Baldur’s Gate 3: Investigate The Selunite Resistance Quest Guide

Investigate the Selunite Resistance quest holds a dark secret of the events that transpired in the Shadow Cursed Lands.

Investigate the Selunite Resistance is a side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 which allows you to find the remnants of a forgotten society. This quest takes place in the Shadow Cursed Lands during Act 2 and explains what happens to a secret society that stands its ground against the tyrant Ketheric Thorm. Being a follower of the Shar, Ketheric managed to wipe out the Selunite Resistance and deleted their history until now.

This quest doesn’t have any active quest markers and is difficult to follow, given the scope of Act 2. However, we will help you step by step to find out what happened to the Selunite Resistance in the past.

How to start Investigate the Selunite Resistance quest

You can start this quest by finding a secret note inside a locked chest in the Abandoned Potter’s Workshop. The said workshop is to the South of Last Light Inn and West of Abandoned Battlefield (X: 30, Y: 10). Once you clear the area of the enemies, open the treasure chest with a lockpick to obtain a note. This will immediately start Investigate the Selunite Resistance side quest and add it to your journal.

Investigate the Selunite Resistance quest walkthrough

The letter will mention a secret path inside the Last Light Inn. This path contains clues about Selunite Resistance’s headquarters in the Shadow Cursed Lands. This is where we are heading next.


Don’t use AoE fire attacks during fights, as they will burn all the books and notes, making it impossible to complete the quest. This is not a bug, just a strange game design.

Investigate Last Light Inn

The Last Light Inn is located just north of your current location and is the main hub of Act 2. Once you reach the Last Light Inn, head inside and talk to the kid, Mattis, who runs the inn. He has a special key, which he got from Mol. He only wants to hand it over to a special person. Persuade him to give you the special key.

Now, head outside and take the stairs located on the right. These stairs will take you to the basement level of the inn, where the cellar is located.

After heading downstairs, you will see a large door on your right. Enter it, and you will see a table here. Go to the table and collect the Detention Cell Key.

Read Halfred’s note

Now that you have the key, you must find the door it opens. This door is in the same room to your south. However, a cracked wall conceals it. Remove the wooden boxes and knock the wall down with explosives or blunt weapons to reveal the door. Pass through it using the Detention Cell key you found earlier. You can also lockpick the door if you want.

Now fight the Meenlock enemies you encounter here and look for another note. Go over to the altar before the statue and pick up a note on top of it. This is Halfred’s Note, and it contains clues to your next objective, Investigate Mason’s Guild.

Investigate the Masons’ Guild

The next step is to head to Mason’s Guild, South of the Last Light Inn and west of the Abandoned Potter’s Workshop. Go to the Northeast corner of Mason’s Guild, and you will find a hatch buried beneath some boxes. Remove them to expose the Ornate Wooden Hatch. Enter it and go to the farthest end of the room to find a Keyholed Herald. It can be opened with the Special Key you took from Mattis.

The hallway below is filled with traps. Keep making your way forward until you reach a double door. There are enemies behind it, so be prepared. Do not pick any chest in this room, as they are empty, and get straight into the fight.

Defeat all the Shadow enemies and then reach the chest at the back of the room. Now look for Mason’s Log sitting on top of a table here, which will reveal that he was the leader of the resistance and how Ketheric brought destruction to this land. After reading the log, the ‘Investigate the Selunite Resistance’ quest will end in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Investigate the Selunite Resistance quest rewards

There is a hidden door in the Eastern wall of the room. Go to the table with the Moonrise picture and pass the perception check to find a button. Press it to find a hidden chamber full of potions, scrolls, and elixirs.

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