Batman: Arkham City Steel Mill Riddler Trophy Locations

Finding this trophies will take a lot of exploration time.

The Steel Mill found in the western ends of the map holds 24 of the Riddler Trophies for you to hunt in Batman: Arkham City. Although the Steel Mill may seem quite understanding but it holds many secret passages and puzzles where you could find these collectibles to complete the Riddler Challenges.

These Riddler trophies are quite similar to Catwoman’s trophies, however, Batman’s Riddler Trophies will be green compared to Catwoman’s pink color.


You can collect all of Batman’s trophies while playing as Catwoman but won’t be able to do it vice versa.

You can choose to find out all 24 locations of these trophies by interrogating one of Riddler’s goons but that can result in some precious hunting time being wasted. So, we went ahead and marked all of the locations on the map and even went a step ahead with explaining how to get each one of them.

Before we dive into these Riddler trophies, we recommend completing the main storyline of the Batman: Arkham City as some areas of the Steel Mill may be locked of for you if you haven’t completed the campaign

How to get the Steel Mill Riddler Trophies in Batman: Arkham City

The map locations of all Riddler Trophies inside the Steel Mill.

Riddler Trophy 1
Requirements: Batclaw

The first Riddler trophy for the Steel Mill can be found below the Loading Bay floor. Simply enter the main hall of the Loading Bay and wipe out the enemies. Once the enemies are gone, use the vent placed in the center of the floor grates and follow along the path. The path takes Batman towards the southern area of the steel Mill where you’ll come to a dead end.

Once you approach the blocked area, locate a blast furnace hatch planted on the right wall. Use your Batclaw to pull the hatch and find the Riddler Trophy planted inside.

Riddler Trophy 2
Requirements: Freeze Blast

Make your way back into the vent located below the floor grates of the Loading Bay and look for the leaked gas pipe in the beginning area of the underground space. Use the Freeze Blast tool to close off the leaking crack, then climb on the narrow ledge to find the Riddler Trophy in the corner of the area.

Riddler Trophy 3
Requirements: Cryptographic Sequencer

This trophy is located in a small room situated north of the Steel Mill. From the Loading Bay, make your way to the room that has a green ‘Death Ride’ sign on top of its door. Enter the room to find the Riddler Trophy stuck inside of the elevator shaft.

To get a hold of this collectible, approach the terminal placed right beside the elevator shaft and use the Cryptographic sequencer to open it.


You can also find one of Catwoman’s Riddler Trophies in the elevator shaft.

Riddler Trophy 4
Requirements: Remote Electrical Charge

This trophy is trapped behind a concealed vent on the Eastern wall of Loading Bay Hall in the Steel Mill. To gain entrance to the vent, approach the generator placed beneath the crane hook and shoot your Remote Electrical Charge right at it.

The Electrical charge will pull and push the crane hook like a swing until it gains enough momentum to smash into the wall. Once the crane does smash into the wall, simply grapple to the newly made hole and acquire the collectible.

Riddler Trophy 5
Requirement: Line Launcher

Make your way through the vent in the wall you created for Riddler Trophy 5 and drop down into the hole at the end of the small room to reach the Ventilation System. After dropping down simply turn right to find the Riddler Trophy stuck inside a trap placed on a platform across the molten lava.

Use your Line launcher to reach the collectible and simply stand on the platform with a green question painted on top to unlock the trap.

Riddler Trophy 6
Requirements: Batclaw

Enter the Freight Elevator area east of the Steel Mill to find this trophy. After you’ve entered the room, simply face the wall on the left to find a furnace hatch. Use the Batclaw to open the hatch and acquire the Riddler Trophy in Batman: Arkham City.

Riddler Trophy 7
Requirements: Remote Electrical Charge

Drop down in the elevator shaft of the Freight Elevator area. The collectible will be placed inside the broken-down elevator. To find a way into the elevator, simply shoot a Remote Electrical Charge at the terminal of the elevator placed right next to the one that holds the trophy.

Shooting the terminal of the second elevator will cause it to go up, giving you a window for a few seconds to drop down to the ground floor and grapple to the elevator holding the Riddler Trophy.

Riddler Trophy 8
Requirements: Explosive Gel

After acquiring trophy 7 simply activate your detective mode while staying on the ground level of the elevator shaft in the Freight Elevator. You’ll spot a breakable panel on the floor highlighted in blue. Simply stick some explosive gel to the panel and explode it to reveal a secret area below the floor. Drop down and find the Riddler Trophy inside.

Riddler Trophy 9
Requirements: Remote Electrical Charge

Head to the Assembly Line in the middle of the Steel Mill to locate this collectible item. The Riddler trophy can be found stashed inside a small vent blocked by bumper cars in the main hall of the Assembly Line.

Simply take out your Remote Electrical Charge and shoot at the terminal placed beside the bumper cars. The electrical charge will pull the bumper cars away from the vent providing access to the Riddler Trophy.

Riddler Trophy 10
Requirements: Freeze Blast

Once you’ve acquired the Riddler Trophy 9, simply face the northern vent to find the next trophy blocked by a leaked gas pipe. Freeze Blast the crack and crouch into the vent to collect the trophy.

Riddler Trophy 11
Requirements: Explosive Gel

This trophy is hidden behind the breakable wall on the platform above the Sionis Industries sign in the Assembly Line area of the Steel Mill in Batman: Arkham City. Simply walk across the Sionis Industries sign and look up to the right to find a ledge that Batman can grapple to.

Climb the ledge to find the breakable wall next to a Nutcracker statue and stick explosive gel to it. Blast open the wall to reveal the Riddler Trophy.

Riddler Trophy 12
Requirements: Batclaw

Make your way to the main area of the Smelting Center located in the West of the Steel Mill. The Riddler Trophy will be placed underneath a halted machine on the moving belt of molten lava. Perform a running slide to acquire the trophy or use the Batclaw to grab it

Riddler Trophy 13
Requirements: None

Crawl through the small vent located in the north-western corner of the Smelting Chamber. The Riddler Trophy can be found on the top ledge on your left. Use your grappler to climb up the ledge and acquire the trophy.

Riddler Trophy 14
Requirement: Batclaw

Enter through the main entrance of the smelting chamber and face the left wall of the area to find yet another blast furnace hatch placed on the wall above the molten lava conveyor belt. Shoot your Batclaw at the hatch to open it up and unlock the trophy.

Riddler Trophy 15
Requirements: Remote Electrical Charge

This collectible is hidden underneath the small cart in front of the Cooling Tunnel door. Shoot a Remote Electrical Charge at the generator hung on the door right in front of the cart to move it. Once the cart is removed, the trophy is all yours for the taking.

Riddler Trophy 16
Requirement: Freeze Blast, Batclaw

Stand in front of the vent next to the small bridge in the Colling Tunnel area with the water flowing beneath it. The Riddler Trophy will be placed inside the vent. To find access to the vent, throw a Freeze Blast in the water to freeze a portion of the flowing water and create a platform for Batman.

Simply jump on the frozen platform and shoot your Batclaw at the vent to pry open its cover. Once the vent is accessible, use the grappler to climb into it and acquire the trophy.

Riddler Trophy 17
Requirement: Batclaw

This collectible is placed on the ceiling underneath the floating water in the Southern corner of the Cooling Tunnel D. Use the raft to take you through the water. Once you’re close to the trophy, use the Batclaw to grab it and add to your collection.

Riddler Trophy 18
Requirement: Freeze Blast

Head to the Eastern corner of the Cooling tunnel-D by crossing the bridge where you found trophy 16 to find another stream of water. This Riddler trophy will be placed above the stream inside of a blocked compartment.

To gain entrance to the compartment, throw a Freeze Blast in the water and jump on it then look up to find an opening that you can grapple to. Grapple to the opening to find this Riddler trophy.

Riddler Trophy 19
Requirement: Batclaw. Remote Controlled Batarang

This Riddler Trophy is hidden inside a small cage in the southeastern corner wall of the Cooling Tunnel-D. To unlock the trophy, you first must open the hatch beside the cage with the help of the Batclaw. Once the cage opens, you’ll be required to pilot a Remote Controlled Batarang through the north in search of an electric arc to charge the batarang.

Once the batarang charges, pilot it back through the hatch and aim at the terminal placed inside of the cage with the Riddler Trophy. Disabling the terminal will unlock the door and free the collectible

Riddler Trophy 20
Requirement: Line Launcher

Line launch yourself from the Western ledge to the small platform across the flowing water in the Western corner of the Cooling Tunnel-D to spot a neon green question mark sign. Right above the sign, you’ll be able to spot a few steel bars isolating the small area. To lower the bars, throw a Batarang at the dot of the question mark. Reach the small area and pry open the vent to find the Riddler Trophy.

Riddler Trophy 21
Requirement: Line Launcher, Cryptographic Sequencer

This is one of the easiest Riddler Trophies to acquire in Batman: Arkham City. Enter through the main door of the Cooling Tunnel-B from the southern wall of the Steel Mill to find the collectible item trapped on the platform across the water.

Line launch Batman to the platform and use the Cryptographic Sequencer to unlock the trap and acquire the trophy.

Riddler Trophy 22
Requirement: Explosive Gel

Climb the platform with two joker heads in Cooling Tunnel B to find the Riddler Trophy. The collectible will be stashed behind the breakable wall on the platform. Climb onto the platform and stick some explosive gel to the wall, explode the wall and collect the trophy.

Riddler Trophy 23
Requirement: Batarang

Make your way to the Boiler room located in the basement of the Steel Mill to find this trophy. The collectible will be hidden inside the bar with the Joker’s Fun Land sign. In order to get the trophy, approach the bar and destroy all of the purple penguin statues using your Batarang. Once all the statues are gone the Riddler Trophy will appear for your taking.

Riddler Trophy 24
Requirement: Explosive Gel

From where you found the latter Riddler Trophy in the basement of the Steel Mill, simply turn on your Detective Mode and face the wall on the right to find a weak wall highlighted in blue. Approach the breakable wall and plant some explosive gel to it. Explode the wall to find a secret area with the last Riddler Trophy stashed inside.

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