Baldur’s Gate 3: Visit The Emperor’s Old Hideout Quest Guide

Visit the Emperor's Old Hideout is an optional quest in Baldur's Gate 3. While being optional in nature, this quest yields some really great rewards for the players.

Visit the Emperor’s Old Hideout is a side quest in BG3. Once you make your way to the Lower City during Act 3 of the game, you will hear the Emperor’s voice upon reaching Elfsong Tavern. The emperor or your protector will let you know that they have a hideout in this area and want you to visit it to find some good loot.

Emperor’s Old Hideout location

The only way to obtain this side quest is to enter Elfsong Tavern, located in the Lower City. Elfsong Tavern (X: 77, Y: 1) is the second building on the right when you enter the Lower City from the Basilisk Gate. When you reach the Elfsong Tavern, the quest will automatically be added to your Journal.

How to enter the Emperor’s Old Hideout in Baldur’s Gate 3

When in the Elfsong Tavern, head to the kitchen. Talk to the chef Roveer there. He will ask you to get rid of the rats in his basement. Accept that quest as it overlaps with our current one. The stairs in the kitchen will lead you to Roveer’s basement. Be aware, as there are rats in the basement that will attack you. They don’t have much HP, but they pose a danger due to their numbers, around 40. The easy way to defeat them is to use AoE damage like the Ice Storm spell

After getting rid of the rats, go to the Northwest part of the basement. There is a hidden button near the wine racks. After pressing the button, the barrel in the first room will move, and a secret passage will be accessible.

When you enter the secret room, be prepared for a vicious fight. The room is full of Githyanki soldiers. The fight is not easy, and your focus should be on defeating the gatekeepers first. These two are troublemakers as they can summon reinforcements through portals. After you defeat these two, the fight should be easy. This will make you one step closer to finishing Visit the Emperor’s Old Hideout quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

After defeating the Githyanki, go to the Northern side of the room. You will pass a perception check near a statue, and a hidden button will be revealed.

Emperor’s Hideout Loot and Rewards

After interacting with the button, a secret entrance will open to the Emperor’s old hideout in BG3. You will find Cerebral Citadel ArmorCerebral Citadel Gloves, and the Sword of the Emperor inside this room. This is a rare long sword that deals additional damage to shapeshifters and polymorphed creatures. You also get a +2 bonus on your saving throws against magic spells.

Once you pick up the Sword of the Emperor, the quest will also come to an end. This will also improve your relationship with the Emperor, and you will get an additional cutscene during the next long rest.

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