How To Get The Gloves Of Automaton In Baldur’s Gate 3

Get the Gloves of Automaton for buffs and resistance against the Lightning Damage.

Gloves of Automaton in BG3 requires you to complete a quest before you can buy them. These gloves are highly sought after because of their benefits for all builds. The class action ability, Circuitry Interface, will give you an advantage on all your attacks. Not only that, but you will also get resistance against lightning damage.

If you are thinking about backtracking to get the Gloves because you missed them, you definitely should. The advantage these gloves give to every weapon attack makes them quite helpful and one of the best gloves in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here’s how you can get the highly appreciated and helpful set of gloves.

How to buy the Gloves of Automaton in BG3

To get the Gloves of Automaton, you first need to finish the questline of Barcus Wroot. A gnome NPC who later acts as a merchant in Last Light Inn. Start The questline by going to the Blighted Village and rescuing him. The quest is named Rescue the Gnome.

Free Barcus root from Goblins

Once you reach the spot where the Goblins have tied up Barcus Wroot to the Windmill and are abusing him, you’ll get into talking with the head of these goblins, Fezzerk. During this confrontation, you can either fight him and make them run away or convince them to let go of the gnome. For convincing, you’ll need to pass a Persuasion check.

Once they leave, go inside the Windmill to find two levers, the Brake Lethe ver and Release Brake Lever. Choose the lever that says Brake Lever, as the other one will remove the brakes from the Windmill, sending the gnome flying off. This will eventually end the quest and your chance of getting the gloves in Baldur’s Gate 3.

After saving him, he’ll ask for your price and leave to save his friend. This will take you to the next stop, Grymforge.

Free all Gnomes in Grymforge  

As you go to Grymforge, you’ll see that he’s captured again, and this time, he is working as a slave to Duergar. Spot the rubble and break it by using some grenades. Once the door is free from rocks, True Soul Nere will reveal itself, and you’ll have to defeat her here.

After the fight, convince him to change his mind and halt the search for his friend in Baldur’s Gate 3. He’ll agree and join your camp. Freeing all the gnomes makes him trust you and be convinced more easily. Make sure you deal with the Duergar; otherwise, the quest will not proceed.

Find Barcus in Last Light Inn

Now finish the story as it goes, and in Act 2, go to Last Light Inn. Look for Barcus Wroot inside on the first floor at the building’s far right (south side). Once you talk to him, you’ll know he now works as a merchant.

Interact with Barcus Wroot and buy the Gloves of Automaton for 900 Gold in BG3. Even though it may seem like a good amount for gloves, their benefit makes this worth spending. You can also try stealing it if you have a high Sleight of Hand, but that is not recommended as it can affect your relationship with companions.

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