Baldur’s Gate 3 Rogue Thief Build And Subclass Guide

The Thief Build in Baldur's Gate 3 is a treat for those who like to sneak around, steal things, and deceive people. You need to make specific choices to set it up.

The Rogue class is known for being adept, stealthy, fast-hitting, and high-damage attacks in Baldur’s Gate 3. This class works best for players looking to take a stealthy playstyle capable of dealing high burst damage. The Rogue class has three further subclasses. But if you want something capitalizing on stealth mechanics, the Thief build in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the answer.   

The Thief subclass is known for its efficiency in stealth and maneuvering around the battlefield quickly without being caught. They are proficient in Sleight of Hand and can earn much gold via stealing and pickpocketing.

The Thief build also has a special ability that allows them to fall from heights without taking damage and is also one of the best builds for Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Starting Abilities and Skills for Rogue Thief Build in BG3

You will have several choices in the character creation phase that will lay the foundations of your thief build. Choices such as race, how you distribute your points to your abilities, backgrounds, etc. can boost your build.

Race: The Elf race is especially good for a Rogue thief build in Baldur’s Gate 3, thanks to their naturally high stealth stats. They also have Darkvision, which can allow you to see in the dark. This is particularly useful for exploring dark places. The Drow race is a close second that is better at melee attacks. They lack the stealth bonus but make up for it with Superior Darkvision. This allows them to see even further in the dark.   

Ability Point Distribution: Dexterity +16, Constitution +14, Wisdom +14, Charisma +14.  


Skills: Acrobatics, Sleight of Hand, Insight, Persuasion. 

Best Background: Backgrounds help you get useful bonuses for your social skills and more. We recommend using the Charlatan or Urchin backgrounds for the Thief Class Build in BG3. Both of these backgrounds work best for your build. 

What you choose boils down to what Build you want to make. If you want to be stealthier, choose Urchin, but if you want to be more deceptive, go with the Charlatan background. 

Best Feats for Rogue Thief Build 

Feats are special maneuvers, attacks, or bonuses, that you can pick for your character, every four levels. You will get the first at level 4, then at level 8, and the final at level 12. These can help you boost your capabilities or cover any shortcomings with your thief build in Baldur’s Gate 3. These are our recommendations for the best feats for your build and when you should get them.

Level 4 – Athlete: Athlete allows you to increase your jump distance by a whopping 50%. This greatly benefits your build and allows you to be sneaky and agile. Additionally, it also randomly increases your damage or dexterity. This boost is helpful both for your build and in general gameplay.  

Level 8 – Dungeon Delver: This feat allows you to gain an advantage on perception checks used to hide objects and checks to avoid traps. This is especially useful for stealthy characters as they need to be able to move around the area without being detected.  

Level 12 – Crossbow Expert: Crossbow Expert works in two ways. Firstly, when you make Crossbow shots within the melee range, you do not receive any disadvantage on your attack rolls. Secondly, when you use a piercing shot, the gaping wounds persist for twice as long on your enemy.  

Best Spells for Rogue Thief Build in BG3

The Rogue class is not specifically known for casting spells and is more suited for stealth and closeup combat. Instead, you will get the Sneak Attack as a Rogue at level 1. This will allow you to damage your target more, provided you have an advantage against them. This will work in tandem with your stealth bonuses.

If you attack from a place where your enemies cannot see you, you can have an advantage against them. Moreover, you can use another party member to buff you up further and grant you an advantage.

Best Armor and Weapons  

The Rogue class is proficient in only light armor but can wield many different weapons. These are our picks for the best armor and weapons for Rogue Thief.  

Helm – Sarevok’s Horned Helmet: The horned helmet greatly works to your advantage. Firstly, it protects you from spells that alter your emotions. Secondly, it allows you to enhance your Darkvision and see further into a dark area using Deathbringer’s sight.  

Back – Deathstalker Mantle: This cloak gives you an advantage in your stealth checks and allows you to turn yourself invisible for up to two rounds, once during combat.  

Armor – Shadeclinger Armor: This light armor grants you an additional point in your Stealth abilities while giving you the effect of the Shadeclinger. This gives you an advantage on saving throws when your enemies have not spotted you.  

Hands – Gloves of Thievery: Gloves of Thievery grants you a boost on Sleight of Hand checks, making this the perfect piece for the thief subclass.  

Ranged Weapon – Firestoker Crossbow: Since you want to take a stealthy approach when playing as a thief, a ranged weapon is perfect. The Firestoker Crossbow, in particular, is the best weapon you can select. It has a range of 18 meters and can also inflict fire damage. Coupled with the Crossbow Expert feat, this weapon can deal great damage.  

Baldur’s Gate 3 Rogue Thief Build Level Progression  

Level 1: Create your Character. At level 1, you gain access to Sneak Attack (a class-specific feature) 

Level 2: At level 2, you will unlock Cunning Action, a bonus action that allows you to use the abilities Dash, Disengage, and Hide as bonus actions. These abilities work to the strength of your build, allowing you to run away from or disengage from battles when needed.  

Level 3: At level 3, you can pick your subclass. Choose the Thief Subclass. Here you will be given the Fast Hands ability. This grants you an additional bonus action and Second-Story Work, giving you resistance from fall damage.  

Level 4: At Level 4, you can pick your first feat or enhance your abilities. Pick the former and select Athlete.  

Level 5: At level 5, you unlock the uncanny dodge, a class-specific ability. It allows you to take half the damage from any oncoming attack.  

Level 6: During this phase, you’ll be able to gain expertise in two skills. For this, we recommend choosing Athletics and Deception.  

Level 7: You unlock another class feature at Level 7 called Evasion. Evasion allows you to dodge oncoming spells and spells that require Dexterity saving throws. On every successful throw, you gain no damage; for every failed throw, you only take half the damage.  

Level 8: At level 8, you will once again be presented with the choice to choose a feat or to add points to your abilities. Pick the feat we recommended above.

Level 9: At level 9, the Thief subclass accesses a sub-class-specific feature called the Super Sneak. This ability allows you to become completely invisible by using the environment to your advantage and is especially useful for more effective stealth.  

Level 10-11: No special actions or bonuses are unlocked at these two levels. You will likely level up regularly and get a boost to your health.

Level 12: For your final Feat, select Crossbow Expert.  

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