Baldur’s Gate 3 Balthazar’s Room Puzzle Guide 

Balthazar's room is located inside the Moonrise Towers in Baldur's Gate 3 has a puzzle for you to solve. Doing so will give you a lot of loot and will give a moral choice with rewards of its own.

While exploring the Shadow Cursed Lands in Act 2, you will come across a location known as the Moonrise Towers. This place will be safe from the shadow curse in BG3 but holds a dark secret inside. This place is a stronghold for the Cult of the Absolute. One of their lieutenants, Balthazar, who is involved in the Nightsong quest, lives there and has a puzzle in his room in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What is special about his room? It holds rare loot in it. Although, getting to it is a challenge of sorts. Mainly because the cult will not simply let you waltz through the area as you wish.

Balthazar’s room location in BG3

Balthazar’s room is located in the southeast section of the Moonrise Towers. Once you head inside, walk past the altar at the center and climb the stairs. From there, go to the corridors until you reach Balthzar’s chambers. 

Depending on your story choices, you can sneak in or walk right inside. After that, you can explore the room according to your wishes. 

Balthazar’s room bookcase puzzle solution in BG3

Balthazar’s room will be filled with grotesque things. Blood smeared on the walls, broken bones on the floor. It is truly a room fitting for an evil necromancer. In this room, you will find all sorts of books. And all sorts of warnings. Stating that you should stay away and keep your hands to yourself. 

Obviously, after ignoring those warnings and snooping around. You will find a protruding bookcase. Behind it is a secret library. Balthazar uses this library to do hidden research on the worms stuck in your head. But to get to it, you will have to solve a puzzle. 


Step 1 – Interact with the body on the ground 

Step 2 – Steal the HEART from it. 

Step 3 – After stealing the heart, head to the small device near the bookcase and interact with it.  

Step 4 – Insert the heart in it, and you will open the secret library. 

Balthazar’s ritual circle dialog option 

After solving the puzzle, you can make your way inside the room. Here, you will find various research notes dedicated to the Illithid Parasites. Also, a locked chest with an elixir and a hat will be nearby. Furthermore, you will find a table with a glowing ritual circle in the room. 

This makes sense as Balthazar is an evil necromancer and such. Interacting with it will give you an interesting dialogue choice with Gale. But first of all, there are a few things you have to know.  

  1. You need to have Gale in your party for the interaction. 
  1. Secondly, you must be a Wizard or have a Wizard in your party to solve it. 

Now, moving back to the topic at hand. When you interact with it, you will have a certain dialog option. Gale will have a very strong opinion about it. He will tell you this is a grotesque act that uses pixies. And that his master, Mystra, is very fond of them. So he will suggest destroying them. 

From here on out, you can either destroy it or use it. Both have their advantages. 

Using the Ritualistic circle in the Bookcase puzzle room 

To use it, you will need 2 things. 

  1. A dead pixie 
  1. A broken moon lantern 

Both of these will be available on the same table. Simply loot them. After looting, interact with the circle, put these, and attempt to use them. After passing a roll, a pop-up will appear. Insert the Broken Moon Lantern and the Dead Pixie into the empty section and select Combine. 

This will produce a Dark Moon Lantern. This item is different from your regular moon lantern. As it summons a dark shadow to help fight with you. This can be powerful in engaging enemies as well as distracting them. 

Erasing the Ritualistic circle in the Bookcase puzzle room 

If you go the other route and destroy it instead. You will feel a strong sensation at first. Then, depending on who erased it, you or Gale, will gain a favor with Mystra. We suggest you use Gale to reap the most benefits. 

As you progress the story, you will gain a permanent advantage over all constitution saving throws. Without spoiling the story, this will help him earn favor with Mystra. And if you erase it, you will get the buff instead. But you should only erase this circle if you play as a Wizard. 

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