Batman: Arkham City Combat Moves, Combos, Tips

See what moves and skills Batman has in his repertoire.

Batman is an impeccably skilled fighter; he’s mastered every martial art known to man. So, he has a wide arrangement of different moves at his disposal. The Batman Arkham City combos grant a lot of freedom to the player. However, mastering them can be a bit tricky.

To be able to reach your full potential, you will need to unlock special moves, grab weapon and gadget upgrades, and most of all practice your combos to perfection.

Don’t worry though, in this Batman Arkham City Moves and Combos guide, we’ll show you how to perform every single move and combo Batman has in his arsenal.


Performing a perfect combo with all of Batman’s moves will earn you the Perfect Freeflow 2.0 achievement.

Batsuit Moves

These are the basic moves you can perform with your Batsuit.


If you want to move quickly and effectively through the streets of Arkham City, learn to perform Glide. Though you just need to press a button to start glide but mastering it isn’t easy.

You can use walls to continue your glide by gliding directly into a wall and initiating another glide sequence off it. And of course, you can perform Dive Bomb effectively if you are good at gliding because it requires a combination.

Glide Kick

When you are gliding through the streets of Arkham City, you can Glide-Kick any enemy in rage. It will knock out most enemies which makes it a perfect approach to start combat when you are against a group of enemies.

Or you can use it against a solo target to effectively take them down in your next attack with a ground takedown. For more damage, hold the Dive Button after you have locked on your target to perform the Dive Bomb Tackle.

Drop Attack

Drop attack is attacking from above directly on your target. Highlight your target with the bat-symbol market and press the attack button to drop attack your target. If it’s a solo target, follow this move with a ground takedown to finish him off. If there are many enemies around, start a combo after this attack.


Helps you navigate through small areas that you otherwise can’t get access to. You can slide to kick straight through vent covers but you can alert the enemies by doing so. You can also use a slide to start a combo.

Dive Bomb

I have already explained above ‘How you can perform Dive Bomb’ but here are a few things you should remember when attempting Dive Bomb. When you perform Dive Bomb, you land on the ground at a great downward speed, and you can transfer this speed into a horizontal glide. This will help you cover large distances, and you can surprise your opponent using this tactic.

Detective Mode

Detective mode gives you a tactical analysis of the current location. It identifies potential threats and lets you see through solid walls. It highlights enemies carrying firearms in orange and other enemies in blue. Detective mode also highlights items of interest in the given area.

All the Batsuit moves that we have covered above are available at the start, but you need to unlock all the moves that follow:

Shockwave Attack

You perform this attack with the help of a gadget that stores kinetic energy when you perform a Dive Bomb. Triggering this attack will send out a kinetic shock wave which knocks out any non-armored enemies in the area.

A Shockwave attack makes it easy to take down a group of enemies. You can perform it by Holding RT to dive bomb while gliding and when you land, Press B.

Glide Boost Attack

A very powerful attack that can be used to take down multiple enemies in one go! It’s a bit tricky to do successfully though. Perform a Glide Kick, and then hold the Dive Bomb button. Now you will need speed to fill the bat symbol before impact.

If you do, the resulting attack will knock out your target and all enemies standing directly behind him. You can perform it by pressing X to Glide Kick and holding RT to fill the Bat symbol meter for a Glide Boost Attack.

Combat Moves

All the combat moves you can perform in Batman Arkham City.


The Strike is the fundamental close-quarter attack option and using it three times will activate the Free Flow mode where you take on opponents without response attacks received. Activating Free Flow will allow you to land stronger strike hits and KO almost any opponent.

Aerial Attack

The aerial attack is exactly as the name suggests a mid-air strike, catching the opponents off guard. Use this move when taking on shield-wielding opponents who can’t fend off this attack. The move can be used by hitting the B, A, and A buttons in Batman: Arkham City. Alternatively, a directed aerial attack option may also be used by pressing the X button.


The counter-move is used to parry incoming enemy attacks and launch a counterattack. The move is utilized by tapping the counter key and is the perfect option to get out of a cornered situation. Utilize the move to parry multiple opponent attacks.

Projectile Counter

Similar to the counter move, the Projectile Counter involves the catching and relaunching of incoming projectiles toward opponents. When an enemy launches a projectile at you tap the counter key. The direction keys may be used to redirect attacks toward other opponents.


Evade can be used during combat to dodge incoming attacks, it will help reduce incoming damage and give you a breather before you launch your next attack.


The Redirect move will allow you to jump over the opponent’s line of sight, giving you a favorable vantage point for launching the next attack.


Stun attacks can be used to daze your opponent for a brief moment, leaving them helpless and easy targets to be taken down. Most enemies in the game can fall victim to this attack so be sure to make use of it.

Ultra Stun

Similar to the Stun attack Ultra Stun also dazes the opponents for a longer duration. The attack will not cause damage to your enemies however the added stun time allows you to perform a Beat Down, which is especially useful against TITAN enemies.

Hit the B button thrice in succession (the Cape Stun) to use this move.

Cape Stun

The Cape stun is a quick way to daze enemy units, surprising them with your Cape attack. The move can be performed by pressing the B button and is perfect to use when you feel cornered.

Ground Takedown

Completely knockout a downed opponent by performing a Ground Takedown on them. The move can be used by Pressing RT and Y, however, be sure you have sufficient time whilst performing it as you are vulnerable to attacks at that moment.

Ground Pound
A high-risk, high-reward attack Finisher performed by RT + Y or R2+Triangle. Ground Pound will immediately knock down any knocked-out enemy in its range. It has a high damage multiplier and can crank up combo points quickly. The trade-off is that it slows you down and has a lengthy animation, making you vulnerable to being countered or breaking combo streaks.


Slow finishers like Ground Pound are best performed with only a few enemies on the battlefield. If you risk being hit, go for instant takedowns instead.

Beat Down

The Beat Down move can be used to finish off opponents with a final flurry of attacks. It is usually sufficient to take out any opponent with just one go but it leaves you open to incoming attacks so be sure to use it wisely. The move can be used by pressing the B button followed by X.

Special Combo Takedown

This Takedown move is a follow-up attack to an 8x or more combo and is strong enough to knock out an opponent in one swoop. Whilst filling up the combo meter you’ll be indicated that Special Combo attack options are now available. At that moment press the B and Y buttons to perform this attack.

The following moves need to be unlocked before use:

Critical Strikes
A critical strike can be performed if you synchronize your next strike just after the first. Timing this can be tricky and repeated button mashing isn’t going to help either. Wait for the first move to end and immediately follow it up with another attack, if successful every critical strike will fill the combo meter by 2x.

Blade Dodge
The Blade Dodge move allows you to evade attacks from blade-wielding opponents. The move can be performed by pressing and holding the counter key and flicking the left joystick downwards.

Blade Dodge Takedown
The Blade Dodge Takedown does everything the Blade Dodge does but now we are also knocking out the enemy. Performing the move could be a bit challenging and could require a few reruns of Batman: Arkham City.

The move can be performed by pressing and holding the counter key and flicking the left joystick downwards, similar to Blade Dodge, however, you must then let go of the counter key and shift between holding and releasing it through each strike.


Surrounding opponents and hit with Staff strikes, leaving them unconscious. The move works within a limited radius.

Robin – Throw Knockdown

This move involves the grabbing and launching of an opponent onto another one, leaving the one thrown unconscious.

Nightwing – Escrima Strike

This special move launches Escrima Sticks toward opponents who are either stunned or completely knocked out.

Nightwing – Group Stun

Using this move stuns surrounding opponents, however, the move will only affect the enemies inside a limited radius.

Catwoman – Special Combo Whiplash

The special move will randomly hit surrounding opponents.

Catwoman – Special Combo Whip Trip

The move can be performed to take down surrounding opponents in a swoop. Remember only enemies inside a limited radius are hit.

Special Combo Group Attack

Hero Characters have personalized Group Attacks, each with its unique effects. These moves can be used by hitting the R button.

Special Combo Multi Ground Takedown

This move can be performed by launching multiple Batarangs whilst in midair. If performed successfully it will leave enemies on the floor and unable to get up. Press the A and B buttons, once hitting an 8x combo meter to perform this attack. Remember timing the move perfectly will help make it more effective.

Special Combo Bat Swarm

This special move will summon bats to help take out your opponents. You need to reach an 8x or more combo before triggering this move, once you do hit the A and X buttons to use it. The most effective way to use it is when surrounded by a swarm of enemies.

Special Combo Disarm and Destroy

This special move will allow you to strip opponents of their weapons, proving extra useful against more powerful weapon wielders as you reduce their attack damage early in the battle. Reach an 8x or higher combo score and press the X and Y buttons to use this move.


Special combos can not be performed on Ninjas, Combat Experts, and bosses since they are immune, or can counter or dodge all Takedowns.

Predator Moves

Silent Takedown

The Silent Takedown attack involves a silent approach to your enemies before a swift takedown leaving them unconscious before they know it. Swiftly flee the vicinity in Batman: Arkham City after performing the move to avoid suspicion. Remember if an opponent carrying a heart rate monitor is knocked out, others in the area are alerted.

Knockout Smash

As the Silent Takedown attack is being used tap the X button to perform a Knockout Smash. Since the move will generate significant noise others in areas are alerted. You can use this fact to your advantage as well and strategically use it to lure out enemies, moving them from their original locations.

Double Takedown

Sneak behind two enemies unaware of your presence and hit the Y button to perform this attack. Noisy attack but classy.

Grate Takedown

When sneaking through the floor grates a Grate Takedown can be performed simply by approaching unaware opponents and hitting the Y button. This will perform a surprise takedown attack leaving the opponent knocked out. Swiftly flee the scene after performing the move as it will draw attention.

Ledge Takedown

The Ledge Takedown can be performed when dangling by a ledge, approaching an unaware opponent, and simply pressing the Y button. The move will see the opponent grappled and thrown off the walkway, taking them out.

Hanging Ledge Takedown

When looking over a ledge above the opponent, approach him and press the Y button to Perform the Hanging Ledge Takedown. The move will see you leap down and choke the enemy.

Window Takedown

The Window Takedown can be performed when approaching an opponent on the adjacent side of a window and pressing the Y button. The move will see you breaking through the window to knock out the opponent. The noise generated will attract attention so swiftly flee the area.

Wooden Wall Takedown

The Wooden Wall Takedown can be performed when approaching an opponent on the adjacent side of a weak wooden wall structure and pressing the Y button. The move will see you breaking through the wooden wall to choke out the opponent, the noise generated will attract attention so swiftly flee the area.

Vent Takedown

The Vent Takedown can be performed when approaching an opponent through a vent on the opposite side and pressing the Y button. The move will see you breaking through the vent to knock out the opponent, the noise generated will attract attention so swiftly flee the area.

Vantage Point

Always analyze enemy movement before jumping into action and this is where Vantage Point becomes effective. It is used with Detective Mode which provides a good deal of information about the different objects and enemies that can be isolated.

This will help you devise your strategy to take down enemies in an area. What if you get discovered? Well, just switch between different Vantage Points and you will lose them.

Inverted Takedown

As you look beyond a Vantage point, leap down on your opponent, and grapple them onto the Vantage Point, your opponent will be left dangling. After which you must swiftly flee the scene to avoid attention. This move can also be used strategically to move enemies out of their initial position. To perform an Inverted Takedown, press Y while on the Vantage Point.

Corner Cover

When you are in cover, you can take down any enemy that comes in rage. This move lets you choke the target to lose consciousness in Batman: Arkham City. It will help you get rid of enemies silently while staying undetected. To enter the Corner Cover, press RT+A near a corner.

Corner Cover Takedown

The Corner Cover Takedown can be performed when certain conditions are met, firstly you must conceal yourself inside a corner by pressing RT and the A button, secondly, the opponent must advance towards you and enter the close vicinity. When they do simply press the Y button to choke and knock them out without alerting anyone.

Gadget Moves

All the moves you can perform with your gadgets in Batman Arkham City.

Batclaw Disarm

Upgrade your Batclaw to disarm enemies equipped with firearms. The best part is, that you can disarm enemies from a distance. It can be used effectively in combat using the Quickfire Batclaw. To perform the Batclaw Disarm, press LT+RT to aim and fire the Batclaw and then LT+Y to quick-fire the Batclaw.

Sonic Shock Batarang

It makes a wailing sound to attract nearby enemies and can be detonated on command. It also increases the heartbeat of inmates with heart monitors on their arms. Just throw it with L2 and when they gather around, blow it up by pressing R1.


The best way to lure enemies with Sonic Shock Batarang is to throw it at the ground instead of the enemy.

Disruptor: Firearm Jammer

It will jam the firearms of enemies, taking away their ability to shoot you. It also temporarily disables Tyger sentry and helicopter machine guns. You only get two shots of this before the cooldown starts.

Disruptor: Freeze Override

This upgrade allows you to disable Freeze weaponry with your, you guessed it, Disruptor.

Mine Detonator

You can use it to blow up any proximity mines in the area. You can use this to knock out enemies, provided they get caught up in its explosions.


Mine Detonator comes in pretty handy for accessing Riddler Trophies and navigating trapped mazes.

Combat and fighting tips for newcomers

Batman: Arkham City has an intricate combat system that can be difficult to learn but is extremely rewarding once you start landing perfect combos. Here are a few tips to help you get the basics down.

Use Detective Mode to scout out the situation before entering combat. It will let you know the total enemies, their weapons, patrolling routes, and much more.

Be aware of your surroundings and make use of environmental props like propane tanks in the area. It’s a great way to shred down groups enemy groups.

There is a counterattack indicator above enemies and depending on the color, you can perform different actions.

  • Blue is most common and is for general attacks, countering will allow you to take down the enemy.
  • Yellow shows that the attacker has a knife and countering will disarm them.
  • Green indicates that you can perform a finisher move on the downed enemy.  
  • Red means that you can’t counter the attack so evading is your best option.

Gadgets are more than your utility tools, make use of them during combat. For example, Freeze Blast can be used to stun an enemy, Batclaw can pull targets closer, Batarang can hit far-away snipers, etc. They also have great crowd-control abilities so they are great in group fights.

While on the topic, you can charge attack with some gadgets for extra damage. This can be done by holding the trigger button and it’s indicated by the bat symbol above enemies turning yellow from blue.

Don’t be a button masher and learn your combos. Enemies will mostly attack you in groups and learning to dodge, counter, and land a few solid strikes will help you out immensely, even in end-game.

Remember to integrate attacks with high multipliers in your combos. They will help you with those combat challenges.

Be wise in which fights you pick. You can avoid a lot of hassle by using stealth takedowns, grate takedowns, making traps with Explosive Gels, or knocking enemies over platforms. As long as you strategize your fights, you will come out on top.

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