Batman: Arkham City Catwoman Choice Guide

Should you go left or right?

During the third episode of Catwoman’s story missions in Batman: Arkham City, you will get a chance to steal from Hugo Strange. After defeating the Tyger guards and grabbing the loot from the Confiscated Goods Vault, Catwoman will come across a screen on her way out. It will show Batman’s body buried under the rubble after his fight with Joker at Steel Mills during the Protocol 10 quest.

In this situation, you have to decide for Catwoman. You can either choose to ignore Batman and leave the city, or you can choose to save Gotham by rescuing the Caped Crusader. It’s a crucial decision because it will determine whether you unlock an alternate ending to Catwoman’s story or not in Batman: Arkham City.

Catwoman choice: should you rescue Batman or leave Arkham City?

If you choose to rescue Batman, then exit out the Authorized Personnel door on your left. It will take you to him at the Steel Mills where she helps Batman raise the debris off him. The Arkham City storyline will continue with Catwoman joining forces with Batman against the Joker.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to play saviour then leave through the main door on your right. Catwoman will leave the city with her last words being “Screw it” and the credits will roll.

What happens if you leave Batman?

The choice to leave Batman and escape Arkham City will not result in a happy ending for Catwoman. Oracle will start calling for help with the Wayne Manor under attack. Batman and her father are dead, and Joker has become immortal, finally achieving victory.

Stick around a little longer and the game will rewind to the time when you first had to make the decision.

It is just an empty choice that has no effect on the main story and is there to let you know what things would look like without Batman in Arkham City. You can now make the canon choice of saving Batman and putting an end to Protocol 10.

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