves that bring some change to the usual bone-crushing attacks of the Dark Knight.

There are three different types of collectibles scattered throughout the park. There is also a fourth, secret collectible that requires you to solve some mini-puzzles. We will help you get all four types in your efforts to achieve a 100-percent completion playthrough of Batman: Arkham Knight. This is not going to be easy though.


Destroying all the Balloons, Joker’s Teeth, and Jack-in-the-Boxes unlocks the A Blade of Memory achievement.

Joker’s Balloons

Similar to the Joker Balloons in Batman: Arkham City, you have to pop these collectibles in Batman: Arkham Knight by either using your Batarang or gliding into them. There are a total of 10 balloons for you to find across the park. Some of them will be tied to a point high above, so do not just keep searching on the ground.

Balloon #1
Make your way to the southern end of the oil rig in the center of the map. You will find the balloon tied to a pipe while facing the Ferris Wheel.

Balloon #2
Head south from where you found the first balloon collectible in A Matter of Family. You will come across a water tower. The second balloon is on top of it.

Balloon #3
Now head south once again to find more balloons tied to an air-conditioner unit.

Balloon #4
Yet another one of Joker’s Balloon collectibles that you can find easily in Batman: Arkham Knight. Head to the southwestern corner of the map. The balloon will be tied to an antenna on top of the big top. Use your Batarang to pop it and move on to the next one.

Balloon #5
Head north from the big top to come across the “bomb” ride. The balloons will be tied to a pillar on top of the ride. You cannot miss it.

Did You Know

The huge balloon hovering above the Oil Rig with a Joker face on it has a striking reference to the 1989 Batman film which had a similar balloon but filled with the infamous Joker Toxin gas.

Balloon #6
Head to the location marked on the map to come across large pipes. You need to climb the platform nearby to be able to see the balloons tied on top of the pipes near the High Striker mini-game.

Balloon #7
Climb on top of the merry-go-round ride in the northern area of the map to spot the Joker Balloon tied to the flags of the ticket booth.

Balloon #8
Make your way south of the merry-go-round ride to find more balloons tied to a spire that leads to the platform on the oil rig.

Balloon #9
Head to the eastern corner of the map where the Great White Shark ride is parked. The balloon will be tied to the rollercoaster ride facing the tail of the shark. Pop it to tick off another collectible in the Matter of Family DLC.

Balloon #10
On the southern side of the Ghost Ship ride in the far eastern corner of the map, you can spot the final Joker Balloon for A Matter of Family. It will be tied to a busted pop-corn stand below the anchor chain for the ship.

Joker’s Teeth

You should be quite familiar with these chattering wind-up toys. They have appeared as collectibles (part of the Riddler Challenges) in both the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City games. Use your Batarangs to destroy 15 of these annoying teeth in the park to progress your 100-percent completion run.

Teeth #1
The first Joker Teeth can be found in the small corridor below the oil rig. This corridor can be found at the beginning of the DLC in Batman: Arkham Knight just before Batgirl sets off to save the hostages.

Teeth #2
Climb on top of the platform below the water tower where you find a Joker Balloon to spot the Joker Teeth prattling in the rainwater. Use the Batarang to break the object and move on to the next one.

Teeth #3
Drop down onto the lower part of the broken bridge that leads to the Big Ferris Wheel to spot another set of teeth.

Teeth #4
Make your way towards the Midway games area west of the Big Ferris Wheel to spot the collectible. The teeth will be placed on a small shack on the corner wall.

Teeth #5
This is by far one of the easiest collectibles to find in A Matter of Family DLC. Simply climb over the Seagate Amusement Park sign that leads to the big top circus to spot the Joker Teeth blabbering on the ground.

Teeth #6
Climb on top of the tank placed east of the entrance to the Seagate Amusement Park to spot the collectible.

Teeth #7
This breakable object can be found on the floor of the Anger Fish Tunnel that leads to the northwestern area of Skycare.

Teeth #8
Enter under the Great White Shark joyride found in the northeastern corner of the map to find the Joker Teeth prattling next to the knife-throwing stage.

Teeth #9
Grapple on top of the platform to the east of the entrance where you found teeth #8 to spot this breakable object. The collectible will be prattling next to the edge that leads to the rear entrance of the Great White Shark ride.

Teeth #10
Just shy south of the Great White Shark, you can find another set of teeth in front of the shooting range as shown in the map image above.

Teeth #11
Climb on top of the Ghost Ship and make your way to the far eastern side. The teeth can be found on the floor next to the open-air bar in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Teeth #12
Head underneath the front of the Ghost Ship to find another collectible next to a locked door in A Matter of Family. Use the Batarang to break it.

Teeth #13
Climb on top of the main dock area of the Ghost Ship to spot the Joker Teeth placed behind the counter.

Teeth #14
Travel towards the south of the Ghost Ship docks, you’ll be able to spot the breakable object blabbering next to the bumper cars storage area.

Teeth #15
The last Joker Teeth for A Matter of Family can be found on the main boardwalk south of the Ghost Ship. The collectible will be placed next to the broken-down bumper cars.


There are five Jack-in-the-Boxes that you need to destroy using your Batarangs or any other gadget for that matter in Batman: Arkham Knight. You can do this in any order, and not necessarily in the order listed on the map image below.

Jack-in-the-Box #1
Head to the north of the big wheel. The first Jack-in-the-Box will be on top of a barrel between the two towers, next to a planked fence.

Jack-in-the-Box #2
The second Jack-in-the-Box collectible in the A Matter of Family DLC can be found at the top of the fiery tower in the middle of the Amusement Park.

Do note that you cannot grapple all the way up in one go. You will have to ascend in stages, so grapple to the wire first, then above the mast, and so on.

Jack-in-the-Box #3
Advance to the base of the water tower. The next box will be resting on top of the main base pillar of the water tower. You will also be able to view the big wheel in the background.

Jack-in-the-Box #4
You can find another Jack-in-the-Box next to the side entrance of the Great White shark. This is an easy collectible to get in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Jack-in-the-Box #5
The last Jack-in-the-Box is inside the bandstand, behind the drum kit. There will also be a shark model near this drum set.

Audio Tapes

The last collectibles in A Matter of Family are five audio tapes that you need to listen to uncover the “secret history” of the Amusement Park. The first four can be found by completing certain mini-games or puzzles in any order, after which you can open the locked door of the Amusement Park Office for the fifth and final tape.

The mini-games are hidden in plain sight across the park. If you head over to the offices in the center of the map (location #5), you will see a layout of the park with four red lights. Each light is a different puzzle that will turn green after it is solved.

The fifth location also shows you the locations of the first four audio tapes in the Matter of Family DLC.


Collecting all five audio tapes in the Amusement Park unlocks the All Snug in Their Beds achievement.

Audio Tape #1 – High Striker
The first audio tape can be found near a carnival game called High Striker in Batman: Arkham Knight. Around the northwest corner of the map, look for a raised circular platform. You will see a typical hammer-swinging challenge with a slight twist. The hammer in this case is extremely massive and you can not hope to swing it unless you have super-strength or drop down from a great height for that matter.

Look for a control panel on the machine the hammer is attached to and use the Remote Hacking Device to raise the hammer. You now need to dive bomb onto the pressure pad from a great enough height to complete the puzzle.

Grapple up the highest tower you can find around. The perfect candidate would be the furnace behind you. Now from atop the tower, glide toward the target while aligning yourself with the pressure pad and start divebombing. The impact should cause the hammer to strike with enough force and the recording will start playing.

Audio Tape #2 – Dynamic Duo
The next audio tape collectible in A Matter of Family is tied to a mini-game called Dynamic Duo. Head to the center of the map and look for a shed near the Ferris Wheel. Use the Remote Hacking Device to raise the shutter and start the game.

You will notice three green lights above 12 targets. You need to strike the targets with Batarangs and flip them in pairs. The green lights show the number of mistakes you can make before the game is reset. We encourage you to give it a fair shot but if you rather be safe, here is the solution to the puzzle.

You need to strike the same targets in pairs to complete this collectible mini-game in the Matter of Family DLC.

Audio Tape #3 – Bumper Cars
Now, head to the southeast part of the Amusement Park, near a crane, you will find a shed with a bunch of Bumper Cars. You can use your Remote Hacking Device to activate the panel above the cars.

You will notice that all of the bumper cars are blue except for that is pink. The goal is to get the pink one to the door. This is essentially a sliding puzzle, as the cars can only move back and forth.

Use Detective Mode to see the cars that can be moved and move the cars around so that you can get the pick one to the door. This will unlock the third collectible audio tape in Batman: Arkham Knight.

Audio Tape #4 – Fish in a Barrel
For the fourth audio tape collectible in the Matter of Family DLC, head to the Great White Shark rollercoaster to the northeast of the Amusement Park. On the ground level, you will see a shed with a hotdog on top of it. The fourth puzzle can be activated by hacking the console on the shed opposite to it, using the Remote Hacking Device.

This will start the mini-game Fish in a Barrel but be prepared as a timer will also pop up showing 10 seconds. You must knock down all the green fish while avoiding the red ones before the timer runs out.

Make sure to select the Batarang from your gadget wheel and aim manually instead of relying on Quickfire. This is because each time you hit a green fish, 3 seconds will be added to your timer, but you will lose 2 seconds every time a red one is hit.

Audio Tape #5 – Main Park Office
Head to the center of the park, to the left of the Ferris wheel. You should find a locked door with a map beside it. If you have collected all four tapes before coming here, all the lights should be green and you should be able to head inside.

Go inside the inner room and play the last audio tape to listen to the conclusion of the backstory narrated through the other tapes. This is one of the darker and more grim stories even by the standards of Batman: Arkham Knight.


If the door does not open even after you have collected the first four audio tapes, you need to play the main storyline a bit more before returning. This is a normal bug that players most often face if they try to get the tapes too early in the base game.

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