Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Crossbow Build

Crossbow is one of the highest damaging weapons in Baldur's Gate 3 so you should definitely consider this build for your character.

Character building is the key feature of any RPG but it is of no use without having a deep knowledge of the suitable weapon builds as well. While character classes play a huge role in defining your builds in Baldur’s Gate 3, weapons are just as important. If you are someone who prefers ranged damage with crossbows, then this Baldur’s Gate 3 Crossbow build for the Ranger class is perfect for you.

Starting Abilities and Skills for Gloom Stalker Crossbow build

The Crossbows can be considered the king of ranged attacks. This makes the Ranger class the most suitable to fit with the weapon when it comes to our crossbow build in Baldur’s Gate 3. Rangers have the highest chance for exact target hits along with the critical single target damage.

Selecting the Gloom Stalker subclass works like a cherry on top by providing better eyesight in the dark along with swift movement and avoiding enemy sightlines.

Race: Picking up the Drow or Half-Elf race enhances the movement speed and further strengthens the ability to see in the dark.

Ability Point Distribution: 17 DEX, 15 WIS, 13 CON, 12 STR, 8 INT, 10 CHA

Skills: Animal Handling, Athletics, Investigation, Perception, Stealth, Survivor


Best Background

Well, after choosing the Class and Sub-Class for the build the next important thing to be selected is the background. Our recommendation for the best background for Crossbow build with Gloomstalker is the Outlander.

It has proficiencies in Survival and Athletics which you learned while growing up in the wilds away from civilization. It helps our aim of building a dark dominant character. Growing up in backward and wild areas also improves the sense of detecting unusual hazards as well.

Best Feats

After progressing through four levels, each time you can pick a Feat from the list for your character. Picking up the right ones aids your character build embarking on the journey of getting undefeatable. Following are our best feat recommendations for the BG3 Crossbow build.

Level 4: Alert. It adds +5 to the Initiative along with the immunity against getting surprised.

Level 8: Crossbow Expert. It possesses the Point Blank and Wounding Crossbow Expert Features allowing it to deal Long gaping wounds along with negation of the attack rolls disadvantages in the melee range combat. 

Level 12: Dungeon Delver. It will provide you an upper hand during the Perception Checks along with the immunity against hidden traps.

Best Favored Enemy and Natural Explorer Environments for Crossbow Build

Since the Ranger class gains a Favored Enemy type and Natural Explorer Environments as their class feature upon leveling up for our BG3 Crossbow build. There are some useful spells for this build as well but they are unlocked automatically with the Gloom Stalker subclass so the progression is explained in the progression section below

Level 1: Unlock Bounty Hunter and Beast Tamer.

Level 6: Ranger Knight and Wasteland Wanderer: Cold. This grants you resistance to Cold damage and you automatically gain proficiency in Heavy Armor without having to spend a Feat point on it.

Level 10: Mage Breaker and Urban Tracker. You gain Sleight of Hand and Arcana proficiency while also unlocking True Strike cantrip.

Best Armor and Weapons

Helm: Shadow of Menzoberranzan. This is a rare helmet having the Light Armor Proficiency. It can be obtained during the Protecting the Myconid Circle quest.

Armor: Drow Studded Leather Armor. Having the Light Armor Proficiency, this armor helps the wearer gain +1 Stealth.

Hands: Gloves of Archery. Helps gain an additional +2 damage for the ranged weapons.

Boots: Disintegrating Night Walkers from True Soul Nere. The boots are immune to Enwebb, Entangle, or Ensnare. Along with it, they also protect the character on the slippery or greasy surface from slipping down.

Amulet: Amulet of Selune’s Chosen.This amulet allows the character to force an enemy to sleep upon getting touched. However, it also let them regain 1d8-1 hit points as well.

Rings: Emerald Ring and Caustic Band.

Weapon: Hellfire Hand Crossbow and Firestoker. Both these hand crossbows can be dual-equipped. Hellfire Hand Crossbow has a chance to Burn enemies and if they get burnt, Firestoker can deal additional damage to them.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Crossbow build level progression

Level 1: At level 1 you can choose Favored Enemy and Natural Explorer Environment. We would suggest you pick the Bounty Hunter and Beast Tamer respectively.

Level 2: Here you can choose Fighting Style along with two level 1 spell slots. Archery allows you a +2 bonus attack roll and for the spells, you can have the Hunter’s Mark and Cure Wounds.

Level 3: Here you can choose a Ranger subclass and we have already recommended Gloom Stalker. With the Dread Ambusher and Darkvision, this will allow the character to gain +3 Initiative along with the capability to see far in the dark. With the Umbral Sound, you can also make your character invisible as well. Additionally, you will also get one extra level 1 spell slot.

Level 4: You can choose a feat and we have already recommended it before in the feats section.

Level 5: Here you can select the Extra Attack class feature. With the addition of the Misty Step spell from the sub-class. You will also unlock one level 1 and two level 2 spell slots as well. The Spike Growth spell is worth selecting here.

Level 6: Here you can again choose Favored Enemy and Natural Explorer Environment. We would suggest you pick the Ranger Knight and Wasteland Wanderer Cold respectively. They will help gain heavy armor proficiency and resistance against cold.

Level 7: Unlocks another level 2 spell slot. We recommend picking the Lesser Restoration spell here.

Level 8: Again you can choose the Feat. The aforementioned feat section has our recommendation.

Level 9: Here you will unlock two level 3 spell slots along with the Fear sub-class spell. For the main class, we recommend you opt for the Stoneskin and Lighting Arrow spell.

Level 10: Here you can again choose Favored Enemy and Natural Explorer Environment. We would suggest you pick the Mage Breaker and Urban Tracker respectively.

Level 11: Here you can have an extra level 3 spell slot along with Stalker’s Flurry sub-class feature.

Level 12: Again you can choose the Feat. The aforementioned feat section has our recommendation.

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