Baldur’s Gate 3 Fighter Eldritch Knight Build and Subclass Guide 

The Baldur's Gate 3 Eldritch Knight Build is a spell sword that wields weapons and the arcane to destroy their enemies in the game.

Eldritch knights are warriors who use magic to amplify and enhance their weapons. They can best be described as being the Witchers of Baldur’s Gate 3. Their swordplay is phenomenal, their spells destructive, and their will resilient. The Fighter class usually relies on the Wizard Class or Cleric Class for spell support. But the Eldritch Knight build in Baldur’s Gate 3 allows the Fighter to be more self-sufficient.

The Eldritch Knight is not a substitute for a caster in the party. They work in tandem with the support class and add some extra flavor to combat in BG3. You will need to make some specific choices throughout the game that will shape how this build turns out.

Starting Abilities and Skills for Fighter Eldritch Knight in BG3

The best part about playing Baldur’s Gate 3 is that you get to choose how you play. You can always go for a build that suits your playstyle the best. Similarly, a decent Eldritch Knight build should best utilize their fighting style and magical prowess in Baldur’s Gate 3. This is our recommendation on how you should proceed. 


The best race for the Fighter Eldritch Knight will be the Elf and then the High Elf. This is because you can cast your cantrip as BG3 bonus action as you level up. This will help you do an additional attack with Baldur’s Gate 3 cantrips. Plus, you will get Darkvision and Fey ancestry with a High Elf. 

Darkvision will help you see better in dark environments. Fey ancestry helps you save throws against being charmed. 

Fighting style  

For the fighting style, you should pick Great Weapon Fighting. This will allow you to reroll a damaged die if you get a one or a two. Then, you will use the second result, regardless of what you get. This ensures that you deal the most damage in any given situation.


Ability point distribution 

Your ability point distribution should be as follows: 

Ability Point Distribution
Strength  16 
Dexterity  10 
Constitution 16 
Intelligence  14 
Wisdom  10 
Ability point distribution table

Skills proficiency  

Your skill proficiency will be in the following 

Skills Proficiency  
Skill proficiencies for Eldritch Knight

Best Background  

Select a soldier as a background for your Fighter’s Eldritch Knight build in Baldur’s Gate 3. This gives you a +5 in Athletics checks and saving throws. And a +1 in intimidation checks and throws. As a soldier, you will be battle-hardened and combat-ready. This will give you background lore that suits your magic-wielding knight. 

Best Feats for Fighter Eldritch Knight 

Feats are special maneuvers, attacks, and bonuses that you get in Baldur’s Gate 3. These add layer of functionality to a character. Following are the best BG3 feats for Eldritch Knight build.

Level 4 

Pick Savage Attacker as a feat. This works similarly to your fighting style and lets you make an additional damage roll when you attack with a melee weapon.

Level 6  

Fighters get an additional feat when they reach level 6. Pick Ability improvement again. Then, assign +2 points to Charisma since you are lacking in that department. 

Level 8 

Pick the war caster feat at this level. This will help you keep concentration on some spells like witch bolt, shields, etc. 

Level 12 

You can pick the Spell Sniper feat. This will help you get an extra cantrip. 

Best spells for Fighter Eldritch Knight  

As an eldritch knight, you should have a decent number of cantrips and spells available to use. Spells need a spell slot to be used and require a long rest to reset them. Cantrips, on the other hand, require none. These are the choices you should make:

Best Cantrips: Firebolt, Dancing Lights, Shocking Grasp

Best Level 1 Spells: Magic Missile, Chromatic Orb, Shield, Burning Hands

Best Level 2 Spells: Scorching Ray, Shatter

You can choose whatever else you like. But these are the must-have spells for the Eldritch Knight build in BG3.

Best armour and weapons  

I recommend you use the following armor and weapons set on your Eldritch Knight build. 

Head  Grymskull Helm 
Chest  Reaper’s Embrace 
Gloves  The gloves of the growling underdog 
Boots  Boots of speed 
Neckless  Amulet of restoration  
Ring   Emerald ring 
Ring 2  Psynoic protection  
Main-hand weapon  Sword of the Emperor
Off-hand weapon  None
Ranged weapon  Hellfire Crossbow
Best weapons and armor for Eldritch Knight

Baldur’s Gate 3 Flighter Eldritch Knight build level progression  

Level 1 

This is the starting point for your character. At this level, you will get a cantrip from your race, as well as Darkvision and Fey Ancestry. From your class, you will get Second Wind which will heal you.

Level 2 

At this level, you will get an action surge. This allows you to get two attacks in one turn. 

Level 3 

You unlock your eldritch knight sub-class and will choose 2 cantrips and get 3 level 1 spells. You also get the weapon bind, which helps you bind a weapon to you permanently per long rest. 

Level 4

At this level, you get feats, pick Savage Attacker. As well as an additional spell. Choose one from the recommendations we gave you.

Level 5 

At this level, you get an extra attack. This helps you attack an enemy once more for free after a weapon strike. 

Level 6 

At this level, you get an additional feat/ ability improvement. We went with the ability improvement to add + 2 to our Charisma to cover the penalty to our Charisma-based rolls. 

Level 7 

You will be able to choose two Level 2 spells. We recommend choosing Scorching Ray and Shatter. They both deal good damage from range.

Additionally, we get an action known as War Magic. This helps you make a weapon attack after you cast a cantrip as a bonus action. 

Level 8 

 At this level, we get a feat/ability improvement. We went for the feat ‘War Caster.’ This helps you concentrate on spells and saving throws. You can also replace a spell if you would like, but we recommend that you do not take that offer.  

Level 9 

At this level, you will get a class feature known as Indomitable. Whenever you fail a saving throw, you get another roll, and you keep that result. 

Level 10 

At this level, you will get an Eldritch strike. With this, when you hit a creature with your weapon strike, it will get a disadvantage against a saving throw when using a spell before your next turn.  

You will also get an additional cantrip and spell to choose from. If you have selected all recommended spells, then choose whatever you feel like getting. 

Level 11 

You will get an improved extra attack. This will allow you to attack enemies an additional time in one single turn. So you will make three attacks in one turn.

Additionally, you can pick one more spell. Here, choose whatever suits you. 

Level 12 

Pick the Spell Sniper feat, which gives you an extra cantrip.

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