Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Builds Guide – Best Builds for Hunter, Warrior, Assassin

Our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Builds Guide will help you find the best possible builds for Warriors, Hunter, and Assassin classes of the game.

Since the series took a turn into RPG territory, the equipment you carry and the armor you wear really contributes to your proficiency in combat. With Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, it is no different as there are ample builds; some of which center around melee combat while others favor a more stealthily approach or even ranged combat. In our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Builds Guide, we look at different builds that you can experiment with.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Builds

We all know it is no fun roaming around such a vast world without your actual playstyle being reflected in the character. Therefore, we will discuss a build that focuses on two variations of ranged combat, melee attack, and an assassin one.

All of these builds will be centered on the main three classes i.e. Warrior, Hunter, and Assassin.

Firstly, it should be noted that apart from the weapons and armor, active abilities contribute a lot to what your actual build will play like.

Aside from the active abilities, players can also equip certain Passive Abilities that work a little different but are still as important to your build as the active abilities.

You may also want to look at the Engravings that you can equip for even better stats and performance.

Warrior Build

This build is based around the whole idea of maximizing damage output. Belonging more to the Warrior than any other, the stats in armor, damage, and health are incredible.

The sword provides devastating results and with the right ranged-weapon, you can deal some good elemental damage. Abilities also work constructively to increase damage output.

For the recommended choice of weapon, go with the Sword of Damokles. It is unlocked later in the game and handed to you by your sibling.

There is a 15% increase in Warrior Damage along with the Engraving of 20% more Adrenaline gained per each Critical Strike. Additionally, you also receive Adrenaline 10% faster so if you want to see that bar fill rather quickly, this is your go-to-build.

The secondary weapon can be of your choice, as it will not matter much. With that said; Elysian Axe works quite well. There is a 5% boost to all damage and a 10% boost to Warrior Damage.

In the ranged weapon slot, the Hade’s Bow increments fire and water damage from arrows up to 20%. Moreover, standard arrows are automatically turned into Fire Arrows with this bow, thanks to the Engraving.

Each piece of the Demigod Set Armor, we will be discussing boosts Warrior Damage by 15% and all damage by 5%. There are more bonuses involved though.

Furthermore, all pieces to be unlocked are around Level 50, so you should be carrying out more end-game activities.

After dealing with Ghost of Kosmos cult member, you receive the Aspasia’s Circlet. It carries an overall 881-armor rating.

There is an additional 10% damage output by using abilities. Damage goes up even higher (+15%) if warrior abilities are used specifically.

The Demigod’s Bracers carry an armor rating of 629 and boost All Damage by 5%. Moreover, there is an additional 5% chance of landing critical hits.

Demigod’s Chestplate restores 20% of your health as the character is near death with a 2 minutes cooldown time.

Demigod’s belt also carries 1144 armor rating and will give you a 5% boost in chances of landing a crit. The Demigod’s Boots with 629 armor increases the Hunter Damage by 10%.

Equipping the entire Demigod Set lets you have a 10% higher damage output as well.

Since we talked about maximizing damage, Ring of Chaos, Battlecry of Ares, and Flaming Attack if used together can provide devastating results. The Ring of Chaos is actually very powerful on its own with it insta-killing most of the enemies.

The Flaming Attack ability lets you deal fire damage to enemies over time.

For the Assassin part of these abilities, utilize the Critical Assassination or Shadow Assassination for one-hit kills, especially if you want to approach things stealthily.

For Hunter abilities, you may want to equip Overpower Bow Strike in conjunction with Sixth Sense which slows down time and you can deal some good damage.

Hunter Build

Focusing solely on ranged combat using bows, this Hunter Build is for all of you Robin Hood fans. The Artemis set can be collected as part of the quest in Temple of Artemis, Sacred Lands of Apollo in Phokis.

Once you have hunted down all the Legendary Animals in that quest, Daphnae will award you with the complete set.

The Vine Bow should be your primary weapon choice. In addition to the 15% damage boost to Hunter Damage, damage on distant targets is also increased by 15%.

The Engravings work really well too as there is an increase of 25% Hunter Damage at the cost of 15 points of armor, along with 20% more damage when the Devastating Shot ability is used.

The secondary melee weapon slots can be occupied with any weapon that boosts Hunter Damage.

So even if the rarity is epic instead of legendary, you need the Hunter Damage buff as a Passive Ability since you will not be using these melee weapons anyway.

Some good choices are the Sickle Blade and Pandora’s Kopis both of which also boost Crit. Damage by 20% which is highly beneficial when using a bow.

At Level 40, the Artemis set has Passive Abilities to boost Hunter Damage by 13% and to increase the damage of Critical hits by 20%. Furthermore, if you equip the entire set, there is a bonus of 15% to damage whenever you utilize the Hunter Abilities.

The Master’s Artemis Outfit armor will increase your bow charging speed by 10%. The Artemis Hood adds 20% more damage on headshots while the Artemis Gloves earn you 25% more Adrenaline per a headshot kill.

This is especially useful since with a full Adrenaline bar, you can utilize special abilities like slowing down time and maximizing your damage.

The Artemis Belt lets you hit enemies hard from distance because of the 10% increase in damage on distant targets. Lastly, Artemis Treads allow you to land extra damage (+10%) when you have fully charged the bow.

For all hunters out there, this set is definitely viable because of its potential of dealing huge damage and keeping the combat farther from the enemy.

The Devastating Shot when fully charged can stack damage up to 350% of Hunter Damage which is a lot, honestly. The second ability that you should be looking to unlock is the Archery Master because it deals more damage on headshots.

The Multi-shot and Sixth Sense also give you many options on the field including targeting multiple enemies and slowing down time for accurate shots.

In the Warrior skill tree, opt for Overpower Attacks and Battlecry of Ares both of which will give you an extra edge to deal some good damage from up close especially when facing groups of enemies as an archer.

For Assassin abilities, use Slow Time, again, to aim your shots perfectly and land them accurately.

Hunter Maximum Crit. Build

The following build is centered on increasing both the critical hit damage by a significant amount and the chances of landing those crits. You can start working on the gear from level 20 and it is only perfected around level 40.

The Achilles’ Bow with a devastating 1363 DPS comes with a 4% boost to Crit. Chance and 13% increase to Hunter Damage. You can engrave it to increment damage by 20% when using the Devastating Shot ability.

There is also a 10% buff to the bow charging speed.

Choose any secondary or melee weapon you can which you provide the passive abilities to increase hunter damage or either come equipped with the engraving, or you are able to engrave, the Devastating Shot ability.

These weapons include the sword, Kopis and the spear, Griffin’s Scythe. Even though they may rank low in DPS but the powerful engravings ensure that you are dealing good damage with the bow that you use.

Being a hunter at the core, you need a passive ability that sends out those arrows as fast as possible. Luckily, you have a Traveler’s Boots which provide 10% more speed when charging the bow.

A good enough armor for head is Helmet of Ares because, in addition to +10% Hunter Damage, you deal 15% extra damage on headshots.

The Dark Steel Gauntlets are also viable as they carry a bonus of 12% more Adrenaline gained per hit and a boost of 6% to Hunter Damage. When using bows, it remains important that most of your combat will be from far away.

Therefore, with The Conqueror’s Waistband, you can boost the damage on distant targets by 9% and if you are performing a headshot, then the abilities can be stacked up to increased damage by 24%.

Lastly, the Mercenary Breastplate allows you to get 20% more damage on crit and 12% more Hunter Damage.

The Devastating Shot ability is necessary because it deals more than 300% of the Hunter Damage along with 150%+ elemental damage including fire and poison arrows.

Archery Master is important as well if you want to add to the Hunter Damage including Headshot damage. Lastly, within the Hunter skill tree, the Sixth Sense slows down time so you can aim for the headshot and deal maximum damage.

In the Warrior tab, go with Second Wind to regenerate 30% of your health on hit whenever it is low. This is very useful against tough mercenaries with high vitality and strength. The Gear Master ability greatly increases the armor, almost by 90%.

You can also use Flaming Attacks ability here to cause fire damage from your standard arrows.

Finally, in the Assassin’s tab, some abilities ask of you to remain hidden and yet still do decent damage.

The Call to Arms skill will summon a lieutenant to fight for you and this bad boy can knock even five tough foes and all you have to do is to hide in some bush.

Other than that, Critical Assassination and Shadow Assassination work quite good with this build as well.

Assassin’s Build

For those who want to be as sneaky as possible without compromising damage, the Snake Set build is for you.

We take a look at all the gear that maximizes Assassin Damage, makes use of abilities as long as you are undetected, and sticks to both ranged attacks with bows and close quarter attacks with silent assassinations.

Sticking to the shadows never felt more satisfying.

Fang Bow allows you to perform 11% additional Assassin Damage and 6% more Hunter Damage. The bow can also be engraved to turn standard arrows into poison ones. You also have an increase of 12% damage from Poison Arrows.

A secondary weapon which you can use as an alternative to the Fang Bow that adds to the stats is the Dagger of Kronus. The only real use of it is because of a powerful engraving.

It allows you to perform 40% more damage when attacking from behind. This is particularly useful when performing silent kills and stealthy situations.

For around Level 26, the whole Snake Set gives you an additional 10% damage from Intoxication and Weakening Effects. The Noxious Boots carry an additional Assassins Damage of 11% and bonus to intoxicated damage over time.

The Scaled Torso has an increase of 11% Assassin Damage and 12% Poison Damage.

Apart from the +11% Assassin Damage, the Venom Gloves allow you to deal 15% more Elemental damage including fire and water. The Viper’s Hood increases the duration of Intoxication by 3 seconds.

Finally, the Slithering Belt increases Poison Damage by 12%.

The Hero Strike can deal up to 80% Assassin Damage with a single strike. When you are an Assassin and you can only manage a few strikes before being detected, this ability is ideal. Make good use of abilities that apply and stack Poison Damage.

One suck skill is the Venomous Attacks as the damage remains there over time. At the second tier, it can last for almost 25 seconds and the cooldown time requirement is removed at the third level of the tier.

These should be a no-brainer but both Critical Assassination and Shadow Assassination are your main tools when special abilities are concerned.

Using your blades out of the shadow is your strategy so it is only fitting that you deal as much damage as possible from these few hits.

If you find yourself detected and in need fighting the enemy, you can utilize the Slow Time to switch your plans around quickly.

In the Warrior’s tab, go for Second Wind healing ability as you will need that a lot because of your lower vitality compared to some Warrior or Hunter builds.

You will also make a lot of use from skills in Hunter’s tab including Archery Master to increase damage and adrenaline gained per hit. Additionally, the Multi-Shot can target multiple enemies at a time should you be exposed.

That ability, together with Slow Time, will get you out of danger before you even find yourself in it.

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