Assassin’s Creed Rogue Ship Locations, Royal Convoys, Naval Clashes

Assassin's Creed Rogue Ship locations, Royal Convoys locations, Naval Clashes, naval combat tips to salvage and resource farming for upgrades.

There are different types of enemy ships in Assassin’s Creed Rogue, each with their own unique loot and capabilities. Hunting ships is good business not only it adds to your fleet, it helps you with upgrades and resources.

There are several types of Naval Activities in Assassin’s Creed Rogue you can indulge yourself, but some of them offer more salvage than others.

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Assassin’s Creed Rogue Naval Activities

Most of the ships are located in the River Valley area of North Atlantic so hunting for a specific resource shouldn’t be a problem as long as players know which type of ship to go after and what sort of resistance they will be facing.

Thankfully, this guide should be enough to help players know their enemies as well as other various activities they can perform out on the sea.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Ship Locations


Gunboats are extremely weak vessels that don’t stand a chance against the Morrigan even in early game. Once players have the Puckle gun and ram upgrade, they should be easy fodder.

When fighting a large number of varied ships, these ships should be the player’s main focus since they can be destroyed easily and their damage taken out of the equation. All gunboats have two cannons on their front and none at the sides or rear.

Ship Level 1: has 200 armor and deals 100 damage with each of its 2 front cannons

Ship Level 2: has 250 armor and deals 125 damage per cannon

Ship Level 6: highest level gunboat with 600 armor and 125 damage per cannon


Schooners carry nonmetal cargo such as wood and cloth along with ammo and crew member as resources. They are fast and moderately armored with a decent firepower.

Chasing them would be a bad idea since they have burning oil which they can deploy behind them to deal massive damage. They also have a lot of armor on their back unlike most large ships. Their front and sides are very weak however so these should be the player’s focus.

Ship Level 4: has 400 armor and 125 damage per cannon, from the 2 side cannons

Ship Level 8: has 900 armor and deals 150 damage per cannon through each of the 3 side and 2 rear cannons

Ship Level 11: has 1,550 armor and is capable of dishing out 175 damage per cannon through the 4 side and 2 rear cannons


Brigs carry almost all types of cargo as well as ammo for mortars and heavy shot. A brig’s broadside cannons are extremely deadly so players should never get alongside them and avoid their ram attacks.

They front and rear are relatively weak so players should focus them.

Ship Level 17: has 3,000 armor and capable of dealing out 150 damage per cannon from the 2 at the front, 10 side cannons and 2 rear ones

Ship Level 20: damage is increased to 160 per cannon while the number remains same and the armor is increased to 7,000

Ship Level 25: number of cannons remains the same and damage is increased to 165 while the armor goes up to a 12,000


Frigates are extremely deadly at short range especially with their broadside cannons. Mortars work best against them so that players don’t have to get too close and avoid their broadside shots.

If players have to get close, they should try to stay behind them and attack their rear as they have no cannons there. Frigates are good for all types of resources as well as Heavy Shot ammo.

Ship Level 23: armed with 4 front cannons and 10 side ones, each cannon can deal 265 damage while the armor is 7,000.

Ship Level 29: the damage is decreased to 210 per cannon but the number of side cannons increases to 15 and the armor to 12,000.

Ship Level 38: damage is further decreased to 200 per cannon while the number of side cannons increases to 20 and the armor moves up to a massive 22,000.


They carry a massive amount of all types of cargo and ammo but this of course makes them highly deadly too with their large number of cannons. Their rear is the weakest spot with no cannons so players should focus there with their broadside cannons and mortar strikes.

After defeating them, it’s a good strategy to add a few to Shay’s fleet since they are highly useful in Fleet Missions.

Ship Level 36: 4 front cannons and 32 side cannons each capable of dealing 180 damage while the 19,000 armor protects it from damage

Ship Level 49: damage armor and number of cannons each increases. 8 front and 43 side cannons each deal 200 damage! The armor moves to 27,900

Ship Level 60: the damage remains the same but the number of cannons but the increased number of cannons to 12 in the front and 53 side ones make up for it. This ship has an incredible 30,000 armor

Prisoners of War

These events are triggered by a special convoy of vessels where a large ship carries the prisoners while two smaller ones escort it. Players have to destroy the smaller ships and board the prison vessel and take it by force.

Players should avoid firing on the prison ship as it would kill some prisoners. When the time comes to board, it’s a good strategy to first kill a few tough enemies such as the captain with ranged attacks or berserker darts.

Completion of these events rewards players with a massive amount of salvage and crew. The prisoner convoys are located in the follow places:

  • East of Glace Bay
  • East of Chameau
  • Northwest of Pearl Island
  • East of Port Meinier
  • Northeast of Harbour Deep
  • South of Fogo

Abandoned Ships

While they don’t carry a lot of resources, they are a source of quick and easy loot especially early game so that players don’t have to fight a ship. These occur randomly as a ship is destroyed by some other or naturally.

Players, however, only have a small amount of time before the burning ship sinks underwater. The most common locations for such ships are:

  • Southwest of Sept-Îles
  • Northwest of Perce
  • Southwest of Nerepis
  • Southeast of Glace Bay
  • West of Pearl Island
  • Southwest of Lewisporte
  • North of HMS Miranda
  • Northwest of Glace Bay

Naval Clashes

These are also another quick and relatively easy source of salvage, money and a few crew members. Throughout the North Atlantic, fleets take part in battles with each other which players can join to help out the defenders.

Boarding a ship gives a massive bonus to salvage loot. However, it’s perfectly fine if an enemy ship gets destroyed since there are more fighting alongside them. These can also be a good source of repairs for the Morrigan.

Naval Clashes commonly occur in these places:

  • Southeast of Halifax
  • North of Perce
  • East of Glace Bay
  • West of Pearl Island
  • West of Gros Morne
  • North of Lewis Porte


These reward players with an incredibly large amount of money which can come in handy when players are looking to max out the upgrades for Morrigan. Players have to defeat a small convoy of ships that guards a treasure transport.

The fights are fairly easy, and the payout is huge. However, since the number of enemy ships can be high, it’s better to have all ship ammunitions, especially mortars and heavy shots fully stocked and all repairs done.

Completing these however does mean players will see a massive increase in their wanted level, so they should be ready to fight or flee the scene.

You will usually find convoys in the following locations:

  • South of Anticosti
  • Southeast of Sept-Îles
  • Northeast of Grande-Entrée
  • South of Port aux Basques
  • South of Fort St. Louis
  • South of St. John’s

Royal Convoys

Royal Convoys carry the most loot so players should go after them more frequently and use all their ammo on quickly taking out the escort ships as the reward will be more than enough to restock the ammunition.

  • South of Fort Baie-Rouge
  • North of HMS Miranda
  • North of Sapphire
  • Northwest of Lewisporte
  • South of Sapphire

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