Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gear Locations Guide

In this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gear guide, we will list all the locations of the gear you can loot and build yourself to become the mightiest Viking in the world of AC Valhalla.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gear Locations

Gear works differently in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla compared to previous games. Now it is more of a rare commodity, categorized as wealth, instead of loot dropping from random enemies.

To help you understand and find all the different gear items to improve Eivor, our AC Valhalla gear guide should be useful.

There are several different types of gears in AC Valhalla and they can be a chore to find so we are listing all the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gear Locations.

Gear Location #1: Yngling Seax
This gear can be found west of Rundarsund in the Rygjafylke region. The Yingling Seax dagger can be found in a house in the Stavanger.

To enter the house, climb to the roof and drop down through the hole. The Yngling Seax is a type of Raven Gear.


Gear Location #2: War Hammer
This Raven gear is also located in the Rygjafylke region.

Located north of Marauder’s Den, the Raven War Hammer will be hanging from a tree. Jump from the platform to the tree to reach it.

Gear Location #3: Bone Biter
This gear is located on the Island of Ikke en Oy in Rygjafylke region. The Bone Biter axe is located in a house on the island.

Gear Location #4: Recurve Bow
Head North-West of Haervik Shipyard in Rygjafylke region.

When you reach the location marked on the map, go down into the basement to loot the Recurve Bow from a chest.

Gear Location #5: Iron Star
This gear is present North of Kjotve’s Fortress in Rygjafylke region in a house.

To get the weapon, head inside the house to collect the weapon. The Iron Star is a type of Bear Gear.

Gear Location #6: Skadi’s Wrath
This gear is present south of Ledecestre in Ledecestrescire region in the back room of the Church.

In the back room, climb the partition and then unbar the door then go down the stairs to the cellar to get this weapon.

This weapon is a type of Bear Gear.

Gear Location #7: Hidden One’s Gloves
These Gloves present around the Ratae Bureau area of Ledecestrescire region.

In order to obtain the ‘Hidden One’s Gloves’ here, drop the hanging weights to break the floor so you can enter the cellar where the gloves can be obtained.

Gear Location #8: Hrafn Guard
This shield is also located in the Ledecestrescire region.

Head North-East from Alcestre Monastery to reach the temple.

The temple door will be locked but can be easily opened by climbing at the back of the temple and then shooting at the bolt through the window.

Head inside, kill the enemies in and loot the chest for Hrafn Guard.

Gear Location #9: Huntsman Helm
North West of Tonnastadir in the Ledecestrescire region.

You will need to get the key from the longhouse and then use the key to unlock the door in the secret passage.

Inside the passage, you will get the Huntsman Helm. The Huntsman Helm is a type of Wolf Gear.

Gear Location #10: Huntsman Cloak
This gear is located North West of Templebrough Fort in the watchtower. Head inside the watchtower where you will see a block hanging from hooks.

Shoot the hooks to make the block fall which will create a hole in the ground. Jump down the hole to get the Huntsman Cloak.

The Huntsman Cloak is a type of Wolf Gear.

Gear Location #11
This gear is present South West of Offchurch in Ledecestrescire region.

This gear is obtainable during the mission. During the mission, enter the room with Skirmisher holding the key and kill him to get the key.

Enter the room next to him where the chest is to loot the gear after the cutscene.

Gear Location #12: Fyrd Spear
In the Ledecestrescire Region, head south of Offchurch to the crypt.

Gain access to the underwater area and to find the chest containing ‘Fyrd Spear’ Raven gear.

Gear Location #13: Huntsman Vambraces
This gear is located North-west of Besumcen Tor in Grantebridgescire region.

You will find this wealth during the World event ‘Skal to your Wealth’. During the event, you will find yourself in a pit where the wealth can be found.

This gear is a type of Wolf gear.

Gear Location #14: Kite Shield
This gear is present in a hut west of Medleburne Grantebridgescire region. To collect it, you will have to defeat the enemies guarding the hut.

This gear is a type of Bear Gear.

Gear Location #15: Huntsman Armor
This gear is present in the building next to Gear #6 in Ravensburg Grantebridgescire region.

Gear Location #16: Housecarl’s Axe
This gear is located in Brandisher, west of Middeltun.

Open the hut after killing the Brandisher using the key you obtained during Gear #13 to get to the Housecarl’s axe which is a type of Wolf Gear.

Gear Location #17: Huntsman Breeches
This gear is present in a hut in the Soham Hideout region. The huntsman breeches are type of Wolf Gear.

Gear Location #18: Magister’s Cloak
West of Serpent’s Landing in East Anglia region.

Pick up the key from the red tent in the area to loot the chest that contains the Magister’s Cloak.

Gear Location #19: Thor’s Helmet
This gear can be obtained only once you have obtained the 3 daggers by defeating three Daughters of Lerion; Goneril, Cordelia and Regan.

This gear is located in far East of King’s Bury in East Anglia region.

Find the secret catacomb entrance and head down until you find a statue having three slots in its back. Place the 3 obtained daggers in the back of statue to obtain Thor’s Helmet.

Gear Location #20: Magister’s Mask
Raid King’s Bury in East Anglia and you will find the Magister’s Mask as loot inside the main church.

Gear Location #21: Plank and Buckler
In East Anglia region, head to the large cave system. You will come across a key nearby a guard. Collect the key and then head on the path until you reach an explosive wall.

Destroy the wall with a torch throw in the above gap to open the area and collect the Plank Buckler. It is a type of Bear Gear.

Gear Location #22: Carolingian Longsword
This gear is located North of Forest Hideout in East Anglia region. It is present in a tent right in the middle of the Forest Hideout.

It is a type of Bear Gear.

Gear Location #23: Magister’s Pants
This gear is located North of Oxeneforda in Oxenefordscire region. To find them, head to the church in the area and neutralize the guards.

Then shoot the glass window in the middle of the church and then scale up to climb and enter the church.

Then move the big stone to obtain the key.

Go out ahead from the window and then climb up to the hatch to spot the chest containing the Pants.

Gear Location #24: Magister’s Tunic
This gear is located in the Garrison North East of Oxenforda. Head to the villa and gain access through the fire pots to get inside.

Head inside to collect the Tunics.

Gear Location #25: Brigandine Cape
This gear is located North West of Quatford. Blow open the weak wall at the map point to get the cape.

Gear Location #26: Brigandine Helm
This gear is located East of Hill Gate Remnants in Sciropescire region. It can be found during a story mission, but if you miss it, you can head back again to get it.

Use Odin vision to spot the chest and move it to get the Helm.

Gear Location #27: Thor’s Pants
This gear is present North of Isle of Ely Monastery in Grantebridgescire region.

Defeat the mini boss at this location to get the Gear.

Gear Location #28: Thor’s Chest Plate
This gear is located in East Anglia.

Go to the location and defeat the mini boss to obtain the gear.

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