How To Investigate Ahmad’s Office In Assassin’s Creed Mirage 

Ahmad's office is a location in AC Mirage where you will learn some clues regarding Ahmad's disappearance in the game.

The Investigate Ahmad’s Office is an objective that is part of the ‘Missing Brother Quest’ in AC Mirage. In this, you are tasked with finding clues and locating the missing person, Ahmad. He is a member of the Hidden Ones and has gone missing. Our job is to investigate his office to find clues for his whereabouts.

In this guide, we will discuss completing the objective ‘How to investigate Ahmad’s office’ for the mission Missing Brother in Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

House of Wisdom Location

House of Wisdom Location AC Mirage

The House of Wisdom is located in the Yasiriyah District of the Round City in the Assassins Creed Mirage. Head there to investigate Ahmad’s office and find the clues rewarding his disappearance and location. 

Head inside Ahmad’s Office to investigate 

Ahmed's Office in

Ahmad’s Office will be located near the courtyard of the House of Wisdom in AC Mirage. First, locate the boy standing by some books. After that, look directly behind him, and you will find his office there. 

Use Eagle Vision 

You should use Eagle Vision as soon as you enter this room, as it will help you investigate Ahmad’s office by highlighting objectives of interest to you. 

Read the letter 

The first thing that you have to do is to read this letter located on a small table inside Ahmad’s office in AC Mirage.  


Open the secret area 

After reading the letter, look for the secret area in Ahmad’s Office. This will be concealed behind a book shelve. To open it, first interact with the bookshelf, push it, and drag it to the left side. Once inside this secret area, use Eagle Vision to highlight objectives of interest and examine them to get clues regarding his whereabouts.  

Investigate the rest of the office

After searching for the clues inside the secret area of Ahmad’s office, use your eagle vision to locate other objectives to investigate. As soon as you open your eagle vision, you will see things you need to interact with. Doing so will give you clues for the overall investigation.

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