Assassin’s Creed Rogue Fleet Missions Guide – Ships, Rewards

Just like in Black Flag, players get to control their very own fleet of ships in Assassin’s Creed Rogue.

The Fleet missions are unlocked as they progress through Sequence 03 and players can send their fleet on missions using the Captain’s Cabin on the Morrigan.

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Assassin’s Creed Rogue Fleet Missions

To increase the fleet size players need to capture ships by boarding damaged enemy vessels and choosing the Add to Fleet option. Building a large fleet does cost money but it’s a reasonable amount and the output is totally worth the input.

Players can send multiple ships on missions simultaneously increasing their chances of success as well as earning some quick cash and resources early game.

The fleet ships can carry various types of cargo such as food, medical supplies or troops.

Players can choose to send their ships for any of the resources they urgently require and it is a good strategy to have weaker, spare ships always working on easy trade routes to keep the cash and resources flowing in.

When a ship is sent on a mission, a timer starts until it returns. Whether it was successful or a failure, that depends on the ship’s capabilities.

While the timer is running, players can exit the Fleet screen and go about their usual missions or exploration. Smaller ships take less time to complete a mission while the larger ones can be used to tackle high risk missions but they are slow.

The Fleet Mission screen is also randomized every time the player opens it so if the current available trade routes are difficult, players can exit and re open the screen for an easier mission.

Fleet Mission Rewards

  • Louisiana – 720, Aveline Figurehead
  • Florida – 371, Spanish Conquistador Helmet
  • Savannah – 319, Savannah Collectible
  • Barbados Mission – 889, Admiral Lion’s Pistols
  • CapFrançais – 618, Engraving of François Mackandal
  • Le Havre – 1473, Ruinous Reinette
  • Brest – 1426, Admiral Lion Wheel
  • Havana – 510, Cuban Salvage
  • Carrickfergus – 1298, Irish Flag
  • Lagos – 1392, Statue of São Gonçalo
  • Gibraltar – 1514, Spanish Sword
  • Belem – 1383, Dead End
  • Rio de Janeiro – 2013, British Lion Sails
  • Cartagena – 1668, Mediterranean Defense
  • Buenos Aires – 2725, Relic of Pedro de Mendoza
  • Goree Island – 1626, A Door of No Return
  • Saint-Louis – 1538, African Mask
  • Luanda – 2421, Golden African Wheel
  • Copenhagen – 1726, 18th-Century Mariner’s Compass
  • Gothenburg – 1489, Admiral Lion Sword and Dagger
  • Stockholm – 1517, the Swedish Levant Company
  • Sardinia – 2356, British Lion Figurehead
  • Malta – 1278, the Hospitaller’s Plea
  • Crete – 1074, Dancing Cretan Bull Mosaic
  • Isle de France – 3749, Gilded French Sails
  • Mozambique – 3719 , the Omani Arabs
  • Mombasa – 4229, Portrait of Ahmad bin Said al-Busaidi (Sultan of Oman)
  • Calcutta – 4646, the Kingdom of Mysore
  • Yanaon – 3399, India Flintlock Pistols
  • Puducherry – 4438, Mysorean Rocket
  • Malacca – 1942, Admiral Outfit
  • Java – 3767, Javanese Gong
  • Manila – 4333, the Manila Galleons

If you find anything confusing, comment and we will help you out!

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