How To Get The Bag Of Holding In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Bag of Holding in D&D allows you to carry a lot with no weight penalty, so does a similar item exist in Baldur's Gate 3?

Bag of Holding is an item from D&D that basically allows players to stuff 500 pounds of loot in there, and despite that, it still only weighs 15 pounds. This is amazing for players who like to collect all types of weapons and armor. Being built on D&D 5e rules, this has Baldur’s Gate 3 players wondering if a Bag of Holding exists in BG3.

How to get the Bag of Holding in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get a Bag of Holding in BG3, as Larian decided to not include it in the game. For this very specific reason, you need to be extra careful about inventory and weight management in the game. However, there is a ray of hope for PC players. 

You can add Bag of Holding in the game thanks to this amazing mod by Chance Santana-Wees. You can download this mod from the link above and follow the guidelines to make it work. We recommend backing up your saves before doing any unofficial modding. 

At this point, it is impossible to use mods on PlayStation 5. This is a PC-exclusive mod, but not all hope is lost for the console players.

Is there an alternative to Bag of Holding in BG3?

While the game might not have a bag of holding, it does have something similar, which mostly acts the same way on both PC and PlayStation 5. 

This incredible storage container comes in the form of the Chest of Mundane in Baldur’s Gate 3. Just like the Bag of Holding, you can stuff the Chest of the Mundane with incredibly heavy loot without weighing your character down. As the name suggests, the Chest of the Mundane turns every item in it into mundane ones. 

Put a legendary armor in there? It will end up becoming a plate that weighs nothing. Don’t fret; your item isn’t lost. Whenever you take it out of the Chest of the Mundane, it will change back to its original form. This makes Chest of the Mundane incredibly useful for storage and works just like the Bag of Holding and can be carried in your inventory.

How to get Chest of the Mundane in BG3

The chest of the mundane can be found in the Underdark. We recommend using the Defiled Temple Underdark entrance as that is the closest path to our objective. Once in the Underdark, find the Arcane Tower and sneak past or disable its turrets. You can either use Sussur Bloom Flowers or activate the arcane tower itself. 

At the main entrance of Arcane Tower, you will be able to observe an open window. Make your way through this window and move towards the balcony, where you will find the mundane chest, which is placed on the railing (X: -3, Y: -265). Pass a skill check and then drag the chest to your inventory to use it wherever you want. Now, you have your very own bag of holding in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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