Baldur’s Gate 3 Find The Missing Letters Quest Guide

Someone is affecting letter delivery in Baldur's Gate 3 and it is up to you to find the missing letters and deliver them.

One of the wildest quests in Act 3 of Baldur’s Gate has you basically working as a postman. Some letters have gone missing after the carrier pigeons were killed so now it is up to you to find the missing letters in Baldur’s Gate 3. You will not only meet some interesting characters (animals) in Find the Missing Letters but also help out the Sword Coast Courier service.

How to start Find Missing Letters quest in BG3

You can find the location of Find the Missing Letters quest in the town of Rivington. Once you reach this town, make your way north, where you will be able to find Sword Coast Courier Post House. This house can be found at the coordinates of X: 10, and Y:3. You will get there automatically as you start Act 3 in Baldur’s Gate 3.

In order to start the quest to Find the Missing Letters in Baldur’s Gate 3, get into the post house and talk to Postmaster Danzo.

During the conversation, Danzo will ask you to help him find the missing letters because he has some personal stuff in those letters. Along with that, he also mentioned that Post House’s pigeons who used to deliver the letters from one place to another are found dead. Once you accept his offer, your quest is started.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Find the Missing Letters walkthrough

In order to complete the quest of Find Missing Letters in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will need to complete several of the objectives that we have mentioned below in a sequence.

Baldur’s Gate and its outskirts seem to be under attack from murderers. People and animals are dying left and right. While this quest won’t solve the Open Hand Temple murder or murders in the Lower City, you will get an idea about who or what is killing the carrier pigeons.


Speak With the Pigeon Commander

Once you have accepted the quest from Danzo Arkwright, you need to find the leader of the pigeon who can be found in the same Sword Coast building. You will observe stairs to the left where Danzo is standing. Take these stairs which lead you directly to the leader of the pigeon, he can be seen on a barrel.

Keep in mind that in order to have a conversation with this Pigeon commander, you will need the Potion of Animal Speak or Speak with Animals spell. Once you start your conversation with the leader pigeon, he will brief you that some of his other pigeons are going missing.

Pigeon Leader will ask you to find the other missing pigeons in the large building in front of this house called Open Hand Temple. Other pigeons can be found on the roof of this building. From this post house, you will locate the Open Hand Temple in the west.

Reach the Open Hand Temple roof

Once you reach this temple, go inside from the main entrance. Go straight and you will find a door to the right leading into the kitchen. You will find another door to come out of the kitchen. Exit the door and direct yourself to the right side.

As you come down the short stairs, on the right-hand side, you will observe some vines going upwards. You need to climb along with these vines to get to the rooftop of the Open Hand Temple.

Once you are on the rooftop, you will be able to see a flying cat called Tressym who is sitting on the nest. One more time, you required a Potion of Animal Speak or Speak with Animal spell to start the conversation with Tressym.

Investigate Tressym’s nest and get the missing letter

There you will have several dialogues with this cat, and she will not agree that she is the culprit behind the missing pigeons. Eventually, you will be able to convince her by passing two checks to not eat the pigeons anymore and leave the nest. After passing the check, she will leave the nest. You will also see a bundle of letters on her nest. Put your hands on the letter and keep it to yourself.

You can also get a Ring of Blink from this nest. You can get this ring by passing a Perception check while you are having a conversation with Tressym and you will be able to steal the shining ring.

Return to Danzo Arkwright

Now, you have to make your way back to Sword Coast Courier Post House and give the collected bundle of letters to Danzo Arkwright. He will award you with 300 gold for your efforts to get the letter and the quest comes to an end.

Should you read the Missing Letters in BG3?

If you want to double your gold, you can read the letter. After reading it, you will get to know about Danzo’s shady business which he does with Zhentarim. Here, you can unlock some other dialogue options. You can pick any option to deceive, persuade or intimidate Danzo.

Once you are done with the skill check successfully, Danzo Arkwright will give you 300 more gold for the reason that you kept silent. So, in total, you can get 600 gold by completing the quest of Find the Missing Letters in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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