Assassin’s Creed Origins Abilities Tree Guide

The skill tree in AC Origins is divided into three different classes – Hunter, Warrior, and Seer. You can spend your Animus Points towards any of one of these classes or mix and match for a more balanced Bayek. The following Assassin’s Creed Origins abilities tree guide will help you understand which abilities are available to you.

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Assassin’s Creed Origins Abilities Tree


Assassin’s Creed Origins Hunter abilities allow you to have a more traditional AC experience. These abilities are going to boost your bow skills and help add more abilities to your companion Senu.

  • Master Hunter: Increase damage of all your bows by 1%. You can buy this ability multiple times
  • Stealth Kill Streak: Chained Stealth kills increases the amount of XP you get
  • Bow Fury: After getting a stealth kill with your bow, you’ll have 3-second slo-mo window with your bow. This allows you to kill more than one enemy.
  • Elite Ranger: Jumping in the air while aiming your bow will trigger slow-mo.
  • Enhanced Light Bow: More stability while shooting
  • Enhanced Warrior Bow: Charge the shot and reduce its dispersion zone
  • Chain Assassination: Kill an enemy and throw his weapon at another enemy nearby
  • Headshot XP: Headshots grants bonus XP
  • Assassination XP: Kills grant more XP
  • Assassination Loot: Automatically loot an assassinated enemy
  • Eagle Tagging: Use Senu in the stationary mode to tag points of interests as well as enemies
  • Eagle Harass: While in stationary mode, look at an enemy and have Senu stun him. Senu can also harass enemies.
  • Bow Bearer: Equip a second bow
  • Arrow Retriever: Loot arrows stuck on your shield
  • Hunter’s Instinct: Mark an enemy, civilian, or animal using Senu to see which route they are taking
  • Hail of arrows: consecutive on the same target from a light bow inflict more damage.
  • Piercing Arrows: a fully charged shot with the predator bow now pierces shields.
  • Toxin arrows: target that are killed using the predator short, activate flesh decay, and their corpses spread poison around themselves.
  • Shattering Arrows: fully charged shot from the warrior bow now causes bleeding damage on target.

Warrior Abilities

The warrior class is less stealth and more action. If you a strong believer of “no one will notice if no one’ alive” moto of some AC players than invest in the Warrior abilities.

  • Master Warrior: Increase damage for all of your melee attacks by 1%. You can buy this ability multiple time.
  • Adrenaline 2: Your Adrenaline is filled by +25% at the beginning of each encounter.
  • Kill Loot: Automatically look an a killed enemy
  • Shield Charge: When locked on an enemy you can run faster and base enemies along the way. Your adrenaline will drain
  • Air Attack: Perform an air attack
  • Adrenaline 1: Your adrenaline is filled by +25% at the start of any encounter
  • Extend Combo: Deal one more melee attack to an enemy before they are able to recover.
  • Attack & Push: After a light attack you can perform a push attack combo
  • Overpower: When your adrenaline bar is full you can unleash the power of your weapon
  • Overpower XP: Using Overpower to kill enemies grants XP boost
  • Overpower Chainthrow: After killing an enemy Overpower attack you can throw that enemy’s weapon at a different target
  • Overpower Combo: After an Overpower attack you can chain light attacks
  • Overpower Ultra: Overpower deals more damage
  • Weapon Bearer: Equip second melee weapon
  • Charge Heavy Attack: Charge a heavy attack to deal more damage and break shields even. You can also knock enemies to the ground
  • Parry: Parry in shield mode
  • Regeneration: Regenerate during combat
  • Hijack: Pull enemy drivers off the mount and mount yourself
  • Dash Boost: your damage receives a boost after a perfect dodge
  • Overpower fury: using any overpower attack will cause you to regain some points of health along with the removal of any negative buffs or effects on you
  • Attack and push: Hold ‘R1’ after performing a light attack to perform a push attack.


Seer class is made up of barter abilities; you’ll have a few tips and tricks up you sleeve.

  • Master Seer: Increase damage of your tools by an additional %1. This ability can be bought multiple times
  • Tool Kill XP: Get more XP from Tool kills.
  • Backstore: You can purchase rare gear in shops
  • Salesman: Animal goods and trinkets can be sold for an extra 25%
  • Buy Materials: Purchase crafting materials from shops. Blacksmith and Weaver Shops sell different kinds of materials.
  • Chariot Owner: Buy War Chariots from stable shops
  • Flesh Decay: Infect dead bodies that will contaminate enemies
  • Berserk: Use this substance on a lower level unaware enemy and make him attack his allies
  • Animal Taming: After using a sleep dart on an enemy you can tame them to follow you
  • Poison Darts: Throw poison darts at enemies
  • Fire Bombs: Set enemies on fire
  • Smoke Screen Damage: Smoke Screen will cause damage to enemies
  • Sleep Darts: Throw sleep darts to knock out enemies
  • Dawn & Dusk: Use this to move time forward
  • Breath Holding Champion: Stay underwater for longer periods of time
  • Smoke Screen: Use these to affect enemy vision
  • Call Mount: Call your Mount (acquired by default)
  • Pyromaniac: 50% more fire damage
  • Berserk: this tool is used to turn lower level enemies on their own allies
  • Favor of Osiris: You regain tools and arrows while in afterlife

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