Assassin’s Creed Rogue The Morrigan Upgrades Guide

Upgrades tips for Assassin's Creed Rogue The Morrigan. Know which upgrades to go for west to dominate The North Atlantic in the game!

Just like Jackdaw from Black Flag, The Morrigan from Assassin’s Creed Rogue can also be upgraded and these upgrades fall under two categories: the visual upgrades and the performance ones.

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Assassin’s Creed Rogue The Morrigan Upgrades

Visual and performance upgrades cost money and resources, after they are unlocked by progressing through the story. Since combat upgrades such as improved damage and armor are more important to fight large enemy ships, it is advised to get these before thinking about the cosmetic changes.

Additional resources like wood, metal and cloth as well as money can be acquired by going after bigger and bigger ships such as Brigs and Frigates. While the ability to deal and withstand damage is highly important, players should also keep in mind that some fights cannot be just rushed through by dealing damage.

For these storage upgrades are very important as they increase the ammo capacity for the ship’s cannons and mortar allowing for players to survive longer against larger ships. Same goes for the Crew Quarters upgrade as it means players can easily take over a damaged ship if they decide to board it.

Harpooning improvements make it much easier to survive attacks from tougher whales. Harpoon Strength and Storage lets players finish these tasks quickly and reliably. Rowboat Armor is important if a player is having difficulty during the hunts, but this upgrade doesn’t mean the job will finish any faster.

The visual upgrades are just to please the players so they get the feeling of a majestic ship after they have tailored the style to their own liking.

Ammo Types

Round Shot
This is the most basic cannonball that comes with the Morrigan’s broadside cannons.

Any upgrade to round shot increases the overall damage of the ship since this is the most used attack so it’s a good strategy to get upgrades for this as soon as possible as with further upgrades and more broadside cannons, players can fire two bursts with just one attack command.

Heavy Shot
This is an alternate to round shot and somewhat difficult to use. The ammo type of the cannons automatically switches to Heavy Shot when players get very close to an enemy ship. If the aim marker shows up, players are using Round Shot and if it doesn’t then they are about to fire Heavy Shot.

It’s easy to miss with this but if it hits, the enemy ship receives a massive amount of damage. Best way to use a heavy shot is to ram an enemy ship, go broadside it and fire.

This is an upgrade to the cannonballs from the front carronades. They don’t deal a lot of damage but are very good at slowing down fleeing enemies or though trying to outmaneuver the players.

The slower the target, the easier it is to get full volleys against them without soaking just as much damage in return

Weapon Types

Front/Bow Carronades
These are the front cannons of Morrigan, particularly effective when chasing down a ship or approaching it head on. While they are more maneuverable, there aren’t a lot of instances where players will have the chance to use them.

Broadside Cannons
These are the main weapons the players will use in almost every encounter. A set of cannons is located on each side of the ship and they deal massive damage if an enemy ship takes a full volley from one side to their weak areas.

The best way to use broadside cannon is to position the Morrigan in such a way that while players can damage the enemy ship, the enemies can’t return fire from their broadside cannons.

Flaming Oil
This is deployed from the rear of the ship to burn the surface of the water causing damage over time to any ship that passes through it. This is useful when players are being pursued but otherwise it’s not very effective.

Puckle Gun
Puckle guns are like swivel cannons and are used to deal damage to an exposed weak point of enemy ship. They can be maneuvered to all angles irrespective of the Morrigan’s location so players should use them as soon as their main cannons expose a weak point on an enemy ship.

Puckle gun is also highly effective when players start to board a crippled enemy ship as it allows them to kill stronger enemies with a single shot and even take down multiple soldiers with just one shot.

Mortars create the heaviest damage. They excel at range and destruction and have their own firing window so if the players get the timing right, they can use mortars and broadside cannons together to devastate an enemy ship.

Mortars are also useful in damaging multiple targets at once. Their storage capacity is low however so it’s important that players always keep the stocked since they are highly useful against larger ships.

The ram upgrades allows players to deal massive damage when they charge a ship. Further upgrades even allow for cutting through ice and using Travel Speed during combat. The sudden charge that comes with a ram upgrade is very useful to get out of the range from mortar shells.

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