Assassin’s Creed Rogue Broken Computers Locations, How To Fix

Similar to previous games, Assassin’s Creed Rogue also has present day activities where players get out of the Animus and play as someone else besides Shay.

The activities in Rogue take place inside Abstergo’s Corporate Office, and their completion rewards players with background files on various characters, factions or events in the world.

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Assassin’s Creed Rogue Broken Computers – How to Fix

A total of 20 activities are present in Rogue in which players have to fix broken-down computers in the office. Repairing some of these computers is required for the plot to progress while the others are completely optional.

Each repair sequence will have players trying to light up sections of a sphere to get the system working. Players have to use the outer circles to move lines of power around to make sure every section of the sphere gets a single point of power.

While most of these spheres are easy, some can be a bit challenging as the power beams in them have to pass through gates that refract the beams or split it into two.

When such a sphere is encountered, players must account for these changes, ensure that no section is touched twice, and that all of them have a source of power.

Many of the puzzles are solved within a minute just by getting each circle to light and switching one of them around at a time to see what isn’t working. Players just move each circle around and see which one lights up.

For the tough ones, players might need to think a bit, for example, if a beam is being split into two, they need to align the split beams before playing around with the regular ones.

The systems that need fixing are highlighting on the game map. However, most of them are behind security doors, which require progression through the story to unlock.

However, players should not wait until ending of the game to repair them as they will lose access to the computers once that happens.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Broken Computers Locations

The location of each computer is listed below along with their database entry rewards:

Computer #1
Second Floor: Server Room, Upper-Left. Rewards players with Inspiration: Al Mualim

Computer #2
Lobby: Server Room, Left Side. Vidic’s New Recruit

Computer #3
Lobby: Upper-Left. Florence goes FUBAR

Computer #4
Second Floor: Near Elevator. Inspiration: Haytham Kenway

Computer #5
Second Floor: Locked Room on Right Side. The Soldiers

Computer #6
Second Floor: Center of Cubicle Farm. The Ankh

Computer #7
Lobby: Just outside of elevator hallway. Inspiration: Daniel Cross

Computer #8
Second Floor: Upper-left Meeting Room. The Leaders

Computer #9
15th Floor: Entrance Area. Sigma Team’s Most Wanted: The Cult

Computer #10
Second Floor: Locked Room on Right Side. The Koh-i-Noor

Computer #11
Basement: Server on Left Side. Sigma Team’s Most Wanted: Cross Training

Computer #12
Basement: Top Side of X Room. Inspiration: Duncan Walpole

Computer #13
15th Floor: Server Room on Upper-Right Side. Inspiration: Baptiste

Computer #14
Second Floor: Locked Room on Left Side. New Orders

Computer #15
Second Floor: Locked Room on Upper-Right. Sigma Team’s Most Wanted: The Dead

Computer #16
Second Floor: Left side of Cubicle Farm. Lindsifarne

Computer #17
Second Floor: Locked Room on Upper-Right. Cairo Debrief 

Computer #18
Lobby: Top Side, on Right. The Box

Computer #19
Lobby: Just past elevator hallway. Paris

Computer #20
Basement: Right side of X Room. Sigma Team’s Most Wanted: The Support

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