Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rygjafylke Collectibles Locations Guide

Rygjafylke CollectiblesIn this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rygjafylke Collectibles locations Guide, we’ll be showing you where you can find each and...

Rygjafylke CollectiblesIn this Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rygjafylke Collectibles locations Guide, we’ll be showing you where you can find each and every single one of these items scattered throughout the region of Rygjafylke or Norway.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla boasts a completely new interactive world filled to the brim with various collectibles and activities for the player to explore.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rygjafylke Collectibles Location

Rygjafylke or Norway is one of the early explorable areas in the vast world of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Below, we’ve detailed the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rygjafylke Collectibles Locations like Mysteries, Artifacts, and Wealth that you can find spread across Norway.

It would be recommended that you get all your abilities and have a higher power level before you start pursuing collectibles in the game. Certain areas will not be very welcoming to lower levels.

Wealth Collectible Locations

Wealth #1 – Carbon Ingot
The first wealth (Carbon Ingot) can be found on the Western part of the map near Hoerttstrand.

Continue towards the designated marker of the wealth and shoot the ladder to extend it. Climb up, and grab the Carbon Ingot from the chest.

Wealth #2 – Carbon Ingot
Found again, in the Western part of the map in Avaldsnes. You will find yourself tracking the chest into a house.

The door will be closed, so find a window to enter through. You will find yet another Carbon Ingot at this location.

Wealth #3 – Carbon Ingot
The third piece of wealth can be found in a house in Stavanger. Follow the linear path into the butcher’s shop only to find a passage blocked by a shelf.

Pull the shelf back and shoot the arrow onto the contraption to reveal a hidden path. You will now find yourself in a small room with a chest containing another Carbon Ingot.

Wealth #4 – Carbon Ingot
This Carbon Ingot can be found in Stavanger as well. The house is adjacent to a guard tower.

To gain entrance, light your arrow on fire from the top of the tower and shoot just below the top of the house to reveal a path. Enter, and claim your reward.

Wealth #5 – Carbon Ingot
You can find this piece of wealth near Likundarsund. This time, however, the treasure lies with a guard. Fight him off, and loot it from her body.

Wealth #6 – Gear
The gear piece can be found again in Likundarsund. The chest is residing in the temple at the back next to the mural. Within the chest resides the Yngling Seax.

Wealth #7 – Gear
Head to Marauder’s Den, and use the house next to the chest to gain access to the platform. You will find a War Hammer here.

Wealth #8 – Ability
The first ability can be found in Grvttirsand. Head to the marked location and climb up the tower.

Shoot the trapdoor to find a book of knowledge that will teach you the ‘Thorn of Slumber.’

Wealth #9 – Ability
The second ability is found near Nottfall (South of Nottfall). Enter the cavern through the opening and climb over the side to find yet another book of knowledge teaching you ‘Throwing Axe Fury.’

Wealth #10 – Carbon Ingot
The Carbon Ingot can be found near Fornburg (West), located in the Southern part of Rygjafylke.

Traverse up the mountain and go to the front of the shed. Push through to make a path and find the treasure chest containing the Carbon Ingot.

Wealth #11 – Gear
The gear piece can be found in a shed on the island west of the ‘Rygjafylke’ label on the map. You will acquire the ‘Bone-Biter’ from this endeavor.

Wealth #12 – Carbon Ingot
The Carbon Ingot can be found on the Deserted Chalet. Pursue the marker’s location to find a small house. You will come to know that the chest requires a key in order to be unlocked.

The key can be found if you head directly North-East from the shed. You will find the key guarded by a wolf pack.

Once you’ve taken care of the wolves, pick up the key and head back to the treasure chest to find the Carbon Ingot.

Wealth #13 – Carbon Ingot
The 13th piece of wealth can be found slightly North-East of the ‘Rygjafylke’ label on the map. Dive underwater to find the treasure amongst the wreckage.

Wealth #14 – Carbon Ingot
Head to Haervik Shipyard to find the treasure on a War-Band Chief. Defeat her, and loot her body to gain a Carbon Ingot.

Wealth #15 – Gear
This piece of gear can be found a little North-East to the previous Wealth (Carbon Ingot) you just found.

Drop down the ladder into the hole to find a treasure in a cozy little space. Loot it to acquire a ‘Recurve Bow.’

Wealth #16 – Carbon Ingot
Head to Heillboer and enter the cavern. Push the boulder out of the way to discover a treasure chest in a hidden room with a Carbon Ingot.

Wealth #17 – Carbon Ingot
This piece can be found directly west up from Hylvatonna.

Make your way through the edges of the mountain, breaking through the wooden barricades to find the treasure chest lying in the depths of the mountain. Open it to find a Carbon Ingot.

Wealth #18 – Carbon Ingot
Head back down to Hylvatonna and defeat the Skull Crusher. Once defeated, loot his body to find the Carbon Ingot on him.

Wealth #19 – Carbon Ingot
Head to Kjotve’s Fortress and track the wealth to a small house. Shoot the wooden window to create a passage. Loot the chest inside to get your reward.

Wealth #20 – Ability
Head East of Kjotve’s Fortress, up on the hill and break through the ice barrier on the mountain to find a Book of Knowledge with the ability ‘Rage of Helheim.’

Wealth #21 – Gear
West from the previous ability’s location or North from Kjotve’s Fortress lies a chest containing the ‘Iron-Star’ weapon.

Wealth #22 – Gear
The final piece of wealth can be found on top of the hill in the North-Eastern part of the map.

Climb up the guard tower and enter through the window. Slide down the ladder to find the final Carbon Ingot.

Mysteries Locations

Mystery #1 – The Silver-Tongued Traitor (World Event)
Talk to Sulke, located North-West of Stavanger in a nearby settlement. You will find that he is selling Eivor’s family equipment, labeling it as riches from the nine worlds.

Kill him to complete the World Event.

Mystery #2 – Manning, Fighter of Wolves (Flyting)
Head to Stavanger to find Manning. Bet him and try to win the rap battle with the best of your rhymes.

Here are the appropriate responses for each of Manning’s disses.

M: Have you ever seen muscles as massive as mine?

E: What you make up in muscles, you’re lacking in spine.

M: More than strength, I can boast that my features are fair.

E: They seem perfectly placed to give children a scare.

M: Have you ever met someone so witty and quick?

E: No, you’re quite like your arms: just incredibly thick.

Mystery #3 – Raider Recruit (World Event)
Talk to Rolf the Raider in Stavanger as he talks to you about his dilemma of choosing a leader for his crew. He wants you to take a look at his crew and pick out the best.

You will be participating in a brief battle and testing their abilities. This will complete the World Event.

Mystery #4 – The Hunt for Honor (World Event)
Head to the West of Marauder’s Den to find Erlend by the coast. Eivor will offer to bring over a beast so that Erlend may fight to redeem his honor.

Go into the woods and bait a wolf into the direction of Erlend so that he may begin fighting it.

He may either die or live; in both cases, the world event will be marked as complete.

Mystery #5 – The Plight of the Warlock (World Event)
Travel East from Gryttirsand, across the river to find the World Event. Talk to the Hunter, who will tell you about his fearsome prey. Follow him and he will take you to the Warlock he aims to kill. Help him to complete the mystery.

Mystery #6 – Elk of Bloody Peaks (World Event)
Go to the top of the hill in Elgrfors. You will find a formidable foe named as the ‘Elk of Bloody Peaks.’ Defeat it to complete the mystery for this part.

Mystery #7 – The Dreamwalking Warrior (World Event)
Go up the hill near Valka’s Hut to find a man deep in his sleep. Wake him up and follow him down the zipline.

The man’s apparently been sleeping with his senses sharp and has been having some crazy sleep-walking experiences.

Eivor will allow him to rest while someone takes over his shift and thus, the World Event will be completed.

Mystery #8 – Comb of Champions (World Event)
Make your way East from Aldrilt Refuge or South of Hildesvini’s Crag to find a woman named Bil sitting by a pond.

Read the scroll to learn of a comb that lies within the water. Use Eagle Vision to find it at the bottom. Return it to Bil to complete the Event.

Mystery #9 – Erik Loyalskull (Lost Drengr)
Now head North from the lady by the pond to Hildesvini’s Crag. Head deep into the mountain through the crevices to find Erik Loyalskull.

Fight Erik and defeat him in battle to complete the quest.

Mystery #10 – Old Man on the Edge (World Event)
Go to the small island on the North-Western corner of the map to find yet another mystery. You will find here, an Old Man on the Edge.

Follow him around as he gives you a brief tour of the island. Heading back to his cottage, he will realize that the King has gone missing.

Search for the King, as you realize that he is nothing but a dummy.

You can either choose to lie to the Old Man at this point, or tell him the truth. Either will lead to completion of the mystery.

Mystery #11 – Fly Agaric
Go to the Deserted Chalet island and head to the Southern end to find mushrooms residing in the center of a few rocks. Eat it to have a little fun with a hallucination trip.

A number of portals will spawn around you. Go through a few of them and you will be teleported back to the center again. When the hallucination ends, the World Event will be completed.

Mystery #12 – A Desperate Bounty (World Event)
Head North-West of Haervik Shipyard to find Hrorek asking for help to rescue the Jarl who has been kidnapped by a bunch of bandits.

Follow him only to find yourself in an ambush. Deal with the lot attacking you to complete the Event.

Mystery #13 – A New England (World Event)
Make your way to the center of the map to find yet another World Event located at the very center by the hill-side.

Talk to the man over-looking the beautiful view. Help him throw all of his belongings over the cliff. Once his purpose is fulfilled, he will jump off and kill himself. Sadly.

Rygjafylke Artifacts

Artifact #1- Flying Paper
Go to Stavanger to find an Artifact slightly to the West. Chase it down parkouring through the rooftops to finally capture it at the docks.

Artifact #2 – Flying Paper
The second Artifact is also found in Stavanger, slightly South. Start pursuing it through the rooftops to capture the second Artifact.

Artifact #3 – Treasure Hoard Map
Make your way to the Eastern part of the map, West of Kjotve’s Fortress. Here, you’ll find the Artifact, the last Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rygjafylke Collectibles Location, inside the house lying on a table.

Collect the ‘Treasure Hoard Map’ to find the last Rygjafylke Collectibles Artifact in Norway.

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