Batman: Arkham City Harley Balloon Locations

Different from Joker's Balloons.

For whatever reason, the aftermath of Batman: Arkham City sees Harley Quinn plant several balloons for you to find. These are more collectibles that are part of the Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC. If you are bent on cleaning up Arkham City of all collectibles and trophies, get ready for another grind.

Where to find all Harley Balloons in Batman: Arkham City?

There are a total of 30 Harley Balloons that are spread across three locations: the Shipyard, the Industrial District, and the Steel Mill. Do note that they are different from the Joker Balloons. The Harley ones will appear as a single, lonely pink balloon with her mask on them. Pop them by throwing a Batarang or using any other gadget.


Destroying all 30 Harley Balloons unlocks the Party’s Over achievement.

Something important to note is that you will be collecting all of the Harley Balloons as both Batman and Robin in Arkham City. However, collecting all of them in a single playthrough is going to be pretty difficult. You will have to switch between both characters and (obviously) have access to the Harley’s Revenge DLC.


If you miss any balloons, you can replay Harley’s Revenge to find the missing ones.

You can collect all 30 Harley Balloons in any order, but we have listed them below based on convenience. Like always, we will recommend going after the balloons after completing Harley’s DLC missions.


Industrial District

Steel Mill

Playing as Robin

Balloon 1 (Dry Docks, Shipyard)
After entering through the first gate of the shipyard walk forward as Robin to spot the first balloon. The balloon will be stuck to the ceiling on the left just before descending through the stairs.

Balloon 2 (Access Corridor A, Shipyard)
Once you’ve cleared out the goons in Access Corridor A, walk straight towards the locked gate with the title” Warehouse’. If you look up, you’ll find the second Harley balloon tucked away in the ceiling just above the door.

Balloon 3 (Access Corridor A, Shipyard)
After using your explosive gel to break open the door in Access Corridor A, continue down the path until you reach a small pool of water. Stand on the ledge and look up the gate that you just walked through to find the balloon stuck to the ceiling.

Balloon 4 (Pump Room, Shipyard)
Make your way to the Pump Room located in the north corner of the shipyard to find the balloon tied to a chair. Simply pop the balloon to acquire Harley’s collectible item in Batman: Arkham City.

Balloon 5 (Pump Room, Shipyard)
This balloon can be found on the second floor of the pump room and is quite easy to find. Simply get to the second floor using the stairs and look up at the caged ceiling to spot the Harley balloon.

Balloon 6 (Pump Room, Shipyard)
Follow along the guided objectives of Harley Quinn’s Revenge until Robin gains access to the locked doors that have ‘Warehouse” written on top of it. Once the door unlocks simply walk straight towards the pool area and you’ll find the Harley balloon on the left.

Since Robin can’t jump over the pool of water in the pump room, take out your Shuriken and throw it at the balloon to acquire the collectible.

Playing as Batman

Balloon 7 (Industrial District)
After switching to Batman you’ll be tasked to speak with Commissioner James Gordon in the Industrial District of Batman: Arkham City. Before speaking with Gordon simply look over his head to spot the Harley balloon tied to the corner of the highway sign. Use your batarang to pop the balloon and acquire the collectible.

Balloon 8 (Industrial District)
Make your way to Joker’s Funland located in the North of the Industrial District. Face Batman in front of the entrance of Joker’s lair and turn right to find another one of the Harley balloons tied to a Nutcracker statue.

Balloon 9 (Industrial District)
This balloon can be found stuck to the speakers located on the roof of the building with the Sionis Industries sign. The building can be found East of Joker’s Funland in Batman: Arkham City.

Balloon 10 (Industrial District)
Make your way to the North-western corner of the Industrial District and climb on the sniper tower just shy away from the crane. One of Harley’s Balloons can be found tied to the tower’s railing.

Balloon 11 (Industrial District)
Make your way to Smokestack Pillars located next to the Steel Mill in the Industrial district. The balloon can be found stuck on the top of the Eastern brick smokestack. Use a batarang to pop the balloon and acquire the collectible.

Balloon 12 (Industrial District)
Harley has planted one of her balloons on the Ferris Wheel situated in the Eastern Corner of the Industrial District. Get to a good vantage point and throw a batarang at the balloon to pop.

Balloon 13 (Industrial District)
This balloon can be found on the base of the Tricorner Naval Tower situated in the center of the Industrial District. The balloon will be tied to one of the railings of the tower right next to a Nutcracker statue.

Balloon 14 (Industrial District)
Go through the entrance of Joker’s funhouse at street level which has now been rebranded as Harley. Walk through the entrance and you’ll spot one of Harley Quinn’s Balloons on the left wall in Batman: Arkham City.

Balloon 15 (Industrial District)
This balloon can be found tied to one of the two Nutcracker statues planted on top of the Steel Mill in the Industrial district. Use your grappler to get to a good vantage point and throw a batarang at the Harley balloon.

Balloon 16 (Industrial District)
After popping the balloon 15, simply look up to the antenna tower with the Nutcracker statue positioned as if it’s climbing. You’ll be able to spot another Harley balloon stuck at the top.

Balloon 17 (Industrial District)
There’s a small alleyway located West of Steel Mill. A Harley balloon can be found stuck to the torso of a broken Nutcracker on the right wall of the alley.

Balloon 18 (Industrial District)
Make your way across the Steel Mill area towards the Southern end of the Industrial district to find 2 statues of Harley with the burning sign that says ‘Burn in Hell’. The balloon can be found on the corner right side of the gate just above the statue. This is also the place where you find one of Catwoman’s Riddler Trophies by scanning the posters of Black Mask.

Balloon 19 (Loading Bay, Steel Mill)
After entering the Steel Mill you’ll come across an area called loading Bay. One of the balloons can be found tied to a crib with a stuffed toy Joker inside of it. Simply pop the balloon and carry on to the next one.

Balloon 20 (Loading Bay, Steel Mill)
You can find this balloon in the huge hall of the Loading Bay. Drop down from the floor where you found balloon 19 and look up to find the Harley balloon tied on the pillar next to the hanged police officer.

Balloon 21 (Industrial District)
The last Harley balloon for the Industrial District can be found by progressing through the storyline of Harley Quinn’s Revenge in Batman: Arkham City.

After hacking the door that leads to Harley’s secret lair in the Steel Mill, Batman comes across a small alleyway with a balloon tied to a Harley statue placed in the corner.

Balloon 22 (Pump Room, Shipyard)
After entering the Pump Room of the Shipyard, use Batman’s line launcher to go across the water pools to reach the Southern section of the pump room. A balloon can be found right next to a small staircase located in the pump room.

Balloon 23 (Warehouse, Shipyard)
Climb up the winding stairs in the Warehouse of the Shipyard to find this balloon, instead of going through the vent as per the objective, use the stairs to reach the broken section of the staircase and look up to find a balloon tied to the railing.

Playing as Robin (Second time)

Balloon 24 (Warehouse, Shipyard)
After switching back to Robin in Batman: Arkham City, head to the same location where Batman first discovered the tied cop in the Warehouse. Check the Western corner of the Warehouse to find Harley’s balloon stuck to the Shrine of Joker.

Balloon 25 (Warehouse, Shipyard)
Head to the northeastern corner of the Warehouse where the blocked train tracks are present. A balloon can be found tucked behind the tracks right next to the lockers.

Balloon 26 (Joker’s Shrine Room, Shipyard)
As soon as you enter Joker’s Shrine located in the Northern area of the Shipyard, you’ll find a Harley balloon stuck to the wall on your right.

Balloon27 (Joker’s Shrine Room, Shipyard)
After encountering the thugs in the main room of Joker’s Shrine, simply look up to find a balloon placed on the crane’s hook.

Balloon 28 (Access Corridor B, Shipyard)
Use the floor vents underneath the locked doors and reach Access Corridor B. As soon as you enter the area you’ll be met by a few snipers. Take out the snipers and look to your left to find the balloon.

Balloon 29 (Access Corridor B, Shipyard)
This balloon can be found on the exit door of Access Corridor B that leads to the Dry Docks. While escaping through the door that reads Joker’s Shrine turn to the left to find the Harley balloon in the corner.

Balloon 30 (Dry Docks, Shipyard)
After dealing with the thugs and capturing Harley, make your way to the Southwest Corner right next to the water to find the last balloon of Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC in Batman: Arkham City. The balloon will be placed right beside the broken brown crane.

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