All Karlach Endings In Baldur’s Gate 3

During the Hunt the Devil quest, we can make several choices to determine Baldur's Gate 3 Karlach Endings.

Karlach in BG3 is a Teifling Barbarian which will join your party when you visit the Risen Roads in Druid’s Groove. She is a warrior and a good choice for front attacks. After she joins your party, you will play her companion quest, “Hunt the Devil,” and depending on the choice, there will be three Baldur’s Gate 3 Karlach Endings:

Throughout the campaign, there will be some scenarios in which making different choices can lead you to an entirely different Karlach ending in BG3. Some will be pleasant ones, and some can be emotional. Here, we will look into the scenarios and their choice and the outcome of that choice for Karlach’s Ending in Baldur’s Gate 3.

BG3 Karlach goes to Avernus ending

This Karlach Ending will occur only after you have romanced Karlach and upgraded her Infernal Engine. This ending, however, is not pleasing to the players because they don’t know what happened to BG3 Karlach in the Avernus. Depending on the choices, there are two possible endings in this scenario:

Karlach goes to Avernus with Wyll

After you have upgraded Karlach’s infernal engine heart, she will still not have much time alive. She will start to burn. At this point, Wyll will arrive and ask Karlach to go to Avernus with him. Remember, Wyll will only appear if he has become the Blade of Avernus. Karlach will happily accept the decision and will embark on Avernus with Wyll.

Karlach goes to Avernus with you

In the above scenario, you can choose to go with Karlach to Avernus if Wyll hasn’t become the Blade of Avernus. BG3 Karlach will agree, and you both will go to Avernus, ending the Karlach storyline in BG3.

Karlach burns and dies ending

This Baldur’s Gate 3 Karlach Ending will occur if you didn’t romance her, and Wyll hasn’t become the Blade of Avernus. There are two possible endings here:


Karlach dies infront of you

This BG3 Karlach ending will be based on the fact that you have repaired her Infernal engine but didn’t romance her. This ending will be very emotional as players watch Karlach burn before their eyes and be reduced to ash. 

Karlach dies, and nobody notices

If you have repaired Karlach’s engine, you can still say a few goodbyes before she dies. But, if you didn’t repair her Infernal Engine, she would die and not be in a scene. Nobody will notice her after that.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Karlach becomes a Mindflayer ending

At one point in the game, the Emperor will reveal that one of the party members has to sacrifice and become a Mindflayer to destroy the Netherbrain. If you and Orpheus refuse, Karlach will make the sacrifice, and she will become Mind Flayer.

This transformation will eliminate the burning Infernal Engine, and she will continue to live. Depending on your later choices, the scenario can end in the following two different BG3 Karlach Ending:

Karlach destroys the Netherbrain

When Karlach holds command of the Netherbrain as a Mind Flayer, you can let Karlach destroy the Netherbrain or claim the Nehterbrain for yourself.

If you let her destroy it. She will survive, which will be the only happy ending for Karlach as she will continue to live as a Mind Flayer.

You have Betrayed Karlach

If you are playing as the Dark Urge, you can betray and kill Karlach while she attempts to destroy the Netherbrain. You will get the crystals and claim the Netherbrain yourself. Karlach will be no more, and this will be his ending in BG3.

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