How To Investigate The Selunite Resistance In Baldur’s Gate 3

Investigate the Selunite Resistance quest in Baldur's gate 3; need you to investigate the Selunite worshippers in the Shadow Cursed Lands.

Quests are a great way to earn experience and loot. One such quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the “Investigate the Selunite Resistance,” which takes you across the Shadow Cursed Lands. This quest requires players to investigate the Selunite worshippers or what remains of them.

How to start Investigate the Selunite Resistance in BG3

This quest begins at the Abandoned Potter’s Workshop, where you will find a note. The coordinates to reach the note are x-axis -54 and y-axis 12, leading you to a locked chest containing a note in BG3.

Investigate the Selunite Resistance walkthrough

After stumbling upon the abovementioned note, the ‘Investigate the Selunite Resistance’ quest will begin in Baldur’s Gate 3. Follow the step mentioned below to complete this quest.

1. Investigate Last Light Inn

The note at the Potter’s workshop will ask you to investigate the Last Light Inn in BG3, so that is where you are headed. This inn is located just north of your current location, and many players have likely visited this location before during various quests in BG3.

Once you reach the Last Light Inn, head inside and talk to the kid, Mattis, who is running the inn. Persuade him to give you the special key he owns. Now, head outside and take the stairs located on the right. These stairs will take you to the basement level of the inn, where the cellar is located.

After heading downstairs, you will see a large door on your right. Enter it, and you will see a table here. Go to the table and collect the Last Light Detention Cell Key in Baldur’s Gate 3 from it.


2. Find the Investigation note

Now that you have the key, you must find the door it opens. This door is in the same room in your south, but a cracked wall conceals it. Pick the wooden boxes up and knock the wall down to reveal the door. Pass through it using the key you found earlier.

Now fight off the Meenlock enemies you encounter here and look for another note. Go over to the altar before the statue and pick up a note on top of it. This is Halfred’s Note, which will ask you to investigate Mason’s Guild, leading you to the next objective of the quest, Investigate the Selunite Resistance in Baldur’s Gate 3.

3. Investigate the Masons’ Guild

Now you must head to the Mason’s Guild in BG3, north of Reithwin Town in the Shadow Cursed Lands and south of your last location. Use the Ornate Wooden Hatch found here and then go over to the wall northwest of it. Roll a perception check here, and a Keyholed Herald will be revealed to lead you to a secret room. You will find another note here. Pick it up and read it.

4. Group of Shadows fight

You will be ambushed by enemies here, the Shadows and the Wraiths, in Baldur’s Gate 3. Do not pick any chest in this room, as they are empty, and just get straight into the fight.

Fight off all the Shadow enemies found here until you can reach the chest at the back of the room. Now look for Mason’s Log sitting on top of a table here, which will reveal that he was the leader of the resistance. After reading the log, the ‘Investigate the Selunite Resistance’ quest will end in BG3.

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